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lot of people at least once in a life haunted hopelessness, some thought about suicide and each of us could meet again in the life of a person with such thoughts.Suicides committed by people of different cultures, social classes, ages.This is one of the most frequent causes of death of young people aged 14 to 16 years, as well as men aged from 40 to 50. Suicide among women are less common, but their efforts often lead to death.Only one in five people talking about their suicidal thoughts, so it is very important point is the identification of hidden thoughts, to timely prevent the tragedy.

suicide (suicide) is a death from natural causes, he gets himself postadavshy these injuries for the purpose of his own life (strangulation, opening veins, gunshot wounds, falls, poisoning).Off-suicide, ie causing any damage to himself with a view to take his own life, but was interrupted or failed, called suitsindent.

Possible causes of suicidal behavior

There are certain situations in which the risk of suicide i

s very high.Schematically one can distinguish risk groups of people who are prone to suicide.It:

- a difficult teenager (ECMO craze theme, vampirism, sects).This group of people should be given special attention.Since teenagers - is not yet fully formed personality, the psyche is very vulnerable, are affected by the microenvironment in which are located.It is important to find the right passion, control range of teen communication.The main thing in all this is not to quarrel, but to try to help make a child shared with you my experiences.Ask than interested, talking to whom in social networks, invite friends to visit.A teenager should not feel lonely, participate in its life and negative changes are always visible.Any situation, especially associated with suicide can be prevented.

- A man who survived the psycho-emotional shock (deceived by a spouse, a family member's death).
- Anyone injured as a result of an illness or injury that affected health.
- Alcohol and drug or any other addiction.
- Patients older than 40 years of age or suffering from cardiovascular diseases.
- Patients with pre-existing mental health problems (depression, suicidal behavior or previously suitsindenty, schizophrenia or any other diseases that lead to the disruption of brain function).
- Women in the first few months after delivery (called postpartum psychosis, a woman suffered stress during childbirth and her brain activity operates in the wrong way).

Suicidal behavior develops in disorders of the pituitary, hyperprolactinemia, pituitary adenoma.At the use of certain drugs increases the likelihood of suicide.This usually preparations to treat neurological disorders (neurotropic drugs), but such side effects may even occur in gastrointestinal medications, requiring the immediate lifting of medications.

Possible symptoms of suicidal behavior

What to do if you still your friend, family member or friend was in a similar situation and you notice signs of strange behavior?You should know that there are 2 types of suicidal behavior, the true and the false.

Shantazhno- demonstrative or false characteristic mostly for teenagers or people addicted to psychoactive substances (alcohol, drugs).The situation is roughly in such a way that the data of the person pursuing any goal (obtaining money or other material goods) and thus attract attention to themselves, acting by means of blackmail.For example: "If you did not give money for a drink, I'll kill myself," or "you do not love me, I will die."In some cases, even the theater and plausibly portray suicide.May slightly cut veins, trying to hang himself, but so that all have noticed, in general, do it openly, accompany this action turbulent emotions, artistry.If you reach the most desired, receive financial aid or a loved one, then these steps can be repeated, as the blackmailer made a positive impact.These suicidal patients are less a danger to themselves, since they do not hide their intentions, but on the contrary, they demonstrate, trying to get his.The danger lies only in the fact that a brutal accident they can still complete suicide, when during this performance did not come and did not interrupt relatives lethal.It is very important in this situation to make the right decision and immediately going to the doctor.

true suicide is a very different picture.The man lost in thought, thoughtful, often talks about the meaning of life, religion, visible signs of depression, moves a little and eats, there are sleep disorders, most of the time can be carried out in a bed or locked up in his room to keep a diary, read the thematic literature, writingwill.As a rule, the true "suitsidniki" all think through every detail, so to speak, his relish suicide months up plan may indirectly say goodbye to family and friends, make visits to them to make memorable gifts.

If you find any signs of suicidal behavior a person should seek immediate medical attention, even if the patient does not wish to seek specialized help.We should try to look for things in his notes, diaries, drawings, everything that can be attributed to the evidence that the person is suicidal configured.In the future it will help you tag it into a specialized agency such as mental health or cause a special ambulance to the house, which will deliver the patient to the hospital for other purposes or to a local psychiatrist.

is necessary to have a frank conversation with a man in the conversation to listen carefully, but refrain from evaluating his behavior.Try not to focus on the weaknesses of the individual, as well as possible on its achievements and successes.Be sure after talking to inform relatives and friends about a possible suicide.Try to persuade the man to conversion for specialist care.

very rare cases when the patients themselves reveal in his "bad thoughts".Identify thoughts like suicidal, is wrong, because if everything is already decided in favor of the maintenance of life, very low probability of self-treatment to the doctor.

The immobilized lifestyle, poor diet, lack of any enthusiasm, tenderness, tearfulness, feelings, in general, any signs of depression is already a banal reason to to ask for help.If for any reason there is no way to see a psychiatrist, you can seek the assistance of any other general practitioners.All doctors are competent in the issue of suicidal behavior and will be able to quickly identify these signs, if any.In health care, it pays much attention as suicides claim the lives of the young and able-bodied people.

hospitalized in a public institution is not too difficult. suicidal thoughts is an indication for emergency hospitalization , when applying to any medical institution will send the patient on a profile, you will write a referral or even transported to the brigade ambulance.

What tests must pass with suspected suicidal behavior

advance do not have to prepare for hospitalization or take any tests, you examined in the hospital.As a rule, it is a complete blood count, urinalysis, electrocardiogram, if necessary, tests for HIV and hepatitis, sometimes patients undergo such examinations as MRI or CT scans.Such expensive assays need to eliminate brain tumors, stroke, heart attacks.All of these diseases can trigger symptoms of depression and suicidal behavior.For the successful and effective treatment is necessary to identify the causes, focusing on the symptoms.

Doctors try to prevent and avoid committing suicide, so act without delay.For such people, who are a clear threat to themselves, created in psychiatric hospitals, special hospitals, where patients are under surveillance around the clock, working with them, psychologist, psychiatrist, neurologist, if necessary, a therapist and a physiotherapist.Treatment of complex, treatment is prescribed according to the approved state standards.Most often, the basic drugs - this antidepressants (amitriptillin), sedatives benzodiazepine (Xanax, nitrazepam), hypnotics (zomiklon, sonatas), vitamin (vitamin B, Mg), tools to improve cerebral blood flow (piracetam), as therapy, group psychotherapy, physiotherapy (electric, darsanval).

But even with a confirmed diagnosis of drugs for the treatment of the base without a prescription at the pharmacy are not released.When the patient survived the acute phase of the disease and is on maintenance therapy, all psychotropic drugs are dispensed in small portions to prevent the accumulation of the required dose for the commission of a possible suicide.All drugs are potent substances capable of affecting the nervous system and brain function, so accepted only on prescription, with a constant correction dose preparations.

The dangerous treatment of folk remedies and what are the conditions under which to apply all the possible

without a doctor's prescription when detected at early signs of depression, a clear loss of interest and inactivity, you can take herbal drugs, which include peony, hawthorn, valerian, Leonurus.It can be used as alcoholic tinctures and tablet form (fitorelaks, alfobazol).Carefully treat hawthorn, as it slows down the heart rate and lowers blood pressure.

Feeding habits and way of life for a speedy recovery

Very good mood stimulates caffeine (coffee or drinks containing caffeine), black chocolate or cocoa contains magnesium, involved in conducting nerve impulses, bananas and figs - substances that are involved in the elaboration of the amino acid tryptophan, the latter as a result of metabolic processes is able to improve mood.

Prevention of suicide and suicidal behavior

Preventive measures include any sports craze, increasing human activity that contributes to the normalization of mood, expand the circle of acquaintances and thus distract from thoughts of possible suicide.A full night's sleep, stay in the daylight, nutritious food.

Attentive, friendly attitude of relatives and friends, participate in the life of suicidal person - this is a huge step toward his salvation.We must show that he is loved and roads, and that all will be well.

After discharge, primary care physicians to actively continue to monitor the fate of the patient, even if the patient ignores the invitation to see a doctor, visit him at home.Work with people prone to suicide true, it is very time-consuming process in which, as a rule, should be included relatives, people from the circle of acquaintances and doctors.

Possible complications of suicidal behavior

Application Statement of serious injuries for cuts, esophageal injury and impaired renal function, liver in case of poisoning, fractures of the cervical vertebrae when poveshaniyah, seriously injured in a fall from a height - a list of what you can get when you attempt suicide.Such patients need not only in psychiatric care, but also in rehabilitation at the somatic hospitals in order to restore health.Chance of disability from injuries resulting from suicide attempts.And the main complication, of course, is the death of a person.

Be attentive to your loved ones, all in your hands.

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