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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Mental Disorders

In this article you will find the answer, whether your fear is a phobia.Not bad at all afraid of something.Fear is like an alarm clock which warns us in dangerous situations.This is fine as long as we can control their emotions.But if you fear that a regular, unfounded and causes unpleasant feelings and stress, it is sure to be reborn into a phobia and complicate your life.

phobia - a fear of something that is not a danger or a minor carries a threat.

phobia symptoms

subject of phobias can be almost anything - dogs, cockroaches, bees, snakes, toilets, elevators, height and so on.Typically, phobias originate in childhood, but can occur in adults.The reason for this may be a children's fright, unpleasant experience in our lives, which you would not like to repeat.There is a theory that the fear can be generated even in the womb, and deposited in our subconscious, but it's just a guess.

Species large number of phobias, list them does not make sense, but for the convenience of experts divided them into

2 groups.Specific phobias - fear of disease, animals, objects.Situational phobias - fear of different situations, accidents.

Phobias so often common in the population that is not considered a disease, which urgently needs to see a doctor.They can be ignored for years and does not affect the quality of life.For example, if you have acrophobia (fear of heights), but you do not live in the highlands and not fly in an airplane, your work is not related to work at height, it is not in any way change your life.But on the other hand, you have to limit yourself to the movement, to choose routes for travel in plain terrain and so on.Quite the contrary, if you have agoraphobia (fear of spaces, open spaces, squares, crowds, markets), it can be quite heavier your life.It becomes impossible to be in public places, to walk around the city, travel, and finally work.

In general, if the phobia does not affect you and no negative effect, no worries.But if there are situations that result in changed normal functioning of life and we have to do what you do not want, the time has come to ask for help.

When and to what doctor to address, if you have a phobia

We need to see a doctor in situations when:
- during the attack you are taking a potent drug, and the attack causes severe anxiety and panic.
- themselves estimate that the disease worsened and fears intensified.
- avoid certain places and situations associated with a phobia.
- if these restrictions greatly changing lives, disrupt the normal daily routine, make you endure hardship.

Self-help and treatment phobia

If we talk about the treatment of phobias, the self can not be less effective than an appeal to specialists.What a way to treat phobias choose?It depends on your phobia and a variety of reasons, which are able to enhance it, on the degree of amplification.But often, first we try to help themselves, and then, if you did not work, call a specialist.We must also know that before completely overcome their fears and to give up drugs, it is a long and difficult path.However, if the phobia is very serious, causes panic attacks or uncontrolled anxiety, you need to seek additional help in the person of the therapist.

good in this all that medicine has great potential and experience in the treatment of phobias.If you work with a good experienced therapist, the result can be achieved after 1-4 sessions.

Self phobias:

See his phobia in the eye.
It is clear that a person who suffers from a phobia, try to avoid situations associated with it.To begin with, it should gradually give up their drugs, because they are certain insurance and do not give the opportunity to meet with their fears face to face.Healing from a phobia will not be complete if trying to overcome his illness, to insure themselves pills.You continue to fear that in the event of an uncontrollable situation will not use drugs.In the future, the situation will provoke the greatest dependence on drugs or even exacerbate the very phobia, will not be able to learn to control the dosing frequency and dose of drugs, phobia in your submission will seem even more terrible and incurable.

Step by step, try to increase your meeting with a phobia.
The most popular way of getting rid of the fear, the so-called "burn-out reaction."Stepwise increases the number of points which are the cause of the disease.Such cases are simulated for what would have to teach yourself to cope with panic and stress they cause.Repeat stands to gain experience.As many times as necessary to feel the full control of themselves and the situation in general.After each meeting "face to face" with his fear nothing bad will happen to all postponed in the subconscious and will be used reflexively.Strong emotional reactions and panic will gradually disappear, you will be more self-confident, quietly phobia lose its value in your life.

order, that would be easier to say, look at this with a concrete example of phobia.Acrophobia (fear of heights) - a fairly common phobia, it is understandable instinct of self-preservation.Most people, if they do not suffer from this phobia, the fear experienced at high altitude.But we are talking about the painful perception of height.This is not only fear, but also with panic attacks, uncontrollable anxiety.In this regard, there may be symptoms such as sweating, dizziness, inadequate emotional reaction.If you meet with the presence of such a disease you are kindly requested to take care not to spoil your trip or vacation.Start with what is often seen pictures, photographs taken at the height vote emotions they cause you.Then try to themselves safely visit the place where high.There are plenty of places organized special safe viewing platforms, or if there is any, is at a height of 10 or 17 storey building, for example, the balcony is a good place for it.Very good ride on the Ferris wheel.Start with a child, where a smaller height, then adults.Try yourself carried away by the fact that makes the photo on a hill, will think less about the disease.Now allow digital media to make it fast, at home, you can see all the objects that you are sealed again, to evaluate emotions.Gradually, a violent emotional reaction will "burn out" and the phobia will not seem not so terrible.

must remember that you have to be very patient in everything, as the effect is not lightning, all your actions should be well planned.

Pravilo№1: climb to their "hill of fear."
If your self-therapy by means of more frequent meetings with the phobia did not bring results, then the fear is much stronger and more serious.Consider and highlight the life of those situations in which you could win over fear, at the same time feel comfortable and confident.

1. Make a list of all the things that are afraid.For example, if you are afraid to fly aircraft, remember that it scares you.This could be the moment of take-off or landing, when the aircraft is climbing or hum of the engine, the fear that you meet the flying another plane or when your airplane in overcoming the turbulence zone "flaps its wings", sometimes you are afraid of vigilance pilot, uncomfortable to sitat the emergency exit or in the tail of the aircraft, the safety instructions before departure sound scary to you.Carefully reproduced in memory of all the frightening moments.

2. Draw a mountain of fear.From less to more pronounced moment that you most strongly frightened.Let the foot of the mountain will be the situation with which you can easily coped when they overcame felt only a slight concern.And let it be the pinnacle biggest fear is that you want to win.Let it will be the purpose of your life.Hang the picture in a prominent place and always try to think about it.For example, if you dogofobiya (fear of dogs), constantly imagine that next to you or in the next room, there is a dog.
3. ways to overcome your fear.Celebrate everything from the very first moment of the work with his phobia.For example, in the example related to fear phobia dogs.Consider pictures with dogs of different breeds, to the point as you do not feel comfortable, it will no longer bother you, check this point in your drawing.
4. Exercise regularly, but in no case do not hurry and do not speed up the process of training.Your mental activity must adapt to a measured pace.It is important to remember that sometimes during training with your fear, you will feel "at ease" psychologically uncomfortable.

Note: If during exercise you feel you can not cope on their fear, your behavior becomes uncontrollable, immediately discontinue the test.You need to master the technique of control of anger and emotions, develop a greater self-control, or to enlist the support of a therapist.

Pravilo№2: learning relaxation techniques.
Together with fear come as well and somatic (bodily) disorders, quickens the heartbeat, sweating, headache, shortness of breath.That is why it is so important to learn to deal with these imbalances of the nervous system.
Srelaksirovatsya help technique of deep breathing, meditation, muscle relaxation.It is a kind of antidote to the stress response of the nervous system.Relaxation techniques help to cope not only with phobias, but also with other manifestations of stress.

Simple relaxation exercises:
When we are under stress, breathing frequent and superficial, sometimes it seems that there is no air.We should try to fix it, try to take deep breaths at a slower pace.With deep slow breaths body can not be in suspense for a long time, so will fade restlessness and anxiety.

Learning to breathe properly and deeply.
- stand up straight, one hand lay on his chest, the other on his stomach;
- take a deep breath, his hand on his belly shall get up, and his hand on his chest to slightly change the position of an owl;
- hold breath and count to seven;
- take a deep breath through your mouth while counting to eight, to release as much air as possible, tensing abdominal muscles.abdominal arm must again change the state, and the hand on the chest slightly;
- alternate inhalation and exhalation, until then, until you feel relaxed.

We need to try a relaxation technique in normal everyday situations, several times a day.Do not use immediately in times of stress, first get your hands on and get the necessary skills.

Rule №3: discard negative thoughts.
Recognize a negative thoughts - is a science.It is very important time to identify these thoughts and push them.Often in the process of playing fobichesskoy situation we begin to negatively reflect.Zakonspektiruyte these thoughts, make a list of them for you to "know your enemy in the face."Further studies are needed to reflect more positively about their fear.Assess their capabilities, all bad thoughts, in essence, are not real.

Examples of negative thoughts.
- «the bridge fall»
- «I will look stupid»
- «flight attendant said that we will be in the zone of turbulence, but the plane is broken»
- «the person sitting next to me cough, this swine flu and I infected him»
-« I will not survive in a situation where the elevator doors are locked, I suffocate without air »

when bad thoughts every now and then, there are in your head, you should remember a few situations, why it did not happen.For example, the situation with the elevator, think that all elevators have ventilation, according to statistics there are no victims, that would have suffocated in a lift, there is an alarm button inside, a lot of people use the elevators, and are not afraid.It is important to recall some of the positive fact of your life.For example: "I have not met an elevator that would spoil, never heard of such situations", "many times I flew a plane, and nothing has happened, this is the safest form of transport."

A good way to combat the phobia - a search for various information about it.Join the thematic groups, find friends with similar problems, share with your loved ones that you trust.Are you sure you are not alone, there are many people suffering from phobias.Cite as proof of many creative personalities and celebrities Matthew McConaughey avoids unfamiliar toilets, Pamela Anderson is afraid of mirrors, Nicole Kidman hate to see butterflies and bees, David Beckham feels discomfort retracted the room with scattered things, Johnny Depp trembles at the sight of clowns, ScarlettJohansson is experiencing panic attacks when she sees a cockroach, etc.

Professional assistance during phobia

Hypnotherapy - method, which was opened in 1958.Recognized as safe treatment for phobias, as it works on a subconscious level.Hypnotherapy is the foundation of Neuro Linguistic Programming.This complex process, when the doctor during the session evaluates your facial expressions, gestures, phrases.Based on these observations analyzes your subconscious.It works like this: words and thoughts create a negative self-suggestion (autosugestiyu) if we think bad happens to us all the worst, including phobias.Therapy is aimed at something that would teach us to think about the good, learn to ignore bad thoughts.

Drug therapy phobia

is carried out strictly according to testimony.Most often, in the case of severe depression associated with a phobia, or in cases of severe panic attacks.
The most visible effect is achieved when taking drugs of the benzodiazepine group of tranquilizers.drugs advantage is that they are fast, and the lack of - that, like the narcotic substances are addictive opioids, which in essence, is the same disease and are classified according to ICD-10, as a function of surfactant (benzodiazeminy).Like any relationship, it is very difficult to treat, so the risk of using these drugs in the treatment of phobias should be acquitted.There are strict restrictions on admission, no more than 4 months and strictly on prescription.Recipes are numbered, are available on special paper, logged, which controls the administration of the medical institution and the department of drug trafficking.Any transfer of these drugs to others or buy without a prescription is severely punished by law.For drugs in this group with a strong anti-anxiety effect include: sibazon or diazepam, nozepam, lorazepam, alprozolam.When phobias with sleep disorders used flunitrozepam, flurazepam, triazalam.
Mechanism of Action: effect on opioid receptors and thereby inhibit nervonoe excitement.It is very similar in structure to our own neurotransmitters, short of our neurons, so are the dangerous and rapidly addictive.

There is another group of drugs that have succeeded in dealing with phobias.This group of antidepressants.Advantage - are not addictive, do not require a statement of special recipes, the lack of - is not quick, can not help urgently, many side effects (tremor, constipation, dry mouth).The drugs occurs in about 5-10 days.

Types of antidepressants:

tetracyclic antidepressants - are more mild side effects, atypical tricyclic antidepressant tianeptine (stablon), imipramine, nortriptyline and amiltriptilin.A relatively new class of antidepressants - the so-called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor SSRT.Adverse effects which are substantially lower than that of tricyclic antidepressanov, but less power.These include: fluoxetine, indalpin, paroxetine, sertraline.Also, often for the treatment of phobias and anxiety disorders using MAO inhibitors, such as moclobemide, pirlindol, eprobemide, metralindol, selegiline, rasagiline.

Mechanism of action: blogiruyut decay substances, responsible for good mood - serotonin and dopamine, causing them to accumulate in the brain structures.When the dosage is higher than for the treatment of depression, the cause sedation.This effect is not the main and is regarded as a side effect of drugs.

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