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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Nerve Disease

Cerebral Palsy (CP) - no progressive lesion of the central nervous system, brain underdevelopment, which manifests itself with a motor impairment (paralysis, twitching, speech disorders), balance disorder, possible intellectual disabilities, epilepsy.

Causes of Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy occurs when fetal development disorders (matters infection during pregnancy, cytomegalovirus, toxoplasmosis, herpes, late toxicosis pregnant mother incompatibility and fetal Rh-factor, a violation of autoimmune embryonic development mechanisms).Premature birth, delayed or precipitated labor, childbirth at an incorrect position of the fetus, birth injuries, jaundice increase the risk of disease.All of the above leads to hypoxia (oxygen starvation) and asphyxia (suffocation) fruit.As a result of lack of oxygen is broken tab and development of the child brain.

impossible to pinpoint the cause of the disease.

risk factors are endocrine, somatic and maternal diseases (epilepsy, dementia, hypothyroidism), bad habits

- alcohol, drugs, a long period of infertility, age 18 and older than 40 years, stresses.Symptoms of cerebral palsy

disease can manifest itself in the first minutes of life, and perhaps in the first few months, depending on the severity of damage to the nervous system.Symptoms of cerebral palsy depends on the degree of underdevelopment of the brain and the location of the affected structures.Severity of symptoms can vary from mild to very severe - leading to disability.

delay in the appearance of motor skills in children, the lack of movements, excessive movement, poor retention of the head, convulsion, and a significant backlog of speech development are serious symptoms and require immediate treatment to pediatric neurology.

Most affected areas of the brain responsible for movement, muscle tone and balance.The brain can not properly give a command and control muscles.Manifested in the form of a violation of paralysis, increased muscle tone, involuntary twitches and movements.The child lags behind in development - does not move or bad move limbs, late starts to hold his head up, roll over, interested in toys, sit, crawl and walk.It can not be put on the legs - the child leans on your toes or stand on the whole foot, not holding a toy in his hand, he can not deliberately raise the limb, to unclench his fist, move your foot.Increasing muscle tone limits the movement of the child, up to a total inability to move.

paralyzed limb can be one, one-sided hand-foot, two hands, two legs.Paralyzed limbs behind in development - are shorter and thinner than normal, there are skeletal deformities, joint contractures, which further violates the movement.As a result of brain damage uncoordinated - suffers gait, the child can fall, do frilly movement, nod, make uncontrolled movements of the limbs.
The child may be epileptic seizures (convulsions and unconsciousness).

Perhaps the development of strabismus, nystagmus (twitching of the eyeballs), impaired vision, hearing, mental, respiratory, gastro-intestinal tract.Violated learning behavior.

Symptoms of cerebral palsy cerebral palsy

brain structure and the affected area with cerebral palsy

Depending on the location of the affected brain structures according to the International Classification of Diseases are seven groups of cerebral palsy:

1 Spastic diplegia (Little's disease);
2 Spastic cerebral palsy (double hemiplegia, quadriplegia);
3 Children hemiplegia;
4 dyskinetic cerebral palsy;
5 ataxic cerebral palsy;
6 Mixed forms of cerebral palsy;
7 unspecified cerebral palsy.

Diagnosing Cerebral Palsy

Diagnosis is based on neurological examination and instrumental methods of examination:

- electrophysiological study muscle-building and evaluation of peripheral nerve;
- Electroencephalography - functional evaluation biocurrents brain.
- also needed advice ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, a psychiatrist, epileptologa, orthopedist.

Differentiate (otdichat) cerebral palsy need to degenerative-dystrophic progressive disease, brain tumors, chromosomal disorders, neuromuscular diseases (spinal amyotrophy Verdniga - Hoffmann, congenital myopathies), Oppenheim's disease, hereditary disorders of lipid metabolism, gepatotserebralnoy degeneration (Wilson's disease-Konovalova), spastic paraplegia Adolph Strümpell, the consequences of meningitis carried over in the first year of life.

Given the diversity of symptoms and the severity of these diseases is unacceptable self-diagnosis.This may be a child's life, its duration and quality.

treatment of cerebral palsy cerebral palsy

Treatment should be initiated as early as possible and be maintained continuously.The disease is incurable, but treatment from an early age is probably the most beneficial development of the child.

In the first years of life the most possible to compensate for the defect, reduce the symptoms of spasticity, and, consequently, skeletal deformities, contractures and improve adaptability to normal movements, retaining the balance, self-care.

child should be seen by a pediatrician, neurologist, podiatrist, speech therapist, psychologist, rehabilitation.The efforts of all the professionals and parents should be aimed at the highest possible social adaptation of the child.Therapeutic effect should be aimed at the child's daily life, to satisfy his desire to move on their own - take a toy, there, get dressed, to sit, stand, walk.Each child must be developed by physiotherapists individual training program, possibly with the use of assistive devices and special equipment.

Treatment of cerebral palsy should be comprehensive and include drug therapy, regular exercise therapy, orthopedic - surgical treatment, psychological support, language development, a spa treatment.The child must be taught to perform almost all of the available movement and support them.

Drug treatment of cerebral palsy is neuroprotective, antioxidant, cardiovascular drugs, metabolites of brain, muscle relaxants and vitamins.Widely used cerebrolysin intravenously cortexin intramuscularly, intravenously tserakson - Syrup - Tablets, somazina - iv - syrup, aktovegin intravenously - pills solkoseril intravenously, intravenous piracetam - tablets.Injections of these preparations appoint a neurologist.Glycine, Neurovitan tablets prescribed courses.To remove the spastic muscle tension, depending on the severity, or do midokalma injections or prescribe pills - Mydocalmum, baclofen or other muscle relaxants.Perhaps the introduction of drugs into the biologically active points of the limbs and face - ATP Neostigmine.In severe cases, may use injections of botulinum toxin - Botox, Dysport.The affected muscle (muscle tension), a special needle in several points of the drug is administered.The procedure is effective, but requires repetition after 6 months.

If your child has seizures, self-medication is not only unacceptable, but also dangerous for life.Selection of antiepileptic drugs is different, depending on the type of seizure frequency and severity, age, comorbidities.Used valproic acid medications toparamat, lamotrigine.He engaged in this doctor.Independent appointment and removal of the drug are not allowed.

Drug treatment of cerebral palsy is symptomatic, and possibly the use of anesthetic drugs, antispasmodics, antidepressants and tranquilizers.

But physical therapy with cerebral palsy need to deal with constantly, gradually winning from the disease more and more movement, adapting to your body and the outside world.Visiting classes rehabilitators, parents will learn and the art of massage and therapeutic gymnastics, because this treatment will be repeated and repeated daily.Therapeutic exercise - this game moments - from the "take a piece of candy and bring the ball" to play the piano and Exercise Machine, gymnastic balls, pads, ladders, walker.

Physiotherapy treatments - balneotherapy, mud and thermal treatments, mineral wax, electrophoresis of drugs, electrical stimulation of muscles and nerves.

Surgical treatment of cerebral palsy recommended when expressed contractures.Apply the plaster casts and surgery.Podiatrists - surgeons can lengthen the tendons and muscles, bones (ahilloplastika, arthroplasty), transplanted tendon, Hamstring spasticity relief, to carry out operations on the nerves.The intervention aims to prevent and treat contractures, dislocations and subluxations of the joints, to increase the stability of the final

Balneotherapy - in warm water reduces muscle tone, hyperkinesis (twitching) are reduced, increasing the amount of active movements.Assign bromine, valerian, pine, turpentine, oxygen, radon, sea, bubble baths, hydromassage, swimming.Modern bath "Akvadelitsiya", "Akvamanus", "Akvapedis" allow underwater massage jet aeration, hromotsvetoterapiey and ozonation.Baths four-plating "Verishofen" combine the possible impact of warm water and plated or pulsed current and the drug - bischofite, turpentine, nicotinic acid, sage, pine extract.

Climate tsvetodinamicheskaya quantum - camera combined with laser shower and pool.The pool is carried horizontal or vertical spine traction, joint development, underwater shower - massage, cascade shower - waterfall.

hardware programmed to develop joint , trainers active mechanotherapy with biofeedback - a modern methods of treatment of patients with paralysis.

Integrated use of highly effective treatments.

Sanatorium - spa treatment - Yevpatoriya, Saki, Truskavets, Odessa and others where treatment methods can be assigned to the most effective methods:

- landmark of gypsum;
- orthopedic - surgical correction;
- massages;
- physiotherapy - electrophoresis, magnetic, electric, interdyn, Miauton, phototherapy, darsonvalization, ultrasound;Electrophoresis was performed with neostigmine methylsulfate, nicotinic acid, Fastum - gel;
- acupuncture;
- mud;
- laser therapy;
- shiatsu - therapy - acupressure;
- sessions with a speech therapist;
- Yevpatoriya - dolphin - communication and swimming with dolphins;
- Montessori - therapy.Montessori Method of forming a broad outlook in children, intrinsic motivation to the new knowledge, the ability to concentrate on work, observation and self-reliance;
- Bobath method - help the child in the "self-organization" with the use of aids and special equipment.

since 2003 in town of Truskavets work International Clinic of Rehabilitation by Prof. V. Kozijavkin - one of the most effective methods of treatment of patients with cerebral palsy.It is a system of intensive neurophysiological rehabilitation, biomechanical correction of the spine and large joints, the use of space technologies for the treatment of children, "Spiral" suit, physiotherapy techniques, physiotherapy, exercise equipment.

Suit "spiral" is used to generate the correct stereotype movements.By stimulating the body's compensatory possibilities and brain plasticity activate this system creates in the body of the patient to cerebral palsy new functional state which opens up opportunities for fast motor and mental development of the child.Decreases muscle spasticity, acquire new motor skills.Suit photograph.

Suit spiral for the treatment of cerebral palsy method Kozijavkin

Kid fix armpit, with the hips and thighs and hung to the grid.The physiotherapist rocks the baby turns his holding the hands, the legs.The child himself clinging to the ring.In this position, the brain receives a valid signal from muscles and "in flight" mastered movement.Technique is recognized by the European Parliament and Russian.Professor Kozyavkin B. - the first Ukrainian, won the award "The Calling", which is awarded Russia's best doctors.His method of rehabilitation of patients with cerebral palsy is recognized as one of the four most efficient in the world.Statistical analysis of over 12 thousand patients showed a high efficiency of the system.Normalization of muscle tone was observed in 94%, the skills of proper control head - 75% of patients, sitting skills gained 62%, the appearance of self-distance fixed at 19% previously nehodyaschih patients, 87% were able to let go spastic clenched brush.

developed new technologies, Russian scientists have developed orthopedic pnevmokombinezon that captures the joints, stretches the muscles, the muscles straining the outside, and the brain receives a signal to and corrected when doing physical therapy limbs begin to move right, but its cost - tens of thousands of rubles.

Pillow pnevmokombinezon for the treatment of cerebral palsy

new invention Debbie Elnatan for his son with cerebral palsy, is preparing for general sale in Europe, but it is unknown when it will go on sale and how much it will cost.But the idea could be adopted.The development allows the child to be in the upright position and walk with a parent.

Unfortunately, no cure for cerebral palsy.From brain lesion volume, timely and long painstaking treatment will depend on the severity of the effects of persistent, disability.With safe intelligence and the possibility of an independent movement of children with cerebral palsy can attend regular schools and universities, work.For severe cases, there are special boarding schools, where learning is combined with treatment, taking into account individual circumstances of the child, carried out professional orientation in preparation for the profession, the corresponding psychophysical abilities and interests of the patient.

Prevention of Cerebral Palsy

prevention of cerebral palsy is the health of the future mother, exclusion of bad habits, monitoring of pregnancy.

Doctor's consultation on cerebral palsy:

Question: whether cerebral palsy occur in the adult?
A: Cerebral palsy can occur and an adult - after a severe traumatic brain injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, neuroinfections.Although the cause of diseases have different - a manifestation of one thing - the paralyzed limbs, high muscle tone, movement disorder, self-service.

Question: when to start treatment?
answer: treatment is most effective in the first month, one year, three years after the disease.Next comes the period of persistent effects and treatment is symptomatic.

Question: if time has been lost, what to do?
answer, although much less efficiently if the time is missed, whether a child or adult, treatment is still necessary.Pursue a course of drug therapy, prescribed by the doctor, massage, physiotherapy, spa treatment.The goal of treatment is - the maximum adaptation to your motor defect, self-care, movement, speech defect reduction, reducing the number of seizures.
use of all sorts of "folk" methods instead of traditional methods can lead to loss of time, worsen symptoms of the disease - run the deformation of the skeleton, joints, miss the opportunity to surgical correction.

Question: whether cerebral palsy passed inherited?
answer is unknown.It is believed that the cerebral palsy - polietiologic disease.There are hypotheses about the causes of the hereditary component of brain damage.