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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Nerve Disease

Migraine - this attack (paroxysms), intense headache in half of the head (hemicrania), often in the orbital - frontal - temporal region, which is accompanied by nausea and even vomiting, increased sensitivity to light and sound stimuli.

attack of migraine.

migraine prevalence - 5 - 25%.More common in women younger - onset of the disease up to 20 years, peak in 25 - 35 years.

Migraine - a hereditary disease.If both parents suffer from migraines, the child's chances of getting increased to 60 - 90%, unless Mom - 70%, but the father - 20%.Thus, it is clear that a migraine is transmitted through the maternal line.

mechanism of migraine is complex, not fully understood.Aggravating factors can be emotional and physical stress, eating disorders, alcohol (beer, red wine, champagne), smoking, sleep disturbances, changes in weather conditions, overheating in the sun, noise, strong odors, hormonal changes in women, menstruation, hormonal contraceptives.Eating foods rich in tyramine - chocolate, coffee, coc

oa, cheese, nuts, meats, citrus violate serotonin metabolic processes in the central nervous system, which is considered one of the factors in the development of a migraine attack.The leading role in the development of migraine paroxysm activation plays a nucleus of the trigeminal nerve.Most people suffer with high social activity, with increased anxiety, with high ambitions.

Migraine doubles the risk of Bell's palsy (the most common form of facial paralysis).Probably, these diseases common reason.Possible causes of migraine and Bell's palsy experts say infection, inflammation and problems with the cardiovascular system.

Symptoms of migraine

Main migraine symptoms: paroxysmal, throbbing, moderate-intensity or severe pain in the side of the head, which lasts from 4 to 72 hours.This pain increases during exercise, bending the head, accompanied by nausea, vomiting.Bright light, sharp sound, strong odor increase the pain.I want his head in his hands and hide in a quiet, dark place.Patients often bandaged head with a towel, cover the affected side and eyes.If you have experienced this condition at least 5 times - you have a migraine.Sometimes it's two-sided migraine.

migraine attack may be preceded by aura (about 20% of cases).Aura - is the neurological symptoms - visual, auditory, sensory, motor, aphasic, vestibular preceding attack.Aura develops within 5 - 20 minutes and lasts for less than an hour.More often visual aura - a man sees a flicker of bright flashes (photopsias) in the right or left visual field, lightning, snakes, loss of sight or fragments thereof with the distortion of objects.

Perhaps numbness in the extremities (right, left, hands only).There hemiplegic aura, in which not move right or left limb.The basilar form migraine with aura is characterized by tinnitus, dizziness, paresthesias in extremities, photopsia in binazalnaya or bitemporal visual fields, sometimes fainting.At present the vegetative form of panic, anxiety, palpitations, trembling, shortness of breath, weakness, polyuria.

All aura symptoms are completely reversible.

migraine status - a serious complication of migraine.This is a series of heavy, with repeated vomiting, following one after the migraine.Intervals between episodes of not more than 4 hours.This state needs hospital treatment.

survey of migraine

recurring headache must necessarily lead you to a neurologist.The diagnosis is made clinically - survey inspection.But: the propensity to migraine may be the first symptoms of brain tumors, vascular malformations.Therefore it is necessary a thorough neurological examination to exclude organic process.We'll have to visit a physician ophthalmologist, check the visual field, visual acuity, fundus, do EEG, CT or magnetic resonance imaging, magnetic resonance imaging angiography mode.Preparations for cupping and prophylactic treatment you appoint a neurologist.

Treatment of Migraine Medication

migraine relief for a migraine attack is used:

- NSAIDs - paracetamol, ibuprofen, dikloberl, or in combination with caffeine sedalgin, pentalgin, solpadein;

- dihydroergotamine preparations (issued in the form of nasal sprays);

- selective serotonin agonists - sumatriptan (antimigren), zolmitriptan (zolmigren, rapimig), naratriptan, rizatriptan, almotriptan.The drug should be taken at the beginning of the attack, rather than wait for a few hours in the hope that an attack could take place by himself.In case of failure of the drug re-reception is possible after 2 hours.

Drug-free treatment of migraine

During the attack needs rest in a quiet, warm, darkened room with sufficient fresh air.It allowed a gentle massage of the head and neck area, massage the ear points, acupuncture, heat or cold bandages on his head.

migraine patients themselves already know they provoke migraine circumstances.We must try to eliminate them as much as possible.

for the prophylactic treatment and prevention of migraine medication use drugs and non-drug therapies in the complex.As a non-drug methods used acupuncture, neck massage, darsonvalization the head and neck area, hydrotherapy - pearl, pine baths, physiotherapy exercises with an emphasis on the cervical spine, diet.

Good results in the treatment of migraine provides cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Migraine Prevention Medication

migraine prevention is assigned based on trigger factors, emotional and personal characteristics, comorbidities.Used β- blockers (metoprolol, propranolol), calcium channel blockers (flunarizine), antidepressants, serotonin antagonists, anticonvulsants (topiramate).

Profimig - at a dosage of 1.5 mg in the evening or topiramate - 25 mg in the evening for a long time.These drugs are prescribed by a neurologist and will only be accepted at the established diagnosis of migraine.

Prophylactic treatment is given if a paroxysm of migraine occurs more than 2 times per month, if the seizures last for more than 48 hours, if the attacks are very heavy, with complications.

Treatment of migraine - this is not the only medical therapy, and lifestyle modification.Normalization of sleep, nutrition, physical and emotional stress.Eliminate or at least reduce consumption of cocoa, chocolate, alcohol, nicotine, spices.The intervals between meals should not be more than 5 hours, breakfast is mandatory.We need to use the most useful products are rich in vitamins, trace elements and energy - fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, dairy products, eggs.Very useful water treatment - a contrast shower, swimming, bath with sea salt.

easy to say "do not worry", it is hard not to worry.But as much as possible, try to avoid stressful conflicts, less emotionally react to the circumstances, reconsider social circle.Admission sedative - valerian, Persia, dormiplant help relieve emotional stress.Effectively use the spare time and the holiday period - tourist trips, active with low physical activity (eg, walking, swimming).

Consultation of the neurologist on migraines:

question: why migraine prescribed me medication for epilepsy?
Answer: anticonvulsants, such as valproate and topiramate is used for the prevention of migraine paroxysms.Topiramate significantly reduces the frequency of migraine attacks is the first line drug for migraine prophylaxis.

question: what point massage to relieve a migraine attack?
Answer: points on the eyebrows, between the eyebrows, in the upper right corner of the forehead on the border of the hair growth, from the center of the eyebrows up, ear, fingertips, point in the corner formed by the first and second metacarpal bones (G4 point) over the headradius (P7), in the center of shoulder girdle, another magic point can be found resting on the bent knee, wrist, middle finger put on the tibia - then under the ring finger will be placed E36.Massaging need to be painful.Chance of light neck massage.

Question: Does every six months must be taken "droppers" courses?
The answer is no.Migraine is treated prophylactically long (up to 4 - 6 months) taking pills - anticonvulsants.

neurologist Kobzev SV

* Magnetic pulses can put an end to attacks of migraine

Using magnetic device the size and shape resembling a hair dryer, patients who experience migraine with aura, will be able to forget about the pain, the researchers said.

double-blind study, Dr. Mohammad (Dr. Mohammad) and his colleagues have shown high efficiency of the device.The device is produced by the magnetic pulses are applied at the stage of the aura patients, said Dr. Mohammed at a meeting of the American Headache Society (American Headache Society meeting).

Dr. Mohammed said that the appliance is safe, how it works is simple: the device sends magnetic pulses into one Tesla in the back of the head.If the patient experiences a feeling of gentle pressure to the back of the head.Magnetic pulses interrupt the propagation of so-called depression of the cerebral cortex (cortical depression).Currently, this process is considered to be the cause of migraine with aura.

Such devices are also used to help patients who are experiencing depression.