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Chronic fatigue syndrome - a certain combination of symptoms (signs) due to a pathogenesis, which remains poorly understood to this day.Not to say, no matter how much controversy was not, but no consensus on this matter and there is no evidence-based medicine is silent.At the moment, there are only theories, not finding a proper confirmation, so chronic fatigue syndrome can not allocate as an independent disease.As a result, the characteristic of chronic fatigue syndrome is as follows: simptomokompelks is characterized by excessive, debilitating fatigue (virtually nothing intractable), continuing for at least 6 months and is accompanied by numerous infectious and / or neuropsychiatric symptoms.

This pathology was seen as a disease of the civilized countries.The question of the allocation of this syndrome as a separate nosological form arose in 1988, when scientists suggested a viral etiology of the syndrome, and as a major causative agent suggested Epstein-Barr virus and other herpes viruses.In 2003, a

n international team to study chronic fatigue syndrome recommended to use to assess the main symptoms of a standard scale - the criteria for symptoms and conditions are very similar to them.

Causes of chronic fatigue syndrome

remind you that there is no consensus, there is more or less suitable theory.Even despite the fact that the viral origin of most fittingly, during the additional examinations were found changes in other organs and systems: in the brain structures, the neuroendocrine system, genetic structure, etc. At present it is difficult to say what is the root cause - infectious, or structural.changes in the organs and systems, but at the moment, the alleged reasons for systematized:

- Genetic abnormalities,
- viral theory: Epstein-Barr virus, or 7 type of herpes virus (according to the latest research was involved in the chronic fatigue syndrome) starts dysfunction of organs andsystems,
- Structural and functional changes in the central nervous system: the stress-dependent theory, violation of the central nervous system functioning at kletono-tissue level, mental disorders often associated with psihotravmatizatsiey in childhood),
- Immunopathology (infectious or genetic origin)

symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome

1. Violation of memory or concentration
2. Pharyngitis
3. tenderness to palpation of the lymph nodes (usually cervical or axillary)
4. soreness or muscle stiffness
5. sore joints (without swelling or redness)
6. newly emerged headacheor change its characteristics (severity)
7. Son, not bringing a sense of recovery
8. The worsening of fatigue until exhaustion after physical or mental exertion that lasts more than 24 hours.

Eligible can be considered a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome in the presence of at least 4 of the 8 factors.

diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome

What or paraclinical specific funds to support or refute chronic fatigue syndrome does not exist.Because of exhaustive facts necessary to comply with phasing in the diagnosis and treatment:

1. Conduct detailing the history of the disease, taking into account all the transferred diseases, accounting dynamics laboratory changes, a record of all medicines taken by the patient.
2. Start the diagnosis according to the principle "from highest to lowest," ie on the dominant state, for example:

• dominates prodromal clinic - holding diagnosiki on bacteriological or virological examination, taking into account the immunoassay;
• with the dominance of neuropsychiatric clinic - the use of additional techniques (CT, MRI, EEG, etc.), with the assistance of other specialists and still not excluding a viral etiology.

3. Using standard methods (complete blood count, urinalysis, blood chemistry), which can also be informative.

Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Since the etiology and pathogenesis has not yet been studied, informed treatment recommendations do not exist, but in the foreground always comes relief of acute symptoms.Depending on the underlying cause, the conduct addressed in relevant specialist (infectious disease specialist, a neurologist and immunologist), a narrow profile specialists involved if necessary.In this case, even obschespetsificheskaya therapy may be provocative, so need advice and supervision of a physician when taking groups such as: vitaminopreparaty, brain metabolites (aktovegin, piracetam, cortexin) and other

Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome folk remedies

this.the case a little more encouraging results were obtained.It is possible to effective methods can be attributed not only phototherapy (decoction of chamomile, novopassit, valerian, etc.), but also psychotherapy, including periodic active vacation.

Prevention of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

enforcement neuropsychiatric conditions - no one and nothing is worth your feelings, your nerves already spent will not return.And do not believe those who say that the nerve cells to regenerate - no, they are restored only at the subcellular level (ie, recovery of individual cell organelles), resulting in a short time simply die or remain non-functional.As a result, it may develop neuro-vegetative dysfunction with further disastrous consequences (stroke, heart attack, etc.).

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