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wart - a benign skin composed of connective tissue and covered with epithelium.Warts are spread equally among men and women, are found in the children's, youth, adulthood and old age.There are several types of warts:

• vulgar or common warts;
• Flat (youthful, juvenile) warts;
• plantar warts;
• senile wart;
• genital warts.

Causes of warts.

Warts appear as a result of infection of one of the varieties of human papillomatous virus, which is transmitted by contact (for example, by shaking hands, walking barefoot in public places, swimming in the pool, using common showers) or everyday objects.

The incubation period lasts from 6 weeks to 6 months.

But for simple contact infection the virus is not enough, you must have predisposing factors.The latter include skin microtrauma, maceration of the skin (eg, excessive sweating of hands and feet), immunodeficiency, what may indicate frequent colds.

symptoms of different types of warts.

Any wart looks like papules.Papule - a bespolostnoe formation on the

skin, towering above its surface.So when we decided on the terminology, we consider the main types of warts.

Common or vulgar warts are papules rounded shape, ranging in size from a pinhead to a pea.The surface of these papules rough, dry (keratinized), rough, covered with villi, papillae and striated by cracks.Color vulgar warts may not be different from normal skin or varies from yellowish-brown to dirty-gray.They are usually located on the back of the hand and fingers, can be narrowed base - leg.In some cases, the warts may coalesce, forming large tuberous tumor cell.They are usually painless, but at a constant trauma can become inflamed and cause pain.Typical appearance of them is shown in the figure below.

Common or vulgar warts

Flat (youthful or juvenile) warts - this papules, slightly elevated above the surface of the skin, have a smooth, flat surface that can be covered with small scales.Their sizes range from pinhead to lentil.The color of these formations can be the same color or have a dark yellow or bluish tinge.Favourite localization of flat warts - dorsal surface of the hands, the area of ​​the wrist, neck and face.A characteristic feature is the multiple elements of the rash.Youth warts usually do not cause subjective sensations.The characteristic pattern of flat warts is shown in the photo.

Flat (youthful or juvenile) warts

Plantar warts differ soreness, in appearance resemble corn, yellow.They can both rise above the skin, and take the form of pits, the bottom of which tufts of papillae can be seen, and the outer edge of a pit formed horny layers.They are located on the underside of the foot in areas of maximum pressure and friction.When removing the stratum corneum, which is easy to crumble, in the central part of the visible warts whiskers, soft, juicy, bleeding nipples (called papillomatosis).

Senile wart (seborrheic keratome, seborrheic warts) - a benign epithelial tumor that occurs in the elderly, has a slow growth and takes its final appearance for decades.Initially, there is a small spot sizes of brown, which gradually increases up to 6 cm in diameter.Its surface is covered with fat, it is easily removed peel.At the end of its growth keratome rises above the surface of the skin becomes more saturated dark brown crust becomes more dense, covered with cracks.Arranged senile warts usually in closed areas of the body, but can also occur on the face, scalp, neck and limbs.

The photo presents multiple keratomas back.

Genital warts or genital warts usually localized in the coronary groove of the penis, on the inner layer of the foreskin, at the entrance to the vagina, the anus, at least in the inguinal-femoral folds, armpits and under the breasts.Resemble a cauliflower or a cock's comb.Genital warts must be distinguished from the manifestations of secondary syphilis - wide warts.The latter are more dense and located on a wide solid base.

wart diagnosis is based on clinical picture, further investigation is required.

diseases that resemble warts.

warts can be confused with molluscum contagiosum, warty lichen planus.
Molluscum contagiosum - the result of smallpox virus infection group.Externally is a hemispherical formation of dense texture, translucent, slightly shiny with umbilicated in the center, or a pinkish color different from the surrounding skin.Reaches the size of a pinhead to a pea.When pressed it emits grayish-white this mass.There are three months and then spontaneously disappear.

When warty lichen planus nodules formed brownish-purple color with gray horny scales, towering above the skin that look just like warts.A distinctive feature is the multiple lesions shins and dorsum of the foot.

Treatment of warts.

treatment approaches individually depending on the size, location and the type of wart.Vulgar, flat, and plantar warts can spontaneously disappear.

To date, there is a rich arsenal of tools to get rid of warts.It includes: electrocautery, cryotherapy, laser removal, surgical removal, radiowave surgery.Locally applied 10% salicylic acid in collodion, especially in plantar warts.

best method of treatment of vulgar warts - is cryosurgery.For this purpose use liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide.Carbon dioxide is used in a liquid state in which it is in a special pressure cylinders 60 atmospheres.When discharged from the cylinder at room temperature, it turns into a mass with a temperature snegopodobnuyu -70 degrees for several seconds.This mass of snow filled glass tubes of different diameter to the size of the wart and after applying it is extruded from the tube with a wooden stick.After the application for a time sufficient to freeze the tissue, the tube is removed.The procedure is painless and easy to carry, even children.

freezing with liquid nitrogen is performed in a similar manner, but using for this purpose a piece of cotton wool, wound on a thin wooden rod, which is immersed in a container of liquid nitrogen and immediately applied to the wart.applications being addressed individually.

After the procedure, some time later formed bubble.It can not be opened, should be lubricated with a solution of brilliant green.Once the bubble bursts, the crust is not removed, because underneath there is healing.

often after removal of the largest (the parent) are warts and all others.

From folk remedies helps lubricate 2 times a day with fresh milky juice of celandine - a viscous, orange liquid released by cutting the stems of the plant.

Plantar warts are difficult to conservative treatment.So after cryotherapy is often necessary to excise them under local anesthesia.

A special place is occupied by papilloma century.latest treatment takes only an ophthalmologist.The use of folk remedies in this case is unacceptable.Cryotherapy with such localization of warts do not apply because of the risk of the eyeball.Of all the arsenal of treatments is still the main place is occupied by the removal of papilloma acute under local anesthesia - eye tumor was excised with a scalpel and sent for biopsy.Said method is possible to remove papillomas both on the outer surface and located at the edge of the eyelid.After surgery on the eye bandage to stop the bleeding.Twenty-four hours after the operation the wound smeared with a solution of brilliant green to the discharge of crusts and complete epithelialization.

Complications warts.

With prolonged friction or injury may develop inflammation.Ozlokachestvlyayutsya warts are extremely rare.

Thus, the goal of treatment for warts is cosmetic.Currently, there are a huge number of beauty centers, which offer a wide range of modern equipment for the removal of warts.Be healthy and beautiful.

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