Hydradenitis ( bitch 's udder ) - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

hydradenitis - a purulent inflammation of apocrine glands.Apocrine glands are placed in the armpits, in the anal skin, groin, peripapillary area.Suffer from this disease, people of all races, but especially hard hydradenitis occurs in people blacks.It occurs with equal frequency in men and women.Very interesting the popular name of this disease - "bitch's udder."Why?This you will understand later.

reasons hidradenitis sup-

hydradenitis - microbial pathology.It called mostly stafilokokkokami, streptococci.Aggravating factors include microtrauma, as a consequence of shaving, for example, decreased immunity, violation of the rules of hygiene, diabetes, obesity ...

symptoms of hidradenitis sup-

most frequent localization - it podmyshechnyya area.Much less inguinal, peripapillary.Initially appears rezkoboleznenny node that someone long ago reminded bitch's udder.

And suffers the general condition of intoxication: fever, which can be higher than 38 ° C, headache, weakness.This moment is very impor

tant to immediately consult a doctor.In this case - a dermatologist or a surgeon.If left untreated or self-medicate, it can cause serious complications.

very common mistake people, that in this period begin to apply heat, expanding these blood vessels and contributing to the spread of infection.Later appear fistula with purulent discharge and scarring.

tests at hydradenitis

Differintsialnaya diagnosis is carried out with a furuncle (when no putrid hydradenitis rod), carbuncle, lymphadenitis, lymphogranuloma venereum, donovanosis, actinomycosis.

undressed you propalpiruya focus of inflammation, the doctor has to diagnose.It is sure to be appointed and a blood test for sugar.

Treating hidradenitis sup-

Treating hidradenitis sup- carried out strictly individually, based on the examination of the patient.If we see vospraleniya stage (beginning of the process) without pus - the locally appointed ointment with antibiotics (tetracycline, eritromitsinovaya ..), alcohol solutions of aniline dyes (solution of brilliant green ..), hydrogen peroxide, physiotherapy (ultra-violet radiation ...).When

already purulent stage - the opening of the hearth with its drainage.It should be noted that the operation is not complicated and it should not be afraid.Otherwise troubles can not be avoided.That is why it is important at the first symptoms, seek medical advice.In either case, be appointed into antibiotics (ciprofloxacin, Azitroks).

During the active phase of the process is forbidden to wet the area of ​​inflammation.From food exclude sweet, spicy, alcohol.After suffering hidradenitis sup- need to eliminate all the triggers that caused it (the use of after-shave lotions, regulation of blood sugar).

Even in this 21st century is very often used and popular treatments hidradenitis sup-: attachment baked onion to the locus of inflammation, is very popular ihtiolovaya "tortilla".Folk remedies can be used in primary, not an advanced stage.When surgery is not required.And as an aid to certainly the main methods of treatment.

Complications hidradenitis sup-

I want to encourage you: "Do not self-medicate."Otherwise:
hydradenitis - a deep lesion.It is very likely that the infection will spread inland through the lymph and blood vessels krovenostnye all organs and systems with a life-threatening condition of sepsis (blood poisoning).

Prevention hidradenitis sup-

Prevention "udder of bitch" comes down to personal hygiene, gently shave, use creams, aftershave lotions, treatment of chronic diseases.

on gidradenity Consultation

Question: I have already twice, at intervals of five months was hydradenitis in the underarm area, what to do?
Answer: Understand the causes.Inspect completely hand over blood sugar.If you shave this area, use after-shave lotions.

Q: Do hydradenitis inherited?
Answer: There is no data.Can be transmitted excessive sweating, obesity, etc., that have a tendency to this disease.

Question: When Do hydradenitis lies in a hospital need?
Answer: Most likely not.The disease is treated on an outpatient basis, even with surgical intervention.Only then will have to go on dressings.Hospitalization only in severe cases.

Dermatologist A. Mansurov