Impetigo - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

Impetigo - a skin disease characterized by the defeat of its surface layers.Primary forms of infection (at the slightest damage to the skin) occur in children more often, secondary (in comparison with other dermatosis characterized by pruritus) - adults.Earlier this pathology with ecthyma called streptoderma.But now very common to see this diagnosis.

reasons impetigo

main causative agents of this disease are staphylococci or group A streptococci, or a combination thereof.Contributing factors for impetigo include: high temperature and humidity, not to personal hygiene, decreased immunity, minor injuries, diabetes, circulatory disorders, like in obliterating diseases of the lower extremities, pruritic dermatoses, treatment with antibiotics.Very often, the appointment or the appointment of the wrong hormonal ointments with other skin diseases, "say thank you" gnoinichkovyh agents of diseases of the skin, in our case of impetigo.On Hormones everything is fine grows and develops.By the way, the disease is

very contagious, if it is in the children's collective, there is even a need for a sanitary - hygienic measures.

Symptoms of impetigo

The main symptom is the appearance of bubbles, which then burst to form a golden-yellow crusts.

Symptoms of impetigo

Variety impetigo - this buleznaya form when larger and thicker bubbles do not burst, and they contain a yellow, muddy or clear liquid.

Buleznaya form of impetigo

diameter lesions of 1 to 3 centimeters, they are painful, the general condition does not suffer or suffers slightly.Frequent localized impetigo - a body, face, skin folds.Eruptive elements may merge or be localized at different sites, spreading through the blood and lymph.

Quite often unable to determine the "entrance gate" of infection - corn, cuts when shaving ...

diagnosis of impetigo

Differintsialnaya diagnosis comes with conditions such as herpes, contact dermatitis, bullous pemphigoid, thermal burns, dermatitis herpetiformis, skin candidiasis.Therefore, for a correct diagnosis and avoid complications sign up for a consultation with a dermatologist.

sure if impetigo, as well as in other pustular skin diseases, you need to donate blood for sugar.And the diagnosis is a doctor by visual inspection.

Treatment of impetigo

main treatment is reduced to local.This antibacterial ointment (tetracycline, eritromitsinovaya), aniline dyes (solution of brilliant green, fukartsin), alcoholic solutions (salicyl alcohol), vitamin therapy.In severe cases resort to antibiotics inside.

During treatment prohibited washing, as water, washcloth possible spread of infection.The patient should be their personal hygiene, plates, cups.In children's groups isolation of sick children and be sure to wet cleaning with disinfectants.

excluded from the diet all sweet - sugar perfect medium for microbial growth.Well enter into the diet of foods rich in vitamin C, the same lemon, berry fruit drinks without sugar.

widely used treatment and folk remedies.For example, and in this period of time sold alcohol tincture of calendula, which wiped lesions of impetigo.Sam alcohol itself calendula have anti-bacterial Properties of.Once inside take tincture of chamomile, succession, Hypericum ... In a word: "Everything is possible, but under the supervision of a physician."

Complications of impetigo impetigo

Forecast favorable if the approach to the Literacy and limitations after treatment there.But we must remember that the wrong approach possible spread of infection into the interior in the form of inflammation of lymphatic vessels and nodes, infection of skin and subcutaneous tissue.I think.that probably no one wants to get under the surgeon's scalpel or get blood poisoning?

Prevention of impetigo

Of cause impetigo follows and prevention: personal hygiene, processing of micro traumas alcohol solutions (iodine), Literacy approach in the treatment of dermatoses, and regulation of blood sugar among specialists.

Medical consultation for impetigo

Question: My child in kindergarten in the group identified streptoderma.What should I do?
Answer: If possible, do not drive it in kindergarten.And so, require the isolation of sick children and disinfection of premises, conduct prevention.

Q: Why the name "impetigo"?
Answer: From the Latin language is translated as a chronic skin disease, scabs.

Q: How expensive treatment of impetigo?
Answer: Treatment and buying expensive drugs does not cause difficulties.

Dermatologist A. Mansurov