Molluscum Contagiosum - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

Molluscum contagiosum

- a skin infection that affects mainly the skin and sometimes mucous membranes.They suffer both adults and children.

Causes Molluscum contagiosum

cause is a virus that belongs to the family poksovirusov.There are four species of the parasite.The first type of hits are usually the skin of children.The second type - HIV infection.Select cells in culture failed its active time period.The virus is transmitted by contact with the skin is in contact with the skin, and "contaminated" items (use of a shared bathroom, washcloths).Cases of infection in the pools.It is often transmitted through sexual contact and.

symptoms of molluscum contagiosum

incubation peridium (from infection to onset of symptoms) ranges from 14 -15 days to several months.The main symptoms of the disease is the appearance of nodules in various parts of the body with a characteristic pupkoobraznym depression in the center.When you remove the mollusc is white inside this mass.

symptoms of molluscum contagiosum on

skin rashes sizes varies from pinhead and more.They are dense, painless, the same color as the skin.Another thing in HIV - infected, when suffering the normal immune response.The elements are characterized by multiple small or gigantic formations.Very often affects the face, where in their place are formed scars.

During pregnancy the same symptoms.Intrauterine infection is impossible, as is possible with breastfeeding contact way, if the mother is sick.

Diagnosis of molluscum contagiosum

Differintsialny diagnosis is carried out with skin tumors (cancer, cyst), and other viral diseases, such as: flat warts, genital warts.Therefore, with typical complaints refer to a dermatologist or a surgeon.

experienced specialist diagnose when viewed.As additional methods of histology is used when a remote cell looks under a microscope.Be sure to hand over analyzes on all STDs and HIV, especially if the infection occurred through sexual contact.Inspection and subject to all the people who were in close contact with the sick person.

Treatment kontagiozgo clam

According to some authors it is believed that under normal immunity molluscum contagiosum runs independently after 2 - 3 months and up to six months.It reads like a "call" that do not need to be treated ... Allow me to disagree.In - First, it is not known how many people can be infected during this period ?!Second, an infectious disease, old lesions may take place, but there will be new.

main method of treatment is to remove the clams with surgical tweezers (usually), laser, electrocautery (at current spark massive formations) followed by treatment with 5% iodine.Be sure to fully retract this mass, which is a virus.

maloboleznennaya procedure as a mosquito bite.Very seriously to approach the treatment if the rash localized on the face, in order to avoid the appearance of scars.

After the procedure, you can not just apply a bath, you need to change clothes, to make heat treatment of personal care products (sponges, shaving accessories) - All boil.

mandatory daily inspection itself, as well as possible new retsedivy disease.

Folk remedies

One popular folk treatments - is the juice of garlic and celandine, but experience shows that everything is more durable, and simple man in the street yet to be diagnosed correctly.It is appropriate to use all this must additionally and after removal for preventing resumption of a new process.

Complications of molluscum contagiosum

Complications, admittedly, are rare.Nognoenie may be skin and the appearance of giant cells, which result in scars.Most often it occurs in HIV - infected.Therefore it is better not to start the disease and seek medical advice.


primary prevention - personal hygiene and frequent inspection of your skin for early treatment.

Medical consultation for molluscum contagiosum

Q: How to avoid infection in the pool?
Answer: Probably choose the correct pool.Watch as he register holds as the processing is carried out in it and so on.

Question: Is it possible infection from animals?
Answer: No.The source is only a man.

Question: Dermatologist removes himself or directs the clam to the surgeon?
Answer: The most common self sterile instruments and in sterile conditions.

dermatologist A. Mansurov