Lipoid necrobiosis - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

lipid necrobiosis also called cutaneous dislipoidozom, Oppenheim Disease - Urbach, diabetic necrobiosis lipoid.This pathology affects young people between 20 and 40 years, but cases are described in children.Women suffer more three times than men.

reasons lipid necrobiosis

most common cause of this disease is diabetes.According to the authors from 1 to 4% of diabetics suffer from diabetic necrobiosis lipoid.

occurs lipoid necrobiosis, and in individuals with impaired glucose tolerance.This is when there is an increase in its individual moments, and then reduction without medication.

To summarize the above, the breach of this disease is preceded by an exchange of carbohydrates and fats in the body that lead to vascular disorders, and they in turn to the skin nutrition and the death of its cells.

Symptoms lipid necrobiosis

beginning of the process is often preceded by trauma, and therefore frequent localization of foci - a front surface of the lower legs and feet.At first appear waxy, not how anxi

ous plaques, orange or yellow with clear boundaries, which gradually increase in size.Old brown lesions.In the future, their ulceration can occur.Healing with scarring occurs.No complaints, it is unfortunately not spodvigaet people in time to see a doctor, triggering diabetes.So love yourself and please be considerate to yourself.In most cases, the first time reveal necrobiosis dermatologists, who appoints its treatment.In the future, these patients are observed at the endocrinologist.

Symptoms lipid necrobiosis

Diagnostics lipid necrobiosis

Differintsialnaya diagnosis is carried out with annular granuloma, ksantomotozom, sarcoidosis.Be sure to give up the blood, urine sugar.

Treatment lipid necrobiosis

Treatment is carried out potent corticosteroid ointments under occlusive dressing + everything that you appoint an endocrinologist.Most often, as you know, diabetes therapy Glucose control.

Therefore, diet and behavior of the patient should be relevant both during the illness and after it.In this case, completely simply indulge your endocrinologist.

Later avoid skin injuries.

Just avoid sharlotanov that will offer you supplements, folk remedies ... Remember: "the effectiveness of hormonal ointments, at the moment, for the treatment of necrobiosis has not invented anything

Especially disease Oppenheim - Urbach - it is a complication of.sugar dibeta, which says that the wait for vascular disorders in the body. Therefore, it is always a reason to seek medical advice immediately. Sami ulcerated lesions are good "gateway" for the penetration of infection.

Prevention lipid necrobiosis

Prevention is the treatment of diabetesdiabetes, regulation of blood glucose and avoiding injuries

dermatologist Consultation on lipid necrobiosis

Question. Can lipoid necrobiosis inherited
Answer: Sam lipoid necrobiosis not, but what about diabetes, such observations are


Q: So it is not a contagious disease?
Answer: Of course not.

Q: So a visit to an endocrinologist necessarily?
Answer: Even more than is necessary.

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