Inguinal athlete - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

Epidermofiya inguinal (bordered eczema) - a fungal disease characterized by lesions mainly large skin folds (groin, under the breasts), at advanced stage in the process involved other areas of the skin and nails.

Vozbuditel- Epidemophyton floccosum.Jock itch occurs only people, mostly men.Occurrence of disease contribute to increased sweating, glucose dysregulation, increased ambient temperature, and therefore the disease is more common in regions with a warm humid climate, although registered in all countries of the world.Infection occurs through direct contact with patients, but more often through the objects that were in use at the patient (bedpans, oilcloth, wool, linen, thermometers), unless they have been disinfected, and the localization of mycosis on the tables - in baths, showers, whilewalk without bath slippers.

symptoms of jock itch

typical localization of lesions is the skin folds: groin and between the buttocks, under the breasts.The manifestations may be on the trunk, limbs, palms ma

y defeat the penis, scalp.Outbreaks are patches of rounded shape, clearly delineated from the affected skin, pink, scaly surface.When you merge with each other can form lesions can form bubbles, pustules, erosions, crusts, scales, sometimes with weeping that simulates zkzemu.Subjectively marked itching.Acute without treatment process may acquire chronic course with exacerbations in the hot season.VARIATIONS skin lesions may be involved in the process and nails stop.

Prevention jock itch

avoid spread of the disease need to combat sweating, correction of metabolic disorders, a thorough disinfection of common objects.

Treating Inguinal athlete

antifungals, antihistamines (Claritin, or tavegil or feksadin, or others.), At an acute process with weeping wet-drying lotions, for example.Chamomile, antiseptics, such as: fukortsin after improving -protivogribkovye funds.