Pyoderma ( pustular skin disease) - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

Pustular pyoderma or disease - a group of infectious inflammatory skin diseases.As the word "infectious", it becomes clear that pyoderma caused by microorganisms, most commonly Staphylococcus and Streptococcus.In healthy skin, these bacteria can exist without causing any ailments.But under certain conditions, such as: a variety of microtrauma, and with them dermatoses, accompanied by pruritus (itching, eczema), skin contamination, low immunity, chronic disease, change of sweat composition and increase its branches (oily skin), manifest themselves.

symptoms of pyoderma

This pathology - a group nozoology, ie several different diseases.Let us examine the main:

1) Folliculitis - inflammation of hair follicles.On the surface of the skin we see pustules and papules (bespolostnoe, protruding above the skin formation).The rash occurs with slight soreness or itching.If struck by the whole hair follicle, then this condition is called sycosis.It often occurs in people with excessive sweating, in the shaving o

f people (when the injury deeper).If left untreated, this condition or improperly treated, it can move to the next

2) Furuncle - purulent lesion of the hair follicle and the surrounding tissues.It is dense, rezkoboleznenny node.Pain has a pulsating character.The assembly center, we see "pimple".Very dangerous localization boil in nasolabial triangle area, since in view of the abundant blood supply in this area, the process can rasprostranitsyai and brain.When several furuncles merge with each other, then it is called a carbuncle.This is a more difficult process, which is often accompanied by fever and deterioration of general condition.And the third nozoologiya when limited inflammation of the tissue occurs - abscesses requiring emergency surgical intervention.

3) hydradenitis - inflammation of the sweat glands, occurs most often in the armpits, at least in the inguinal folds and scalp.The disease is accompanied by a sharp pain in the inflammatory focus, increasing the overall body temperature.This set of circumstances is not rarely requires surgery.

4) Impetigo and ecthyma is caused by staphylococci and streptococci.If impetigo - superficial lesion characterized by the formation of bubbles, then erosions, crusts and subsequently, the ecthyma - deeper, with ulcers with crusts Tightly thereto.Very often we find "the gates of infection" - some kind of trauma to the skin or traces of scratching, such as in itching dermatoses.

5) Acne is a disease - an inflammation of the sebaceous glands.Frequent localization on the face and trunk.It is very relevant in the modern world problem requiring further examination of the body, what I will say later.Especially bad for acne conglobata in the formation of massive eruptions, and cosmetic problems in the form of scars.It's hard for acne.

As we see that extensive pyoderma, chastovstrechayuschayasya group of diseases.Probably everyone at least once in his life faced with it.

diagnosis of pyoderma pyoderma

The problems involved dermatologist, but if, no, God forbid, require surgery, the surgeon respectively.It is not enough only to heal the skin, it should be to deal with the causes of pustular disease.

sure if all of the above state of blood sugar should be tested.At elevated sugar organisms grow and develop successfully.It is necessary to pay special attention to pyoderma, if the acne appeared after puberty.

addition to the above analysis is necessarily photofluorogram light, if it is not done to exclude tuberculosis of the skin, fecal intestinal dysbiosis and inspection all the gastro - intestinal tract.As for the female, and it is necessary to survey the state of the uterus and appendages (US).Very often, inflammation of the ovaries and hormonal shift in favor of the male sex hormones leads to the formation of both acne and folliculitis.Very typical of this state, when the chin rash.

There is a misconception that once again go to the doctor is not necessary if the patient - a teenager, arguing that "grow or begin to conduct a regular sex life, and everything will be fine."Ends is a complication in the form of infection or cosmetic defects.

Treatment of pyoderma

main drugs that are always present in the treatment of pyoderma - a topical treatment (antibiotic ointments, exfoliating agents, aniline dyes).In severe cases, antibiotics are prescribed in the form of tablets and injectable preparations.When protracted course and frequent relapses - Immunopreparat (autohemotherapy, pirogenoterapiya), vitamin therapy.Well, in the heavy, acute cases - autopsy purulent focus with its subsequent processing and drainage.

parallel being treated to eliminate the cause of pyoderma.

Appointed and old folk remedies, together with the main treatment.For example, brewer's yeast for acne.They themselves contain B vitamins, participates in immunity and positively affecting the intestinal microflora, which is also involved in the qualitative immune response.Help with boils with a bandage bow, has an antibacterial effect.

complications pyoderma

If we talk about the complications, they should be divided into two types: bacterial and beauty.On the first I already mentioned - the formation of scars and scars.Bacterial - penetration of the infection into the deeper sections: abscess, lymphadenitis and purulent limfangiity (inflammation of lymph nodes and blood vessels).And if microorganisms affect organs and systems - blood poisoning.

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