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Stretch marks, or striae - it scars on the skin, composed of connective tissue.They have the shape of strips and are formed on the skin of the thighs, the abdomen and chest.Most often, stretch marks occur in pregnant women, but may also be people suffering from endocrine diseases and athletes.Since stretch marks are faced not only by women, as is commonly believed, but also men.

Stretch marks on the skin

causes of stretch marks

Stretch marks appear on the skin in response to its dramatic tension.During pregnancy a woman's belly begins to grow, increasing the chest and rounded hips.The skin does not have time to adapt to the new conditions, and collagen and elastic fibers, not withstanding tensile, tear.

arise skin defects of which the body tries to get rid of quickly.In place of these defects formed connective tissue that make up the stretch marks.

Pregnant stretch marks on the abdomen usually appear in the third trimester, when the fetus grows in size more quickly.Besides progesterone releas

ed during pregnancy reduces the synthesis of collagen, which makes skin more vulnerable.During the period of breastfeeding, when it becomes a lot more than it was before, stretch marks on the chest may appear too.

If stretch marks do not appear during pregnancy or breast-feeding, the reason may be the rapid weight gain, sudden weight loss, or hormonal imbalance, such as the syndrome of Cushing, during puberty.

hormonal imbalance causes a decrease in the synthesis of fibroblasts fibers, due to which worsen the regenerative capacity of the skin.On changes in hormonal background stretching can occur even without a strong stretching of the skin.

Athletes stretch marks often formed on the inner surface of the shoulder due to a sharp increase in muscle mass.

There is a genetic predisposition to the formation of stretch marks.The low content of collagen fibers in the skin inherited.

The appearance of stretch marks

striae have a convoluted form of thin strips.On the abdomen and chest, they are arranged radially on the thighs, the inside of the shoulder - vertically.

color stretch marks depends on their age.Recently appeared on the striae are colored pink to purple-cyanotic.This color arises because the young connective tissue rich in blood vessels.Over time, the blood vessels become smaller and fade stretch marks, until they become white.In the connective tissue there is no melanin, so the background tanned skin stretch marks more visible.

Typically streamers are flush with the surrounding skin.There are times when they have drawn or even convex relief.

Stretch marks - this is not a disease.They do not hurt, do not cause any complications and is not hazardous to health.This is just a cosmetic defect.Nevertheless, many extensions create psychological discomfort, so better to get rid of them.If the appearance of the skin with stretch marks does not really matter, they can not be removed, they will not do any harm to them, and you can safely live life.

Preparations for the treatment of stretch marks

The earlier treatment starts, the effect of it will be better.The easiest way to get rid of stretch marks on the young, when they have a pink color.Inveterate whitish striae harder to treat.

During the treatment of stretch marks is important to follow the diet.Meals should be varied, with an increased amount of protein and vitamins.A lot of protein in meat and beans, and eating nuts and olive oil nourishes the body carotenoids and vitamin E.

during pregnancy and lactation can be taken ascorbic acid 500 mg 1 time per day.So the effect of the treatment will be stronger.

There are many creams and gels on the stretch from different manufacturers.The most popular are creams StriaSan companies, Sanosan, Biolane etc. Key components of such components are:
• amino acids;..
• Vitamins A, E;
• collagen;
• minerals;
• active humidifiers.

They can be used even before the appearance of stretch marks as prevention, as well as for the treatment of stretch marks.Such drugs are not toxic, they can be used during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.Note: during pregnancy any physical effect on the skin can cause the appearance of stretch marks, so if stretch marks appear when holding your finger on the skin with creams is better to wait until delivery.

A small amount of cream applied to the skin problem areas with light massage movements every day.

often part of such creams includes vegetable oils.You can choose to rub into the skin of the olive oil, avocado oil, jojoba, cocoa.They moisturize and nourish it, contributing to the disappearance of stretch marks.

Shilajit is a wonderful tool for getting rid of stretch marks.From it also produces creams to treat stretch marks.too, can make a cream in a domestic environment.To do this, dissolve a few grams mummy in a teaspoon of warm boiled water and add any cream.Apply it on the problematic parts of the body every day.Remains of funds kept in the refrigerator.

striae - it scars on the skin, so the ointment on the scar, for example, Contractubex, are effective in the treatment of stretch marks.Contractubex can be used by pregnant and nursing women, because it means not absorbed into the blood and does not have systemic effects.

procedures for the treatment of stretch marks

In cosmetic clinics offer the following procedures for the treatment of stretch marks:
• chemical peels;
• laser resurfacing;
• ozone therapy;
• plastic surgery.

These procedures are effective, but are carried out under general anesthesia, so the pregnancy and feeding, they are contraindicated.After weaning, if other means do not help, it is possible to carry out these procedures.They make only a professional in a specialized clinic.

Laser removal of stretch marks

LPG-massage, which is offered by many salons, helps fight stretch marks, it can not be carried out during pregnancy, but can be used for the treatment of stretch marks during lactation.The method consists in the fact that with the help of a special device consisting of rollers, moving in different directions at different speeds, to conduct an effective skin massage.This massage stimulates blood circulation and cell renewal.The process is absolutely painless.

At home, you can independently carry out simple procedures of stretch marks, which are harmless and have virtually no contraindications.

Seaweed wrap - inexpensive and absolutely safe method of treatment of stretch marks.Suitable with child-bearing and breast feeding.Dried kelp, which can be purchased at any pharmacy, diluted with warm water and the resulting slurry is applied to the problem of the body and wrap with plastic wrap.The session lasts 40-45 minutes.

These wraps can be made with clay, cocoa, Dead Sea mud.Wraps with kelp are the most effective, since they contain alginic acid which makes the skin supple and elastic.

Inveterate stretching well treated by wrapping with clay and honey.To this end, a mixture of green, blue and gray clay added to liquid honey and stir until smooth.The resulting mass is necessary to impose on stretching to strengthen the skin with an elastic bandage.All that is left overnight.Use only in the absence of allergies to honey!

Body scrubs exfoliate the top layers of the skin, increase blood circulation and stimulate skin renewal, thereby helping in the fight against stretch marks.Scrub can be purchased at the pharmacy, and you can prepare yourself.To peel at home, you can use scrubs with concoctions, ground coffee, honey.

For most simple scrub will only sugar, salt and vegetable oil.A glass of sugar mixed with a glass of salt and half a cup of olive or sunflower oil.To massage problem areas such scrub and rinse with warm water.The procedure is carried out once every seven days.

stretch marks can not be fought one by some methods.For best results, a comprehensive approach is needed, based on a combination of several ways to deal with stretch marks.The only way this problem can be eliminated.

prevention of stretch marks in pregnant

engage in prevention is always much easier than treatment.Starting prevention possible before pregnancy and continue to carry out during the pregnancy and after the baby is born.

First of all, you need to take care of the food.It should be balanced, rich in vitamins, protein, vegetable fats and micronutrients.During pregnancy, it is important not to overeat.Excess kilos will further stretch the skin, which will increase the probability of occurrence of stretch marks.

dosage exercise improves skin condition, making it more elastic.Ideal fit gymnastics, aerobics, swimming.

Douches improves the tone of the skin blood vessels, thereby increases its metabolism and regenerative abilities.To begin better gradually, avoiding sudden temperature decrease to avoid hypothermia.

Regular massage of problem areas stimulates lymph flow, increase blood circulation and improve skin elasticity.Massage can be done by yourself, but you can contact the experts.

use of vegetable oils, rich in vitamins A, E (olive, sunflower) suitable not only for treatment but also for prevention of stretch marks.They should be rubbed into the skin of the abdomen, thighs, chest, light massaging movements.

regular use of scrubs both domestic and special good effect on the skin and prevents the formation of stretch marks.Scrubs can not be used very often, so as not to irritate the skin too.The best option will be to conduct peeling 1 time per week.

Creams, Gels of stretch marks can be used before they occur as a prevention.You can use any creams for stretch marks for pregnant women.

for pregnant Bandages well supported by the stomach, reducing the stretching of the skin.It is recommended to wear bandages from the 20th week of pregnancy.There are bandages for women in the postpartum period, to help restore the shape and improve skin condition.

For the prevention of stretch marks on the breasts, there are special bras for pregnant and lactating mothers.They support the breast, giving the skin excessively stretched.

Using a combination of various methods of treatment of stretch marks and the use of prevention tools, persistence and patience, you can achieve the desired results.

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