Rosacea ( acne rosacea ) - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

Rosacea is Latin for "of rosacea" means "like a rose."Beautiful name, but symptoms are not so attractive.

The disease is very common.More common in women over 30 years.The peak of the disease 40-50 years.Rosacea is not a contagious disease is not life threatening, but expressed cosmetic defect, particularly extreme manifestation of the disease - rhinophyma (pineal nose), it is more common in men.Children this disease can also affect.

symptoms of rosacea

disease is characterized by the appearance of persistent redness, rashes appear on the forehead, cheeks, nose, around the eyes, can form abscesses, small vessels visible through the skin (called telangiectasia).After several years the disease could pass their own, but usually a long course of the disease, with periods of improvement and exacerbations.

Causes Rosacea

cause of the disease is unknown.

Remember, redness will reinforce the hot and spicy dishes, bath, sauna, solarium, excessive sunbathing, alcohol, hot tea and coffee, face massage, emo

tional overload, ie,everything that stimulates circulation.Even during periods of improving skin condition, it will be necessary to use prophylactically drugs.

Complications of Chronic rosacea

deep inflammation of the skin on the nose leads to irreversible thickening it, which is called rhinophyma (due to the proliferation of glandular and connective tissue).Another name -shishkovidny nose.The skin thickens and forehead (the forehead is called pincushion thickening metofima), and on the eyelids (called blefarofima), and on the earlobe (called otofima, expansion of the skin in the form of a cauliflower), and on the chin skin (called gnatofima ).

Other signs include rosacea ocular symptoms in the form of redness, tenderness may be accompanied by a small, feeling of "sand" in the eyes, watery eyes.

Severe complications -keratit and corneal ulcer.

Diagnostics rosacea

diagnosis is established during the inspection.

advise to pass a complete blood count and blood on hormones, if there are changes, consult a gynecologist, endocrinologist, and therapist.As well as the analysis on demodex.If the process involves consultation glaza ophthalmologist.


Apply a cream that will remove the inflammation, swelling, strengthen the walls of blood vessels (eg rozaliak, sensitized the AR, metronidazole), you can use a lotion with infusion of chamomile, yarrow, in addition appointed a course of metronidazole (in tablets), antibioticsrates (into tablets), vitamins, drugs, strengthening the vascular wall (calcium Ascorutinum).When telangiectasia (visible through the skin blood vessels) help electrocoagulation.When rhinophyma (pineal nose) only surgery.

Remember hormonal contraindicated !!!