Erythema nodosum - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

Erythema nodosum - a disease characterized by inflammation of the vessels in the skin and subcutaneous fat.The most common in women (three times more often than men), aged 15 to 30 years.Causes of this disease are very diverse and can not be combined with each other.

Causes of erythema nodosum

This causes a variety of infections: streptococcal infection (tonsillitis, scarlet fever), tuberculosis, yersiniosis, lymphogranuloma venereum, leprosy, histoplasmosis, koktsidiodoz.In short all that we call "chronic foci of infection."

Noncommunicable: sarcoidosis (a fairly common cause of erythema), nespetsefichesky ulcerative colitis.

Also it should be noted and allergic nature of erythema, which most often occurs at the reception sulfonamides (sulfalen, sulfodimetoksin) contraceptives.

symptoms of erythema nodosum

are acute and chronic form of the disease.The acute form is characterized by a deterioration of general condition, fever, appearance on the shins, knees, sometimes the face, neck catch, pai

nful on palpation, with red color, changing to purple, then brown and yellowish.In half of cases there is inflammation of the joints.Heavier erythema nodosum occurs in children.Permission is granted to process their own in 6-7 weeks.

symptoms of erythema nodosum on

skin Chronic within a given state passes not for long, nodes tend to merge or appear in new places after the authorization for the old, ie they migrate.

diagnosis of erythema nodosum

order to establish the causes and treatment it is necessary to consult a dermatologist, rheumatologist, a physician or your health care provider if the cause is known (TB - ftiziator, sarcoidosis - pulmonologist, etc.).

Not only that you have set yourself a correct diagnosis and are not confused erythema, for example, with tuberculosis of the skin, and so it is necessary to deal with the causes that are very serious.For this disease priminitelno statement older clinicians, "Leather - a barometer of the internal environment of the body."

diagnosis of erythema nodosum is exposed by visual inspection.The first time it is desirable to pass a swab from the oropharynx for strep and do an X-ray to rule out pulmonary sarcoidosis and tuberculosis, as well as to pass feces on Yersinia.

treatment of erythema nodosum

Treatment is prescribed depending on the cause.I would advise the patient to go to hospital and get tested "from head to toe."In most cases, this condition is unlikely to allow you to fully carry out the work, not even related to the physical trudom.Tak that sick leave is still required.

for the treatment of erythema nodosum following groups of drugs are used: non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (nimesil, indomethacin), hormones (prednisolone), which should not be taken in infectious processes and in allergic will just be the way, potassium iodide inside (unless contraindicated)antibiotics for infection.Local treatment (heparin ointment).

Folk remedies used in conjunction with the main treatment.Some grasses, herbs are added to the diet: green beans, green beans, basil, fennel, cumin.When edema diuretic charges apply.

But we must remember that they do not identify and did not cure the root cause, but are "thread" for the successful resolution of the process and alleviate the condition.

Before the disappearance of acute stage of the disease is necessary to observe polupostelny mode.Diet milk - plant.After undergoing erythema nodosum should be eliminated physical activity for at least 1 month.

Summarizing, we can say that the treatment of erythema - art, subject only to specialist doctors, and even then not all.

Complications erythema nodosum

Risk of acute erythema nodosum is to move it into a chronic course.Therefore, the most courageous gentlemen would like to protect against complacency, that all by itself will be decided after 6 - 7 weeks, which I have mentioned above and about which so much is written in textbooks.It is necessary to be treated.

And, of course, has not been canceled, and those masses of complications that result from all those serious diseases that are indicated by the appearance of our skin erythema nodosum.

Medical consultation for erythema nodosum:

Question: I recently suffered erythema nodosum, lay 2 weeks in the hospital, fully surveyed, the reasons have not been found.Does this mean that I have examined the bad?Relapse was no more.
Answer: No.Still, in some cases the cause is not revealed, but if no, God forbid, will be repeated retsedivy, I recommend you to go through re-examination.

Question: Please advise, in which the separation is better to get tested?
Answer: If it is not found the cause, start with a therapeutic or dermatological.There when you need to appoint the specialist advice necessary.Now, there are services such as the "examination for 3 - 5 days."

Q: So what is the primary prevention of erythema nodosum?
A: Rehabilitation of chronic foci and chronic diseases, healthy lifestyle, tempering.

Dermatologist A. Mansurov