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skin fibroma - a benign tumor of the skin, consisting of mature cells of the connective tissue (fibroblasts and connective tissue fibers) and is located under the epidermis (the outer human skin layer, represented by stratified epithelium) in the thickness of the dermis (connective tissue of the skin located below the epidermis).

fibroma Causes skin

Causes skin fibroids clearly have not been established, but it is believed that the major role played by genetic factors in their development.Furthermore, the probability of fibroids increases with age.

Symptoms of fibroids skin

leather fibroma is generally single, clearly demarcated or seal unit sizes up to several centimeters in diameter.Fibroids are usually covered with unmodified or slightly pigmented skin.For large amounts of tumor of the skin color of the fibroma may become reddish-bluish.This swelling can sometimes have a soft consistency (soft fibroma rarely occurring) or plotnoelasticheskuyu consistency (Dermatofibroma, or solid skin fibroma).

In some cases, the tumor has the form of round or oval formation, which is located on the leg or on a narrow basis (fibroma on the leg).Location fibroids can be quite varied.

are the following kinds of skin fibroids:

Hard Skin fibroma or Dermatofibroma , usually located on a broad basis, but sometimes has a stem.Dermatofibroma feels tight, limited mobility, painless.This tumor can rise above the domed skin or have a depressed shape.Characteristic dematofibrom is pathognomonic "dimple sign", which is that the compression of the tumor between the thumb and forefinger fibroma plunges deep into the skin, leaving a retraction.Hard fibroma can appear not only on the skin, but also on the mucous membranes.Dermatofibromas occur with equal frequency in men and women.Solid fibroids are usually solitary, but in some patients, their number may reach several tens.

Hard fibroma of the skin of the nose wing

Schematic representation firm skin fibroma: 1 - fibroma;2 - the epidermis;3 - subcutaneous fat;4 - the skin.

Soft fibroma skin in appearance resembles a wrinkled pouch on the leg of small size, not exceeding the value of cherry pits.It has a normal skin color or different shades of brown.As a rule, this kind of fibroid develops in older women and obese people.Typical for this neoplasm places are armpits, skin folds under the breasts and the breasts themselves, and forever, inguinal folds and the front of the neck.With age, the amount of soft skin fibroids increases.

soft fibroma of the upper eyelid skin

Schematic representation of soft leather fibroma: 1 - fibroma;2 - the epidermis;3 - subcutaneous fat;4 - the skin.

Complications of fibroids skin

Fibroids may be injured garments or blade shaving them from becoming twisted, which leads to deterioration of blood supply to the fibroid tissue.In this case there are pain, swelling, necrosis (gangrene) and annexation possible secondary infection.

survey and laboratory diagnostics skin fibroma

With a view to the final statement of the diagnosis of the disease is necessary to obtain the results of histological examination of the tumor, the remote during surgery, allowing for complex cases to differentiate fibroma of atheroma, lipoma and hygroma.

Treatment Skin fibroma Skin Treatment

fibroids surgery alone.To it is resorted to only when it is expressed cosmetic defect or is regularly traumatization, such blade during shaving, friction belt, webbing clothes at the location in the relevant anatomical areas, in some cases, can lead to an unfavorable development of the tumor andthe resumption of growth.

Surgical removal of fibroids of the skin is performed under local anesthesia infiltratsionnoly usually in outpatient settings.The holding of this surgery is possible in several ways: the traditional surgical excision of conventional scalpel, using a laser, radiofrequency method or electrocoagulation.The most modern and more preferred methods are now laser and radio wave removal of fibroids, since they make it possible to perform this surgery is almost bloodless, which is achieved by simultaneously sealing small blood vessels in the section.In addition, as soon as there is sterilization surgical wound by a laser beam or radio waves, the wound surface is covered with delicate film of fibrin which protects the wound from infection and prevents the development of inflammatory complications.This achieves rapid and optimal postoperative wound healing, and in the case of small-sized skin fibroma - possibly without visible traces of the operation.This procedure is time takes 15-20 minutes.Minor trauma of the surgery allows the patient to quickly return to normal life.

prognosis of skin fibroma

With proper and timely treatment, the prognosis is usually favorable.In 95% of cases there is a complete cure of tumors.After removal of the laser and radiowave fibroid tumor recurrences skin usually do not occur.

Malignization (malignancy) is not characteristic of the fibroids.

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