Folliculitis and sycosis - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

folliculitis - an infectious inflammation of the upper parts of the hair follicle.This state is, after all, a broad concept because it can be caused by various pathogens.Sycosis - a form of deep folliculitis.

reasons for folliculitis

Let us examine the main reasons:

1) Bacterial, most often caused by staphylococcus.The most common form.
2) Yeast - dermatophyte fungi and yeast.
3) Viral - herpes simplex virus.
4) Parasitic - demodex.
5) Mixed reasons.

reason it is important to know in order to assign the correct treatment.Aggravating factors, in turn, are, as with all pyoderma: skin contamination, increased sweating, ingrown hair, severe chronic diseases (HIV, diabetes, tuberculosis), skin diseases accompanied by itching, use of hormonal ointments, urogenital diseases...


folliculitis folliculitis clinical picture is characterized by the appearance of papules and pustules (bespolostnoe superficial education), surrounded by a red inflammatory halo.Legkoboleznennye Rashes or painless.Over

all condition is not suffering.

symptoms of folliculitis

Symptoms sycosis

When "capture" the whole follicle inflammation and painful merger of foci formed crust.This condition is called sycosis.Known for its shape - Sycosis beard and mustache that arises frequently in men shaving, but can affect other parts of the body, often subject to this procedure.

Symptoms sycosis

survey with folliculitis

Where you can find at folliculitis?As they say, that "idiot hair" that begs an answer: "Wherever they grow."Before proceeding with the treatment, it is necessary to identify the causative agent of the disease and distinguish it from follicular keratosis, neurodermatitis, Deverzhi illness, disease Kyrle.Seek the help of a dermatologist should be.

grammotno approach will, if you take the contents of the abscess and will microscopy on bacteria, fungi, Demodex (especially if localized on the face), and as in all pyoderma, blood sugar.

Treatment of folliculitis and sycosis

Treatment is prescribed depending on the pathogen.If this bacteria - alcohol solutions, antibacterial ointment (clindamycin, eritromitsinovaya).With extensive rashes or protracted course of oral antibiotics.When fungal respectively antifungal ointment (terbinafine, clotrimazole) and tablet formulations (Lamisil).If the reason is - herpes infection, then antiherpethetical drugs (acyclovir, neovir, tsikloferon).When detected mite - Demodex 5 - metronidazole klindomitsin, detrimental effect on this parasite.

Be sure to remove the source and folliculitis or sycosis.During treatment, it is forbidden to shave and soak the affected area.Also for the treatment of this pathology are used alcohol tincture of calendula, viburnum juice locally, but it is used after consulting a doctor.Especially very easy to make a mistake and get complications such as boils, inflammation of lymph vessels and nodes, erysipelas, hidradenitis sup-.

disease occurs favorably and with the right approach to the treatment takes place in 2 - 3 days.

Prevention folliculitis

After suffering folliculitis should draw some conclusions and to eliminate the causes of the most ... All they are different and these issues can be addressed with your doctor.For example, if there folliculitis aftershave - a change of machine, the use of gels after shaving.To avoid ingrown hairs, at least initially, hair removal procedure done in a beauty salon.Now in the modern cosmetic industry uses plenty of lotions, scrubs for the prevention of this disease.But for each individually.

I really like the old folk method for the prevention of ingrown hairs and folliculitis - this attachment the damp hot towel immediately after shaving for about a minute.

Prevention also lies in the treatment of chronic diseases, personal hygiene, proper skin care.

consultation dermatologist

Question: If you do not shave your beard and mustache possible to avoid folliculitis?
Answer: Yes.This is one way.If possible, it is possible to resort to it.

Question: Are ingrown hairs occur when hair removal?
Answer: No.I have never met.Therefore, the most effective and safest way to remove hair.By the way resort to it and to remove ingrown hairs.Conditions - black hair.

Q: What do you say about laser hair removal?
Answer: All the same, as about photoepilation.

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