Cellulite - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

Probably no people who have not heard a word like "cellulite".In general, a piece of "um" means inflammation in medicine, although in this case there is no inflammation.To be honest, the name of this condition is not true.Given the many different definitions of cellulite, but I like it - it's changing the structure of adipose tissue, which leads her to a particularly dense texture due to violation of the circulation of blood and lymph.Hence cosmetic defects, complexes.

another interesting question: "Does Cellulite happens in men?".I honestly did not see those because of the stronger sex is believed to have special connective bridge that prevent swelling of the fat layer, and constitutionally, women have a higher percentage of adipose tissue on the weight of the entire body.

Causes Cellulite

What is the reason?It is appropriate to speak of it as a polymorphic, that is, the reasons are many, and one complements the other.The first stage - heredity ... Sent cellulite in the female line.

Please look carefully at their closest relatives: mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and you all will be clear.If cellulite is clearly visible in them, the same is waiting for you.But that worked genes needed and triggers:

1) an inactive, sedentary lifestyle, when violated the movement of blood and lymph vessels
2) Malnutrition, ie Excessive consumption of foods rich in unsaturated fats: margarine, chips, different baking, pickles, smoked meats.
3) Smoking
4) Endocrine disorders, water - salt disorders and diseases associated with them, slowing down the metabolism of fat and metabolism in the body fluid.

Symptoms of cellulite

Total share four stages of cellulite:

1) The first stage is at all women.Yes, yes, if you examine any known fashion model, then we will find her cellulite as female sex hormones that are responsible for fat storage, and already there is a reason .... Another thing is that it is virtually invisible.Through diagnostics special strip, which records the "warm" and "cold" lesions on the skin, in the best case will always betray minimum number of "cold", ie cellulite.In "perfect slim women," we will always find 0-1-th stage.
2) The second stage - the skin and tissue pozhkozhnaya more compacted.
3) The third - the same "orange peel", which is none other than the soldering adipose tissue connective - tissue fibers, poorly visible, lying down, but a good standing.
4) In the fourth step, respectively, it is already visible cellulite in any position.


first cellulite often appears on the buttocks ( "Priest") and legs.

Cellulite treatment

Cellulite Treatment should always be inclusive, not limited to the same procedure as to get rid of cellulite fast is impossible.In the first place are:

1) Diet .It is better to start with a dialogue with the expert - nutritionist, as and then "buried underwater stones".The fact is that everyone wants results quickly and immediately, sitting on fasting days, but this is a risk, first person loses weight, skin ellastichnogo falls by removing fluid, not fat (fat needs more time), and then when you canceldiet tightens the skin and stretch marks are formed.Alas, all the body is different, its physiological state, health ... Therefore, start with a consultation with a professional.

Speaking general, then remove from baking food, sweet, smoked, food and drinks with artificial dyes, do not abuse coffee.

Caffeine in high doses, impairs circulation and small helps burn fat and is used in local cosmetics, body shaping.But the right proportion, which is contained in the preparations you own for themselves do not define.

sure to give up smoking or in the early stages at least, lower the surprising number of cigarettes smoked.

very useful for cellulite citrus and green tea, as watermelons, bananas, baked potatoes, seafood, greens.

2) Work out , not to resort to using the "iron friend" if you have the opportunity to progulyaytsya foot.

3) Home remedies for cellulite correction - this is different ointments and creams.They are many and I will not write their names in order not to have regarded it as an advertisement ... Let me just say one thing, they are in most contain its algae, citrus, caffeine.Algae, in addition to the mass of useful properties, improve blood circulation due to the substances that are in them, and iodine has absorbing properties.Citrus with their antioxidant properties to rejuvenate the skin, oxidized fats, improve blood flow.The same properties have blue clay, oil bath with citrus and apple cider vinegar on the skin, in addition to the basic properties still struggling with spider veins (rosacea).Many people love to make wraps with creams, gels, which is due to rise in temperature and has drainage properties, but be careful, because varicose veins is contraindicated, as well as for anti-cellulite massage treatments.

4) Massage , which may be manual, canned.It is conducted with a variety of creams, oils.Popular now honey massage, which is due to biologically active substances contained in honey has anti-cellulite properties, properties to remove excess fat deposits.But be careful, with all the positive things at him or rare allergic reactions.Very effective combination of anti-cellulite massage with exfoliation, wraps, but do not forget what I said above ... Now a lot of professional cosmetic companies have developed effective methods of cellulite correction cosmetic, called lines.

5) Hardware techniques , when using different types of currents adjust your figure.The most popular are the machine Futura Pro (biostimulation of tissue, light therapy, ultrasound), the LPG (vacuum therapy).The general effect of them is aimed at burning fat, skin rejuvenation.Very relevant they are when lazy or no time to go to the gym.

Hardware cellulite treatment

6) Mesotherapy - injections with a variety of drugs in the problem areas and biologically active points.

7) Liposuction .For me, it is a method to which you want to go into the last turn.After all, fat is not a foreign body in the body.He participates in the structure of the cell, metabolic processes and the removal of its gross hardly a positive impact on the body.Thus, in the 80s there was a ultrasonic liposuction, ultrasound is based on the destruction of cells.Now I come to the aid of a vacuum.We must not forget that the excess skin with a decrease of body fat no one will remove or need another intervention.So for such a procedure should be approached wisely.

In cosmetology developed different techniques, different professional cosmetic line.They are trained to do the procedure and can not study without it, it refers to the use of creams and anti-cellulite, which should pick up a cosmetologist, and wraps, and all other methods of cellulite.If someone owns example glycolic peel can do peeling with fruit acids, if not passed specialization.Even diet should appoint a nutritionist, as this is done taking into account the characteristics of the patient and contraindications.Therefore, one thing remains: to see a specialist and he will choose the program that is necessary for you.

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