Eczema ( weeping ringworm ) - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

Eczema - a chronic, skin, from infection, inflammatory disease characterized by rash, itching, periods of exacerbation and remission (improvement).

Another name ekzemy- weeping shingles.Translated from ekzeo - boil, this is due to the property bubble quickly opened, like the bubbles of boiling water.

The disease is widespread.

There are two forms of eczema: acute and chronic.

Distinguish following types of eczema:

  • true (idiopathic) form is characterized by the acute onset of the disease.Defeat symmetrically (often hand involved, but may be located anywhere), fuzzy boundaries.There have been pockets of redness, against which formed vesicles (bubbles), papules (knots), the skin is swollen;after a while the bubbles burst, forming the erosion (defect of the skin), is allocated serous content (called eczematous wells) - a condition called Moisture, then the content and shrinking formed serous (if serous contents) or hemorrhagic (ie blood) crust.
  • Microbial eczema develops at the site of chronic foci
    of infection, infection joining, the following subtypes.

Mycotic form - accession fungal component joins peeling.

Paratravmaticheskaya form - rash located on the site of the injury.

Varicose form - against a background of trophic disorders, most often located in the legs, rash bluish-purple, arranged asymmetrically.

Numulyarnaya (Coin) - bluish-pink rash with vesicles, papules, weeping, diameter 1.5 cm 3

Disgidroticheskaya eczema -. Localized to the palms, soles, fingers of the lateral surface, characterized by swelling, weeping, bubbles, nodules.

  • Seborrheic eczema develops in patients with seborrhea of ​​the skin areas that are rich in sebaceous glands (scalp, ears, navel, chest, between the shoulders, between the buttocks, the elements of a scaly spots on a background of redness.
  • Occupational eczema occurs mainly inexposed parts of the skin as a result of exposure to occupational hazards, diagnosis puts pathologist. each new aggravation proceeds stronger and harder, longer. by eliminating the causes marked improvement.
  • Eczema in children is different manifestation of exudative component abundance rash. amazed facial skin (only the skin around the mouthremains free of lesions). The tendency to join the infection.
  • Tiloticheskaya (mozolevidnaya) as disgidroticheskaya, localized elements on the palms and soles, cornea (surface) layer is thicker, formed areas of hyperkeratosis in a callous on-site bubble elements.

Symptoms of eczema

With all the varieties of eczema otmechayutya swelling, redness of the skin, against this background, bubbles, oozing, serous and / or hemorrhagic crusts, peeling, scratches, cracks, stains intensely pink to bluish-purple color.Strong itch, especially in the evening and after contact with water.

Precipitating factors eczema

The process is based on immune disorders, leading to allergic inflammation of the delayed type.

important role played by psychosomatic factors, disturbance of the nervous functions, endocrine and digestive systems, external stimuli (physical, chemical, bacterial, etc.), hereditary predisposition.

Complications eczema

Complications include infection joining, fungal component.

Diagnostics eczema

The diagnosis is based on clinical presentation and history.

Treatment of eczema Treatment of eczema


  • primarily is aimed at eliminating the factors that provoked the development of the disease: the elimination of neurotic disorders, the elimination of neuroendocrine disorders, exacerbation of chronic diseases, hypoallergenic diet;
  • hyposensitization therapy (solutions of sodium thiosulfate, calcium chloride, intravenously, calcium gluconate, magnesium sulfate intramuscularly);
  • antihistamines (diphenhydramine, pipolfen, suprastin, tavegil, diazolin, cimetidine, Zaditen, Peritol, feksadin, klarotadin, telfast or others.);(: For example prednisone);
  • corticosteroid hormones prescribed for severe forms of eczema
  • immunocorrectors (dekaris, taktivin, timalin, diutsifon, metiluratsil pentoksil);
  • the acute form prescribed gemodez, diuretics;
  • vitamins B;
  • external treatment: lotion with boric acid, silver nitrate, Dimexidum (for acute weeping eczema);Diprosalik solution of salicylic ointment, boric ointment, cream ketoconazole ointment triderm, tselestoderm, Lorinden the C, diprogent ointment Wilkinson, Castellani liquid (after opening it bubbles treated skin);baths with potassium permanganate, followed by opening and tushirovanie bubbles
  • minimal contact with the water during an exacerbation.

Recommendations eczema

  • During an exacerbation sure to observe the hypoallergenic diet.
  • contact with household chemicals only in gloves, then lubricate the skin of the hand cream.
  • minimum contact with water.