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aneurysm of cerebral arteries - an extension of the vessel as a result of violation of a three-layer structure of the vascular wall.

The shape of the aneurysm can be varied - single and multi-chambered, saccular, fusiform.

There are small aneurysm to 3 millimeters and huge - more than 25 millimeters.Giant aneurysms may be in that part of the carotid artery, which passes through the cavernous sinus at the bifurcation in vertebro-basilar system.

The structure distinguish neck aneurysms, which retained a three-layer structure of the arteries and therefore - the most solid part of the aneurysm;body in the walls of which there is no muscular layer and elastic membrane is broken and the dome - the thinnest place, consisting only of the intima of the vessel.It is here and there is an aneurysm rupture.

reasons aneurysm

Congenital and acquired defects in the muscular layer, damage to collagen fibers, atherosclerosis, damage to the internal elastic membrane result, often with an increase in blood pressure

, to "hyperinflation" section of the vessel and formation "bag" - aneurysms.Smoking, alcohol abuse, obesity, stress can serve as a precipitating factor to the rupture of the aneurysm.

Most aneurysms - a congenital abnormality, often combined with malformations - coarctation of the aorta, polycystic kidney disease, connective tissue disease.

There is a genetic predisposition to aneurysms.Arterial hypertension as it may itself cause the development of an aneurysm, and can lead to rupture of an existing aneurysm.An aneurysm may develop when head injuries, tumors, atherosclerosis, and inflammatory diseases.

symptoms of the presence of an aneurysm

aneurysm - a "bomb", which seeks to break.Cerebral aneurysms - a bomb that is in the head.

aneurysm - a rare defeat, it is believed that anevrizmonositelyami are 5% of the world population.

Statistics aneurysm rupture occurs in 5 - 10 per 10,000 people.Most people 30 - 50 years.You can live a long time and learn about the presence of aneurysm rupture only when it is that suddenly come against a background of complete well-being, possibly after an emotional or physical stress.

symptoms suspicious for the presence of vascular malformations can be considered paroxysmal intense headache, repeated in the same location, for the first time caused epileptic seizure.Headaches in the fronto-orbital area may be at the aneurysm in the anterior cerebral, anterior communicating artery, occipital and temple - aneurysm of the posterior cerebral artery in the side of the head - when an aneurysm in the basilar artery.

possible occurrence of ptosis (upper eyelid ptosis), double vision, strabismus, mydriasis.When an aneurysm of the posterior cerebral artery is characterized by transient visual disturbances - the restriction or loss of field of vision, distortion of objects.With aneurysms of the anterior communicating artery anterior cerebral artery - transient weakness in the legs.In the case of an aneurysm of the posterior cerebral artery and basilar arises peripheral facial nerve paresis, blowing a lot of noise in the ear, unilateral hearing loss.

the presence of aneurysms in the family need to do a survey to exclude vascular malformations close relatives.

examination and diagnosis of aneurysm

Headache, often repeated in the same place, with possible visual - auditory predecessors, vomiting, convulsions, loss of consciousness and epipristup requires examination and the presence of a brain aneurysm.The differential diagnosis is carried out with brain tumors.

risk of hemorrhage is high and the detected aneurysm depends on the size, location, and overall vascular condition physical status.Repeated hemorrhages occur more difficult and increase the risk of death.

Most aneurysms detection occurs at a break - that is, the development of an aneurysm subarachnoid hemorrhage, hemorrhagic stroke.In 50% of cases, nontraumatic subarachnoid hemorrhages cause cerebral aneurysm is detected vessel.Sudden headache, vomiting, loss of consciousness, hyperthermia, convulsions, cerebral and focal neurological symptoms, meningeal symptoms, anisocoria.Such patients need to be transported immediately to a specialist unit (neurosurgery).Of course neither of which self-medication are not talking.

the presence of an aneurysm may re-bleeding, the development of vascular spasm with an increase in ischemic areas, the formation of intracerebral hematoma, blood breakthrough in the ventricular system.

Surveys of suspected presence of aneurysm: a magnetic resonance imaging angiography mode.In the future, even when the aneurysm is detected to determine the tactics of surgical treatment performed angiography.

When subarachnoid hemorrhage on the first day will determine the focus of CT streamed blood.If lumbar puncture is detected in the cerebrospinal fluid blood.

Treatment of aneurysms

surgical treatment - clipping the aneurysm, or endovascular surgery.The essence of the operation is to turn off the affected area of ​​the vessel (aneurysm) of the blood circulation and maintaining blood flow in the main vessel - to put on the aneurysm clip, removed the blood streamed out.

When endovascular intervention on vessels through the femoral artery into the aneurysm introduced special agents - mikrospirali, balloons, covering the lumen and "turn off" the aneurysm from the circulation.Turning off the aneurysm coils or the newest drugs are glued aneurysm, by far the most progressive method of treatment of aneurysms.

off Endovascular aneurysm

Doctor's consultation on vascular brain aneurysm

question: Is operate multiple (3) an aneurysm of cerebral arteries?
answer: the decision is made by a neurosurgeon - possible alternate endovascular off or craniotomy and clipping.

Question: When is carried off an operation?
A: detection of aneurysm rupture - immediately after the inspection and training for the prevention of fracture.If there was already a gap, and the general condition of the patient allows - for the first day or after 10 - 14 days.The issue is solved individually depending on the severity of the condition and possible risks of the surgery.

Question: I'm 25 years old, his father was an aneurysm of the carotid artery, I have frequent headaches, plan pregnancy.Will I be able to give birth to itself?
Answer: refer to a neurologist for tests and do the MRI angiography mode.

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