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myocardial (myocardium dystrophy) - a disease that occurs in violation of the metabolic processes in the heart muscle.Myocardiodystrophy may be fully or partially cured in addressing the root causes.

myocardiodystrophy - it is always a complication of a disease, which is usually accompanied by a breach of the normal supply of the heart muscle.Myocardial leads to a decrease in muscle tone of the heart of the system and the disease causes the formation of the final heart failure.

Causes of myocardiodystrophy

more about a hundred years ago, Russian scientists GFLang myocardiodystrophy classification was proposed on the basis of the primary disease, which caused damage to the heart.This classification is relevant in our day.By the occurrence of myocardial dystrophy can cause:

• heart disease - myocarditis, cardiomyopathy.
• «exocardial 'disease: anemia (low levels of hemoglobin and red blood cells);chronic tonsillitis;poisoning, including occupational hazards, as well as the accumulation in the body o

f drugs (hormonal drugs, cytostatics, antibiotics) chronic administration;thyroid disease, accompanied by hypothyroidism, thyrotoxicosis;severe chronic disease.A special group of reasons myocardiodystrophy isolated overload in sporting activities.In this case, the degeneration of the myocardium is formed by depletion of the reserves of the heart.

Under the influence of these reasons, the heart begins to feel a lack of energy.In addition, system of the heart muscle cells accumulate harmful metabolic products have pronounced deleterious effect.This leads to the death of cardiac tissue is functionally active and its substitution coarse scar tissue that does not possess the ability to reduce.The cavities of the heart dilate, muscle contractions are weak, insufficient to ensure the body's need for oxygen and nutrients.Formed heart failure.

Symptoms myocardiodystrophy

myocardiodystrophy External manifestations are extremely diverse - from the complete absence of complaints to severe heart failure, accompanied by shortness of breath, swelling, pressure reduction.

disease begins unnoticed.Many patients complain of pain in the heart, resulting in psychoemotional overexertion or intense physical activity, which are completely alone.Often the sick do not pay attention to these symptoms, seek medical help do not seek.A few years later joined by shortness of breath, swelling of the lower extremities more pronounced in the evening, heart attacks, disruption of the heart, severe weakness.Unfortunately, the appearance of such complaints indicates that the patient is progressing heart failure, and time lost.

Diagnostics myocardiodystrophy

myocardial percent in most cases is a complication of a disease.Therefore, after the first acquaintance with the patient can detect symptoms of a disease - causes of myocardial dystrophy.For example, reducing the number of erythrocytes and hemoglobin concentration in the blood count indicative of anemia.Thyroid ultrasound and determination of the main hormone helps in the diagnosis of diseases of the body.Sports activities in the past or are currently talking about "pathological sporting heart" as a possible cause of myocardial dystrophy.

great importance for the diagnosis of the disease have ECG data.If the ECG is determined myocardiodystrophy heart rhythm disturbance that does not have any effect on the patient's quality of life and can not be felt at all to them.In addition, attention is drawn to specific features reduce the contractile ability of the heart.

ultrasound of the heart is only of secondary importance for the diagnosis of myocardial dystrophy, as changes will be revealed only in the progression of heart failure.In severe heart failure is determined by ultrasound enlargement of the heart chambers and reduced contractile ability.

most accurate diagnosis of myocardial put only on the basis of a biopsy (sampling of muscle tissue section) of the heart, but the complexity of this procedure, as well as a high risk to the patient is not possible to use this method in all suspected cases.

a breakthrough in the diagnosis of myocardial heart disease can become a nuclear magnetic resonance imaging.In the body of the patient will be administered radioactive phosphorus, then supposed to evaluate the content of this element in the cells of cardiac muscle tissue.Reduced phosphorus talks about reducing the energy reserve of the heart.Currently, this diagnostic method is still under development.

Treatment myocardiodystrophy

Patients without severe effects of heart failure can be treated in the clinic under the supervision of a physician or cardiologist.The main method of treatment is to cure the disease myocardiodystrophy calling it.As a rule, successful treatment of the underlying disease myocardial cured completely or significantly reduced the severity of it.

When thyroid disease patient is directed under the supervision of an endocrinologist, who recommends a specific hormone therapy.

Anemia after the cause is treated with iron preparations, erythropoietin, as well as vitamins.

antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs can be recommended for the treatment of chronic tonsillitis.If no effect is to be performed tonsillectomy - surgical removal of the tonsils.

myocarditis signs of eating disorders of the heart muscle may persist for a year or more.During this period, it should be recommended cardiotropic (food for the heart) drugs.A similar treatment strategy applied in case of poisoning.Kardiotropnyh drugs are prescribed to normalize metabolic processes in the heart muscle.The most common drugs of this group are: vitamins B6 and C, folic acid, and potassium and magnesium preparations (Pananginum, magnerot).The most complete absorption of nutrients expected in the application mildronata, Riboxinum, Retabolilum.

When the pain in the heart, related to psychoemotional overexertion may use sedatives type validol, korvalola, novopassita, valerian tincture, motherwort.

When arrhythmias recommended calcium channel blockers (verapamil), beta-blockers (metoprolol), or Cordarone.

Observation of patients is carried out before the disappearance of the external manifestations and normalization of the ECG.During this time the patient is assigned to a specific course of physiotherapy, children transferred to the preparatory group on physical education in school.It is mandatory to be surveyed in order to identify foci of chronic infection (bad teeth, inflamed tonsils), and the subsequent reorganization of these centers.After recovery, the treatment of drug kardiotropnyh minimum duration of courses about one month should be carried out within a few years 2-3 times a year.

Possible complications myocardiodystrophy

With the progression of the disease increases the risk of developing heart failure.

prognosis of myocardial dystrophy

the treatment of the disease, which led to a myocardial dystrophy, a full recovery is possible.With the development of heart failure, a serious prognosis depends on the severity of the process.In advanced cases may require a heart transplant.


Prevention Prevention should be directed to the elimination of triggering factors for the disease, which can cause a myocardial dystrophy.Generally Accepted events are correct, regular diet with sufficient vitamins and minerals;dosed physical load, taking into account gender and age;timely readjustment of foci of chronic infection, prevention of effects on the body of toxic substances, including rejection of the unwarranted use of large amounts of drugs.

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