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Dystopia kidney - is a complex congenital disorder that is manifested by abnormal kidney location.In this body may be in the pelvic cavity, or in the lumbar region of the iliac and into the thoracic cavity.In the latter case, the disease is called subdiafragmalnoy dystopia .

If affected is only one kidney, then talk about homolateral dystopia , and if the two kidneys are located in opposite parts of the abdomen, called a dystopia geteralateralnoy .

reasons dystopia kidney

Such pathologies as kidney dystopia is exclusively genetic anomaly.It is necessary to understand its development does not depend on the mode of delivery and qualification of obstetricians.

Among the most common pathological factors that may lead to the development of kidney dystopia in utero, should include smoking, alcohol, toxic effect of food products, chemicals, stress and psychological trauma the mother during pregnancy.

should not forget about the possibility of heredity in the development of kidney dystopia.Many tim

es there are cases when this disorder is passed genetically from mother to child.

Symptoms of kidney dystopia

clinical picture of the disease is totally dependent on the anatomical variants of dystopia.For example, if the kidney located in the pelvic cavity, this can be manifested by pain obtuse nature.Women with this disease even notice this increase in symptoms during menstruation.

most difficult in the diagnosis of a hilar or dystopia subdiafragmalnaya.As practice shows, in most cases of interest, the kidney in the chest cavity of the tumor is seen.The symptoms of chest pain, which may be accompanied by shortness of breath, or a violation of passage of food through the esophagus.In the latter case, patients report a feeling of "lump" in his throat, which interferes with the normal passage of food.

As a rule, the kidneys, which are located in the wrong place, have an abnormal vascular pedicle, which has the ability to bend or even rupture at certain positions of the body.In any case, this affects the functional state of the body.In humans, the problem starts with urination and general condition worsens.

Iliac dystopia kidney

also often abnormal kidney can not determine the location after the last occurrence of the disease.Pain in any part of the body, fever, general weakness, impaired urination may indicate the presence of kidney disease, which can not always be found in a typical workstation.

Naturally, if any of the above symptoms should immediately seek medical attention.Kidney problems, including dystopia, engaged urologist.Another thing is that not always, patients treated it to him, because with dystopia symptoms can be very different.

general approach to the diagnosis of such diseases should be planned.Every child up to his execution of one year, you must routinely perform ultrasound examination of the abdomen and kidney, which help prevent the development of many diseases.

Diagnostics dystopia

As a rule, in the presence of symptoms on the part of the chest or abdomen, a list of studies carried out on this area of ​​the body.For example, during chest pain immediately carried plain radiography art and US .Often, these studies enable us to determine only the presence of a surround tumors, but does not give an opportunity to talk about the nature of the latter.Therefore, regardless of the position of the kidneys, must be carried out excretory urography followed by X-rays of the affected area.As practice shows, it gives the opportunity to cheaply and quickly determine the origin of renal neoplasms.

excretory urography with dystopia

similar method is renal angiography , which implies a contrast X-ray examination of kidney blood vessels.When dystonia renal vascular system is not visualized in the typical location of the organ, and in other parts of the human body.Around the same purpose performed renal scintigraphy or renografiya .

Do not forget about general clinical analyzes , in particular the analysis of urine.Since in most cases dystopia kidney patients go to the doctor with the presence of an inflammatory disease of the latter, it will be reflected on the state of urine.For example, during kidney pyelonephritis shifted in the analysis of urine you will see a large number of white blood cells.Regarding glomerulonephritis then prevail in the biological fluid erythrocytes.

Treatment of kidney dystopia

Tellingly, the treatment of kidney dystopia depends not on the type and degree of displacement.When choosing a correction method focuses on the state of the organ.In most cases, when patients were treated with symptoms of inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system, used drugs such as antibiotic therapy FURAMAG, ciprofloxacin, and others.

In addition, the presence of pain is possible to use anesthetics: baralgina, spazmalgona, spazgan.Furthermore, they reduce pain, when administered decreases inflammatory response in the organ.

In cases where displaced kidney has a strong influence on the mechanical organs or she is damaged due to circulatory disorders, applied surgery , the essence of which is to remove or move the body to his place.Regarding the removal, it is executed only if there is a complete necrosis of the kidneys.It is necessary to carefully carry out ultrasound for the search of the second kidney, because the literature there are cases where only one kidney was removed.It should be noted that if there is a dystopia one kidney, the absence of the other is much more likely than a healthy person.

Feeding habits and lifestyle with kidney dystopia

Whether conservative or surgical treatment was a patient with kidney dystopia, it is assigned a diet food - table number 7 Pevzner.It implies a complete rejection of acute extractives, alcohol, fried and smoked products.This diet should be followed not only the first time after the illness, but also throughout the rest of his life.

In addition, to avoid hypothermia and colds.Particularly bad may affect the patient's angina condition, which is caused by hemolytic streptococci because it through complex immune mechanisms affect renal function.It is also necessary to strictly limit the water regime, and not to drink large amounts of mineral water with a high mineral content, so as not to contribute to kidney stones.

rehabilitation after illness

in need of rehabilitation both operated and non-operated patients.It is best suited for this purpose resorts with medicinal mud and radon baths.For best results, the last procedure is recommended to combine with physical therapy.However, during the last position of the kidney should be considered, as it can be located in places that are prohibited for applying electrodes, for example, the heart region.

Often surgery for kidney dystopia end breeding nephrostomy tube, the tube through which urine waste in a separate container.In this situation, the patient experiences a variety of social problems, which complicates its adaptation to society.Such patients are recommended courses of therapy with a professional psychologist.Particularly relevant is the question of the treatment of children and adolescents.

Treatment folk remedies

When kidney dystopia use of folk remedies is simply unacceptable.The fact that at the current abundance of diagnostic equipment is not always possible to make an accurate diagnosis, what to speak of folk healers.Quite often, they take quite a kidney inflammation shifted for other diseases and are beginning to treat it.At the same time, the main cause of deterioration remains unnoticed and gradually progresses.

Complications dystopia kidney

first group kidney dystopia mechanical complications considered the impact of the body to other body structures.The most dangerous are cases when under pressure kidney are major arterial or venous vessels and nerve plexus.In such a situation may occur neurological symptoms such as deterioration of sensitivity and mobility, as well as trophic changes of parts of the body: hair loss, dry skin, peeling.

In addition, the kidney itself can suffer from a wrong position.This is especially felt in the last growth.So can bend its vascular pedicle and advance kidney necrosis, in other words, the immobilization of body tissue, which usually ends with surgery to remove the organ.

disease prevention

As already mentioned, dystopia is strictly congenital defect, which means that all of its preventive maintenance should be performed before the child's birth.The first thing to do is to pass health genetichekoe counseling and to determine the risk of developing kidney dystopia your child.At the same time, it does not mean that the high rate of birth must be the last to give up.Just better be cautions and more responsible in terms of other risk factors.

Such pathological effects such as smoking, alcohol consumption, poor nutrition, effects of chemicals and radiation are risk factors for birth defects, including kidney dystopia.

During the first year of life it is necessary to conduct ultrasound examination of the abdomen and kidney, in order to determine the precise location of the latter.In the presence of dystopia need to be registered and undergo periodic medical examinations scheduled.

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