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Parasitic diseases of urinary organs - a defeat urogenital organs worms that live in the human body.Most susceptible to diseases like kidney, which is traversed most of all parasitic lesions of the urogenital system.The most common causative agents of these processes are the tapeworm, schistosomes and filaria.Very rarely genitourinary organs may be affected by other worms.

reasons parasitic diseases of urogenital organs

As already mentioned, the causes of these diseases are filaria, schistosomes and Echinococcus that affect those or other genitourinary organs.It must be possible to know the penetration of parasites in the body for the treatment and prevention of disease in this group and, in particular, in the urogenital organs.

The most common route of infection by parasites considered to be fecal-oral, during which the worms enter the body with food or water.This occurs most often in the use of unwashed fruits and vegetables, as well as the use of unreliable sources of water supply.Generally, para

sitic worms in the intestines of humans, but there are some helminths, one of the stages of life that takes place in parenchymal organs.For example, constitutes Echinococcus cysts in the kidney, and occur within which its growth.

Other worms, such as filaria, parasitic directly into organs of the urogenital system.In particular, they affect the lymph nodes and blood vessels.Transfer this pathogen is carried by the same mosquitoes that transmit malaria, so the disease is more common in tropical countries, although we recorded periodic cases.

Symptoms of parasitic diseases of urogenital organs

cyst kidney in the early stages of their development does not appear bright clinical symptoms.By increasing the size of the latter can be observed urinary retention, disturbance of kidney function and pain in the lumbar region.The latter arise due to compression of the cyst nerve and vascular structures.

Signs filariasis are characterized by the general clinical symptoms.Patients complain of weakness, fatigue, insomnia, increased body temperature and fever.When complete blockage of lymphatics some scrotal edema can be observed and lower extremities.With the defeat of the veins also notes varicose veins of lower extremity disease.With the defeat of parasite reproductive organs can occur inflammation of the past.More often than not, suffer from this disease epididymis, thereby developing epididymitis.

Elephantiasis Filariasis at

For schistosomiasis also characterized by the presence of general symptoms.Against the background of the last there and the local symptoms of the urinary organs, which are characterized by abdominal pain and violation of urination.Also, due to the destruction of the vascular system of the bladder, develop hematuria, which may vary from a slight red precipitate in the urine to whole blood clot that may even threaten the development of anemia.

When you have one of the above symptoms, the patient requires immediate consultation of infectious diseases, as well as a urologist which joint efforts can exclude or confirm the diagnosis of parasitic infection.

diagnosis of parasitic diseases of urogenital organs

mandatory step in any diagnosis of parasitic diseases of the genitourinary system is a blood culture and urine worms.Because many parasites organs of the urogenital system is only a temporary place to stay, it is also necessary to sow feces on worms, where it is possible to identify both the parasites and their eggs.

Also, it is mandatory to perform ultrasound of the genitourinary system, which in some cases is extremely effective.For example, when the kidney cyst hydatid possible to identify a dense hyperechoic formation in the parenchyma of the organ.For the final confirmation of the diagnosis, at times, perform a biopsy of education under the control of the US.

Echinococcus on US

To visualize parasitic kidney cysts may also use a CT scan, which gives clear information not only about the location, but also the amount of tumors.The latest information is very important for the definition of further tactics about treatment.

Among the specific methods of diagnosis should be allocated limfadenografiyu, which is performed when fillyarioze.On the results of the study can not determine a blockage of the lymph nodes or vessels are usually at the level of the urogenital organs.

Other clinical tests practically do not give any result in the diagnosis of parasitic diseases, so they are trying to use only on the testimony or, if necessary, the differential diagnosis.

treatment of parasitic diseases of urogenital organs

Treatment of kidney Echinococcosis usually operative.It consists in the resection of the body together with a cyst.It is true that such an operation has its drawbacks, as parenchymal resection threatens profuse bleeding which may result in a sharp drop in blood pressure and cerebrovascular.

Today also developed another method of treating kidney Echinococcosis.It's called ehinokokkotomiey and involves the removal of the contents of the cyst with a thin needle, which is inserted into the body under the control of ultrasound.

If the kidney has many cysts or one multi-chamber, then performed surgery to remove this body together with cysts.Despite the fact that this operation is traumatic enough, it gives better results than partial resection of the kidney with a multi cyst.

Treatment of filariasis, schistosomiasis and other parasitic diseases of the genitourinary system, which are widespread in nature, produced by conservative methods.For this type of drugs are used diethylcarbamazine, which belong to the group anthelminthics.They may be available only on prescription, as they have more side effects or contraindications.

In some cases, for example, when filarial obstruction of vessels, special treatments are applied.They lie in the revascularization of blood or lymphatic vessels with special endovascular probes, which are used in vascular and cardiac surgery.

Treatment folk remedies

When helminthic invasion folk medicine recommends a decoction of wormwood and other herbs that possess anthelmintics effects.Their use can be effective only in the initial stage of the disease when tested breeding cycle parasites in the human gut.

When you use these concoctions in the later stages, when the worms are already localized directly in the urogenital organs, using a variety of decoctions and infusions useless.It can only contribute to the aggravation of the process because of late referral to a specialist.

Feeding habits and way of life

In principle, patients do not need any special diet for the treatment of parasitic lesions of the urogenital organs.To some extent, it is necessary to adhere to these infections.In particular, do not eat raw meat and fish, wash fruits and vegetables before eating, boil the water from the general water supply system.

rehabilitation after illness

Since all worming medications are powerful enough antibacterial agents, after their use need to undergo the restoration of normal intestinal microflora.He carried drugs from the group of probiotics that can be purchased at any drug store even without a prescription.

If the patient does not want to take these drugs, or it does not have the financial ability, the patient may be recommended to eat dairy products, which also contain benign bacteria.

Complication parasitic diseases of urogenital organs

The most serious complication of ehonokokkoze considered chronic renal failure, which develops due to the progressive growth of cysts and lesions of the renal parenchyma it.Prevent such a complication can only be operated on a patient in a timely manner.

In addition, with the same disease can develop hypertension of renal origin.Bad in relation to the forecast is the fact that hypertension often does not disappear after surgery.

The most dangerous complication of filariasis is blockage of the lymphatic and venous vessels.In the first case developed elephantiasis or elephantiasis.The disease is manifested by edema of the lower extremities due to lymph stasis.Legs, over time, increases several times, which gave the name of the disease - elephantiasis.

With the defeat of developing varicose veins of the latter.It is accompanied by a thickening of the subcutaneous veins of the lower extremities and external genitalia.Thus, trophic ulcers may be formed that have a very poor tendency to healing.

Prevention of parasitic diseases of the genitourinary system

First of all, you must adhere to sanitary standards.It is important heat treatment before consumption of food.Especially when it comes to raw meat and fish, which are very often the source of helminth infection.Any fruits and vegetables need to be sure to wash under running water before use.Any dairy products, especially home of origin, should be checked before use.If they do not pass the official sanitary control, it is better to use them only after the heat treatment.In store dairy products must be sure to check the expiration date.

in preventing filariasis is very important vector control of this disease - different kinds of mosquitoes.In countries with a hot climate has developed special programs for the extermination of these pests.Anyone who is planning to visit these countries, must be aware of the individual means of protection against insects and vaccination, which is carried out to such people by epidemiological indications.

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