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Spinal bladder - a bladder dysfunction, which develops as a result of violating the innervation of the spinal cord fibers.Spinal bladder - a special case of neurogenic bladder.

Causes spinal bladder

main cause of spinal bladder is considered to be a spinal injury with a break or spinal cord injury.As a result of this disturbed innervation of the bladder and develops a typical clinical picture.Furthermore traumatic injury, spinal cause bladder may be other factors.For example, malignant or benign tumors that develop in the spinal canal, spinal cord can be clamped, due to which also the picture of spinal bladder.

spinal cord gap

In the literature there are cases where symptoms of spinal bladder evolved after unsuccessfully performed surgery on the spine.This disease is called iatrogenic spinal bladder, which means the development of the pathology due to a failed medical intervention.

addition, a paralytic effect on the nerve roots of the lumbar region may provide some potent poisons.Therefore,

when the typical symptoms of spinal bladder is necessary to consider the data history of the disease - whether the patient received shortly before the development of symptoms of suspicious substances.

Symptoms of spinal bladder

clinical manifestation of spinal bladder only one - is urinary retention.However, it is somewhat different from the urinary retention, such as adenoma or cancer of the prostate.The main distinctive feature of spinal bladder is that it is accompanied by dysfunction of other pelvic organs and lower extremities.

Another feature is that even when crowded bladder patient does not feel pain.This can result in rupture and body hit urine into the abdominal cavity and the subsequent development of peritonitis, the outcome of which may be different in death.

course, traumatic spinal cord injury, when there is paralysis of the lower limbs and disturbance of bowel function, the patient hospitalized immediately.Another situation may occur when a tumor of the spinal membranes, when paralysis of the bladder is the only symptom.At the same time, patients are often looking for the cause of urinary retention in prostate pathology and self-treated with folk remedies.This leads to the complications mentioned.Therefore, when urinary retention, especially painless, you must immediately contact a urologist for him to find the cause of the problem.

Diagnostics spinal bladder

In the initial stage it is necessary to determine the order, whether the urine into the bladder, or it does not even filtered by the kidneys.For this purpose, made staging urethral catheter.If the tube exits the urine, hence the problem is not in the kidney, namely a bladder sphincter system that is innervated by the spinal cord.In this case, if the retention of urine was more than a day, and the bladder is stretched more than usual, it could compromise the integrity of vascular wall and its urine could appear admixture of blood.For such a situation, you need to be ready, so as not to confuse the spinal bladder with glomerulonephritis, in which can also be seen bloody urination.

For final confirmation of the normal renal function can be performed excretory urography .For this vein injected contrast agent, after which the pelvic region examined under X rays.If the kidneys are functioning normally, the bladder is recorded contrast medium.

To find out the exact cause of the disease the patient is recommended MRI and CT of the spine.These studies make it possible to detect traumatic injury or tumor, which was the cause of the pathology.These studies are essential for determining the treatment strategy, particularly for surgical access site selection.

Another method of detection of spinal cord pathology can be considered spinal tap .If the patient has a traumatic injury, it will be detected in the cerebrospinal fluid admixture of blood, when oncopathology cerebrospinal fluid contains large amounts of protein.

Treatment of spinal bladder pathology

Treatment depends on the cause.If the patient has a proven onkoprotsessa then applied surgery, the aim of which is to remove tumors.When traumatic injury, in case of subarachnoid hematoma can also be used to eliminate the operation of a blood clot.

fractures of the spine, accompanied by fractures of the spinal cord, should be treated in the neurosurgical hospital.After an operation on the spinal cord crosslinking, immobilization person needs special tires vertebrates.In this situation, patients may be up to a year, until he realized the full consolidation of the fracture.It is worth noting that not always this tactic is yielding positive results, but to date it is the only effective method of treatment of such patients.

parallel with treatment of the underlying cause of the disease, produced procedures for the evacuation of urine from the bladder.There are different methods, but all ones should be aimed at preventing secondary infection.The most dangerous technique is staging a conventional urinary catheter, which almost always ends with mucosal inflammation of the bladder.If you can not establish another system evacuation of urine, urethral catheter must be placed under local and general cover of antibiotic therapy.

Perhaps the ideal method of bladder irrigation and evacuation of urine can be considered a supply and ottochnuyu Monroe system.The apparatus consists of a conventional urinary catheter, which is connected directly to the two tubes.To one system is connected with an antiseptic solution, located above the bed of the patient, and the second falls into the vessel that is located under the bed of the patient.Thus, under the force of Earth's gravity, an antiseptic into the bladder, where bacteria and neutralizes the urine flows into the jar under the bed.

System Monroe

Feeding habits and lifestyle with spinal bladder

No matter how sad it sounds, but these patients are mainly sedentary.By forcing them to adapt to the special wheelchair inventory, which can improve the quality of life.

With regard to diet, it is repelled by the bad intestinal peristalsis.Patients to avoid constipation, you should take liquid food and frayed, which is easily digested, and the remainder is also easy to go from the gut.

rehabilitation after illness

Patients with spinal bladder, which in most cases their disabilities, primarily in need of psychological support.To do this, in our country there are special centers for the rehabilitation of the disabled.They carried with them both physical and mental exercises that enable workers to train body parts and increase the tone of the nervous system.To date, for the disabled are good conditions have been created.They even have the opportunity to perform at a sporting event, where competing with the same people.

main task of the medical staff, which serves patients in the first weeks of the disease, is a strong physical and moral support, to ensure that it does not have the stupid and unnecessary ideas.

Treatment of spinal bladder folk remedies

How could already guess that the treatment of folk remedies in this situation is not that inefficient, but simply inappropriate.Patients with such problems, in order to get even the slightest chance of recovery should be from the first day to get serious and qualified medical care.It is worth noting that the level of recovery of spinal patients increased significantly every year.

Complications of spinal bladder

first complication that can wait for the patient, is a bladder rupture with the formation of peritonitis and death.To sort happened, it should immediately be connected to a urologist treatment, to correct it in time and evacuate urine from the bladder.

Since patients with spinal bladder constantly live with urethral catheter, it must be replaced periodically.The catheter, which is located in the urethra more than three days can cause gangrenous decubitus and urethritis.In the long term, this man could face surgery - amputation of the penis.

Do not forget bedsores, which can form on the skin of those parts that fit snugly to the bony prominences on the human body.

system evacuation of urine and bladder irrigation must always be cleaned and changed.There were times when the catheter tube is trite slaughter, which led to the accumulation of urine in the bladder infection and their blood.

Prevention of spinal bladder

clear that profilaktirovat disease itself is difficult.Try to do so should the people who are engaged in traumatic sports or working in hazardous conditions.Today, there are many special corsets and belts that protect the spine from fractures and bruises in the fall and impact.

also about their safety need to worry at the wheel, as the largest number of spinal injuries occur there.In this situation, the only means of prevention can serve as a vehicle with airbags in the cabin.

Greater attention should be paid to the prevention of spinal bladder complications.So, bedsores can be prevented by using special mattresses or banal sandbags that are placed under the bony prominences on the human body.In addition, it must be ensured that at the bedding was no folds, and the patient's body is constantly rolled over and was not in the same position, which contributes to stagnation of blood and the formation of bedsores.

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