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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Urinary Systems.

ureterocele - a congenital malformations of the genitourinary system, which is characterized by a bag-shaped protrusion of the ureter near the end of its cystic.


reasons ureterocele

opinions of scientists about the causes of this disease are ambiguous.Most of them can not name a single etiologic factor.The reason for this is that until now unexplored ureterocele is a disease.The most common theory in the development of the ureterocele is necessary to consider the influence of exogenous factors.Among the latter should be allocated not only to smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages, but also different teratogenic infections, as well as chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

With regard to the teratogenic and eibriotoksichekih infections, but nowadays in the whole group of diseases distinguished obstetrics and infectology, called TORCH.It includes not only rubella and toxoplasmosis, but herpes, cytomegalovirus, as well as some other infectious diseases.That identification of these pathologi

es should be given the most attention in the management of pregnant women.For this purpose, monthly blood tests are carried out on the corresponding antibodies.

As for chemicals, the situation is less clear.To avoid adverse effects on the fetus must be less contact with the different detergents, cleaning and bleaching agents.A little more complicated things with drugs.As we know, the body of the pregnant woman is in a weakened immune plan that permanently affects women's health.Naturally, such circumstances it becomes necessary to constantly dosage.In such circumstances, it must be ensured that all the drugs that are used have been approved for the treatment of pregnant women.It must be remembered that drugs like hormones, and anti-TB drugs top the list of teratogenic medications.

Symptoms ureterocele

In fact, symptoms of ureterocele is very meager.Determine the disease solely on the grounds are not even the most experienced urologists.It should be noted that in the initial stages of its development ureteroceles does not have any clinical signs.If a strong increase in bag-shaped protrusion of the wall of the ureter, it may cause abnormal pressure on adjacent organs and tissues.First of all, suffer from such exposure iliac artery.Patients may develop intermittent claudication, when in overcoming a certain distance begin a sharp pain in his leg, which take place within a few seconds of rest.

second part of the clinical symptoms depend on the stagnation of urine in the cavity of ureterocele.There is a characteristic dvuhmomentnoe urination, when after a short period of time after the act of urinating in a patient reappear desires.Additionally, there is a very high risk of urolithiasis, since urine in the cavity ureteroceles hardly circulated and, due to constant stagnation of it precipitates, which over time becomes a stone.

should be noted that despite the inherent etiology of the disease, it can be absolutely any age.In the presence of the patient the above symptoms, he should immediately consult a urologist, first of all, for the correct diagnosis and the correct treatment.

diagnosis ureterocele

Laboratory Methods are virtually non-informative.An exception should be considered as only the situation with secondary urolithiasis when the general analysis of urine can appear traces of sand.At the same time, with large stone that moves and affects the mucous membrane, and a small amount of blood may appear in the general analysis of urine, which often can not be seen with the naked eye.

cystoscopy or excretory urography can be used to verify the diagnosis.As for cystoscopy, it consists of introducing an optical device in a special cavity of the bladder.The surgeon, examining a mucous membrane, may see additional cavity, which originates from cystic end of the ureter.When

excretory urography, held radiologically after intravenous contrast medium can be identified circular or oval formation that is filled with contrast and connected to one of the ureters.


Treatment Treatment of this disease is carried out only after the first symptoms.It is solely for the surgical intervention that can be performed in different ways today.When

ureteroceles small size when it has no pathological effects on the surrounding tissue, can be performed more cystoscopic cavity obliteration.After introduction into the bladder of a special optical device, it is directly ureterocele, it plunges the tip of the cystoscope, from which is entered a special substance.After solidification of the composition closes the cavity ureterocele, turning it from the circulation of urine.

For large amounts of pathological bulge, especially when it has a pathological effect on the surrounding tissue, the advantage is given to conventional open surgery.During the operation, after the incision of the skin in the lumbar region, blunt and sharp highlighted by the ureter, which is localized and abnormal protrusion.Last ligated at the base and cut off with a scalpel.The operation ends stratified suturing wounds and applying an aseptic bandage.

operation to eliminate ureterocele

rehabilitation after illness

In principle, the disease can not be considered particularly life threatening, therefore Rehabilitation paid not much attention in urology.Classically used antibacterial prevention of secondary infections, which are used for such groups of drugs like cephalosporins and fluoroquinolones.

In addition, patients with this pathology for the prevention of kidney stones is recommended to visit such as the sanatorium-resort Morshyn or Salem, home of the active mineral treatment and prophylaxis of the said diseases.Also, patients should follow the diet their food, especially for the amount of fluid intake.

Feeding habits and lifestyle

In fact, in clinical nutrition is not absolutely necessary, as it has little effect on the patient's condition and his recovery period after surgery.As for the way of life, it for some time, it is limited by wearing a urethral catheter, which is necessary to increased pressure in the bladder had no pathological effects on the ureter sutured and did not lead to postoperative rupture of the body.

Treatment folk methods

People's treatment of ureterocele is not common because of the complicated diagnostic pathology.All attempts to use a variety of fees and diuretic herbs are aimed solely at eliminating symptoms of the disease, but certainly not its cause.Therefore, the appeal is not to the professionals and traditional healers only playing for time and leads to the progression of the pathology.

Complications ureterocele

As already mentioned, a strong increase ureteretsele can lead to compression of such structures as the iliac artery that ends with intermittent claudication.Typically, these patients are not patients of Urology, and Vascular Surgery.Quite often, they put the wrong diagnosis, which can result in even performing unnecessary surgery.Therefore, it must be remembered that such a symptom as a peremezhnaya lameness may speak not only of disease, but also about urological diseases.

second frequency complication of this disease - it is urolithiasis.As already mentioned, it develops due to constant stagnation of urine in the cavity ureterocele, leading to loss of urinary sediment and stone formation.In the initial stages of the disease is a clinical condition may not be accompanied by any symptoms.They usually appear after the calculus begins to irritate the mucous membrane of the bladder, which is accompanied by severe pain and isolation on the urethra of a small amount of blood.

All other complications of the disease, usually occur after the surgery.Most often, this rupture of the ureter on the scar.It occurs when the operation immediately after the bladder will not be delivered urethral catheter.In such a situation may occur an increase in pressure in the bladder and thus its rupture.

Prevention ureterocele

natural that congenital disease prevention should be carried out before the baby is born.First of all, it should be teratogenic in diagnosis and treatment of infections, such as measles, herpes, toxoplasmosis, and cytomegalovirus.Thereafter, it is necessary to pay attention to the contact of the pregnant women with the use of chemicals and drugs.

forecast ureterocele

Forecast for life - favorable.Regardless of the form, stage and treatment of disease, it rarely can threaten patient deaths.Even complex clinical situations, for example, the gap ureter, with appropriate treatment do not represent any risk for the health of the patient.

forecast for performance - favorable.Before and after surgery, patients may be comprised in any job, even if it is associated with physical labor.

prognosis for recovery - favorable.At the time put diagnosis and correct the operation period until complete recovery takes about 2 weeks.After that, the patient is removed from the surgical wound sutures.In some cases, when there was a bad operating wound care or inadequate antibacterial prophylaxis can be marked suppuration of postoperative wound.In such cases, appointed special ointments such levomekol, and the total treatment period lasts up to one month.

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