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urethritis - an acute or chronic inflammation of the urethra, which in medical terms is called the urethra.The disease can occur under the guise of both infectious and non-infectious process.In this case, the first and second causes are quite different factors.

Causes of urethritis

Since ancient times, it is assumed that urethritis - a shameful disease.Much more emotion arises in a person when he hears the other variants of this disease - gonorrhea or gonorrhea.In fact, gonorrhea - is just one of the types of acute urethritis, which develops during the destruction of the mucous membrane of the urethra causative agent of gonorrhea.If in respect of the pathogen of the disease of sexual transmission is really justified, then the blame is not his partner in casual sexual relations, if he revealed urethritis streptococcal or staphylococcal origin.Most often, this pathology develops when sharing personal hygiene items or visiting the city's baths.

large group of urethritis of non-infectious origin.Their r

easons, first of all, can be injured urethra.Also lead to inflammation of the urethra may be poorly treated medical instruments are used to study the bladder mucosa.

are cases when urethritis developed against the background of general allergic reactions.

understand the cause of the disease is extremely important not only for the doctor but for the patient.It may even early in the disease to coordinate your treatment to the right person and receiving skilled care.Well, doctor, knowing the immediate cause of the disease, will be able to quickly and correctly to pick up adequate treatment, which will lead to the desired result.

symptoms of urethritis

first bell, which could indicate a urethritis, a painful urination.A characteristic feature of such pain is that it occurs, usually at the beginning of urination.This is the stage of the disease when treatment specialist can prevent its further course.If at this stage you do not consult a doctor, the appearance of pus from the urethra is inevitable.In addition, inflammation of the external opening of the urethra may occur, which is manifested by redness out of it.

If you find even one of these symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor.However, before the patient has a choice to which it is the physician to come for help.Urethritis is treated, at least two doctors - a urologist and venereal diseases.If you are in doubt about their sexual relationships, it is better to refer to venereal diseases, otherwise you will be able to help and urologist.

very important not to be confused with urethritis prostatitis, which is also manifested difficult urination.This self-test is not valid, since in the case of self-treatment is not disease, urethritis can develop the same chronic prostatitis or even swelling of the testicles.Also, it is important to pre-assign the appropriate treatment to protect yourself from all of generalized inflammation of the urinary tract.

diagnosis of urethritis

can not say that urethritis - a disease with pleasant diagnostic methods.At first glance, to verify the diagnosis need only identify the causative agent of urethritis of the urethra, except that this is not always easy.If during a visit to a urologist or venereologist urethral pus are released, it is removed in all possible ways.For this purpose, a special chemical, physical or thermal provocative tests.In the first case, the patient will only drink some medicine, like pus from the urethra and the flow stream.Much carried unpleasant mechanical or thermal test when the urethral mucosa irritating by a temperature probe or a thin metal.When the selection will appear in the test tube at the doctor, the patient's participation in the diagnosis of the disease will be completed.

Tools intake stroke

Then identify the pathogen can smear microscopy or by bacteriological.In the first case, a swab from the urethra just look under the microscope, and in case of detection of bacteria there, the diagnosis is confirmed.If so identified gonorrhea, staph or some other stick fails, then most likely, the doctor will use bacteriological method.In this case, discharge from the urethra will be seeded in the culture medium, which, in the case of a positive effect, whole colonies of microbes grow.

addition to these classical methods of diagnosis, modern medical centers use the polymerase chain reaction.This complex and expensive hardware method involves the selection of blood or other biological fluids of the patient (the same pus) the DNA of the pathogen of the disease.

Also, if you have a history of the disease has an injury of the pelvic organs, the urethra to avoid gaps have to spend X-ray methods.

urethra Roentgen.The dashed line denotes the pathology of urethral

Contrast radiography will reveal defects in the wall of the urethra.It is also now widely used ureteroscopy method when the mucous membrane of the urethra is inspected using a special optical device that is introduced directly through the external opening of the urethra.


Treatment urethritis

drugs of choice for the treatment of inflammation of the urethra are antibiotics.Best of all, if the choice of antibiotics is carried out taking into account the antibiogram.This procedure involves the definition of urethritis pathogen sensitivity to one or another group of antibiotics during bacterial inoculation test.Make antibiotikogrammy only a few days after the release of the pathogen.Naturally, all this time the patient is not without treatment.In this case, it appointed broad spectrum antibiotics.The drugs of choice are considered the antibiotics from the group of penicillins.To date, the most commonly used semisynthetic penicillins, clavulanic acid protected.Such drugs are more stable in biological environments and stronger human impact on the pathogen.The drugs in this group, amoxiclav Augmentin and can be purchased at the pharmacy.However, this can be done only after the diagnosis is officially confirmed, otherwise the use of these medications before visiting the doctor will distort the picture of the disease, and you the wrong diagnosis can be made.

If funds this group would be ineffective, as a rule, are appointed by the stronger antibiotics.To date, more commonly used fluoroquinolones, which is a prominent representative of ofloxacin, and cephalosporins with her, all known, ceftriaxone.

addition, locally appointed antiseptic preparations for washing the urethra.For this purpose, use, or more modern furatsillin dekasan.However, the washing procedure can be not very pleasant, so it is best if it is carried out by the doctor.

Feeding habits and lifestyle with urethritis

During treatment of urethritis is recommended to avoid foods that increase the secretion of mucus of the urethra.Typically, this powerful spice extractives type and a variety of seasonings.In addition, it is desirable to adhere to the general rules of personal hygiene - not use other people's towels and change undergarments regularly.

Rehabilitation after urethritis

matter how ridiculous it may sound, but often need rehabilitation after the disease is not very patient, and his wife.Therefore, it is important to go to the doctor together, that it explained in detail what urethritis - is not treason indicator.Most often, the disease is perceived with hostility by many women because they do not know that themselves can be a carrier of the problem, not aching.

Traditional methods of treatment of urethritis

For two thousand years of existence of this disease healers, in their opinion, have learned to treat urethritis is not worse than doctors.A delicate origin of this disease causes patients to seek help it to them.Wrong, and most importantly long, urethritis treatment leads to a chronic process, which is characterized by a narrowing of the urethra.In such a case, the treatment used is no longer the usual antibiotics, and quite unpleasant instrumental methods.One of them is called probing and involves the introduction into the urethra to expand the metallic catheter lumen last.

best to use traditional methods of treatment in combination with the traditional.For example, diuretic tea used in conjunction with antibiotics leads to increase their concentration in urine, which greatly accelerates the healing process.


urethritis Besides the aforementioned narrowing of the urethra, there are plenty of problems that can develop after urethritis.For example, delayed treatment of infection leads to inflammation not only to the urethra, bladder and prostate, kidney and internal system.Such complications are treated much longer and more complicated urethritis, indicating a high need for timely access to a doctor.

In addition, it was recently noticed a direct correlation between urethritis and testicular tumors.Therefore, more recently, timely treatment of urethritis were included in the development program for the prevention of genital apparatus tumors.

Prevention urethritis

Inflammation of the urethra - is a disease, which is the proper prevention can save any man of him forever.Firstly, in order to not get urethritis, to avoid casual sex and stick to the basic rules of personal hygiene.

In addition, it is extremely important to prevent ingress of the pathogen in the body.This can be done only when the time to treat any acute and chronic diseases.Men with inflammation of the gall bladder, intestines, pancreas, especially those who constantly suffer from angina are more likely to develop urethritis.

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