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Cystitis - an inflammation of the bladder.Separately allocate this pathology in men and women.This is due to the urethra and the risk factors that lead to the emergence of cystitis in male and female populations.In this article we consider the inflammation of the bladder in men.Inflammation of the bladder in females is described in detail in the article "Cystitis in women and girls", an overview of cystitis in the article "Cystitis acute and chronic"

Causes of cystitis in

men the most common cause of bladder mucosal inflammation, as inboth men and women is the presence of an infectious agent.Most often, the bacteria penetrate into the cavity of the bladder through the urethra.This happens during the latter diseases or after medical procedures, which are accompanied by the penetration of instruments into the bladder.

Moreover, infection can fall into the bladder and blood.In this case, the most common cause of cystitis is Escherichia coli, which normally can be located within the lumen of the colon.

The most common cystitis in men is developed on the background of other pathologies of the urinary bladder.Contributing to the inflammation of the bladder may be factors such as adenoma of the prostate or bladder stones that impede the flow of urine out of its cavity.In addition, cystitis often develops in the presence of traumatic lesions of the bladder mucosa or during beriberi.

bladder inflammation also can develop on the background of infectious kidney disease when a bacterial agent falls into its cavity with current urine.However in this case, comes to the fore in the kidneys symptoms rather than the bladder.

Symptoms of inflammation of the bladder (cystitis) in men

main symptom, which can to push the doctor to identify cystitis are pain and cramps during urination.In addition, the urine has an unclear shade, and at the end of the act, and do, the blood can be determined.That blood in urine end portions and is a specific feature of cystitis in men.

addition to local symptoms, patients suffering from cystitis, also tormented by general weakness, malaise, fever.

Diagnosis of cystitis in men

first analysis, which will have to take with cystitis patients, a complete blood count.It is usually determined by an increased number of white blood cells, increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate, and increasing the number of stab cells.All these signs give grounds to assert that in the human body there is an infectious inflammatory process.

for more accurate diagnosis is necessary to conduct a general analysis of urine.In this study can not determine the muddy color of urine, and a minor amount of fresh erythrocytes epithelium.Fresh erythrocytes - a red blood corpuscles, which appear in the urine due to bleeding from the bladder or urethral mucosa.They must be distinguished from the erythrocytes alkaline, which also indicate the inflammatory process, not only in the bladder and kidney.

The next step is to identify the causative agent of the disease in the urine, which can be done in two ways: the microscopic and bacteriological.During the first urine in the laboratory look under the microscope.In a small number of cases it is possible to see the pathogen of the disease and a preliminary diagnosis.But even though the efficiency of this method in any case, bacteriological method is applied, during which urine were sown in the culture medium.If this biological fluid is the causative agent of the disease, then a few days in vitro bacterial colony grows a whole, for which it is already possible to diagnose accurately.

If the laboratory was able to identify the causative agent, then he was immediately tested for sensitivity to antibiotics.This is done in order to determine exactly how the drug is to treat the patient effectively.To date, this method, in a sense, lost its relevance, because most antibiotics, which are sold on the pharmaceutical market, have a broad spectrum of action and kill almost any bacteria.

addition to the laboratory diagnosis of ultrasound may be used during cystitis.Similarly, the method does not give information on the bladder, but it may indicate the presence of concomitant renal disease, which in many cases can become a cause cystitis.

ultrasound chronic cystitis

treatment of cystitis in men

The minutes of the treatment of acute and chronic cystitis, the first item specified causes the destruction of the disease.In most cases it can not be determined.But then, when possible, it start to heal.For example, in violation of the outflow of urine, which may be caused by BPH or prostatitis produce installation urethral catheter.However, you must be extremely careful during the last procedure, since in many cases ill-treated catheter can be the direct cause of cystitis.

The next point is the treatment of the infection.Moreover, this applies not only to the bladder.If the body has other chronic infection, for example, chronic tonsillitis or cholecystitis, then they are also necessary to get rid of.With this purpose antibacterials broad spectrum, such as amoxicillin, clarithromycin, and others.

If cystitis is accompanied by severe pain, is to treat it can be used antispasmodic drugs that have analgesic effect.This group includes Drotaverinum, papaverine, spazmalgon and others.They can be purchased over the counter without a prescription.

Feeding habits and lifestyle with cystitis

As for the lifestyle, the primarily male patients should avoid any exposure to cold, which can translate into a chronic acute cystitis.In severe cases, patients even assigned bed rest in order to keep the body strength to fight infection.

Regarding nutrition in acute cystitis is recommended to exclude from the diet of any sharp and salty dishes as well as alcoholic beverages.It is believed that these products reduce the acidity of urine, which contributes to the active development of infections in the bladder and urinary tract.

Rehabilitation after inflammation of the bladder

As for the treatment of cystitis is very actively used antibiotics, rehabilitation after illness aims to restore normal intestinal microflora.To this end, used benign bacteria that are accepted in the form of tablets or capsules.Very quickly and efficiently restore normal digestion drugs such as latsidofil or bifiform.In addition, they are composed of already mature bacteria, such medications help to better digest food.These drugs are, in essence, vitamins and can be purchased at any pharmacy without a prescription.

Treatment folk remedies

Cystitis can not be called a very serious disease, compared with other pathologies of the urinary system.Therefore, quite often the symptoms of this disease start to regress even after minor treatment folk remedies.For this purpose, use decoctions of herbs with diuretic effect.With this action, they contribute to a better removal of bacteria from the body and accelerate the healing process.

addition, can be quite effective local mechanical procedures.Thus, when expressed pain syndrome use heating pads and warm foot baths.These activities have antispasmodic effect, thus reducing the pain syndrome.

Complications cystitis

The most dangerous complication is cystitis pyelonephritis, which is caused by the upward path of infection.It is manifested by sharp pains in the kidney area and the appearance of pus in the urine.This complication is dangerous by the fact that it can completely disrupt the function of the kidneys, resulting in very serious condition called Urosepsis.In this situation, we can talk about a lethal outcome for this patient.Although it should be noted a very small number of such complications, which occur most often in patients with weakened immune systems.

To reverse current was not contaminated with urine, it is necessary to provide adequate evacuation of the latter.This can be achieved by setting a urethral catheter.

One of the symptoms of cystitis is the presence of blood in urine.If a large number of the latter is combined with poor urine flow, it may occur the formation of a blood clot in the bladder - hematoma.This complication leads to the second wave of infection, and in some cases may be complicated by blockage of the ureters and renal colic.

Another complication of acute cystitis is its interstitial form.Thus infected urine seeping in the bladder mucosa, and it causes internal inflammation.In this situation, change the tactics of treatment of cystitis in the direction of increasing doses of antibiotic therapy.

Picture interstitial cystitis

Prevention of inflammation of the bladder in men

Since in most cases the cause of their cystitis is a bacterial infection, the primary prevention should be aimed precisely at this.If the body has a chronic source of infection, it must be surgically removed, or a therapeutic way.For example, very often cystitis occur against a background of chronic inflammation of the gallbladder or chronic tonsillitis.

It is also necessary to remember that just because of tonsillitis, cystitis can not develop.The immediate factors may be trauma bladder or local hypothermia.To prevent the latter is recommended to wear warm clothes, especially in the winter season.

Another focus in the prevention of acute and chronic cystitis is the treatment of prostate, kidney and urethra, which lead to stagnation of urine in a bladder infection and the development of it.This is so, because of their infection is very user-friendly spread to the bladder.

very well-established process of prevention of cystitis and other diseases of the genitourinary system abroad, where every man must necessarily twice a year undergo ultrasound of the genitourinary system.

Ed.urologist, sexologist-andrologist Plotnikov AN