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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Women's Diseases

Bartolini - an inflammation of the large Bartholin gland.Bartholin's gland - a paired organ, which is located in the subcutaneous fat in the labia majora.When inflammation of the large gland vestibule microorganisms affect the excretory duct of the gland (kanalikulit), as well as the very iron.

main function Bartholin gland secretion is the development, which maintains a constant humidity of the vagina.What is it for?This secret is released in large quantities during arousal during sexual intercourse in order to facilitate the input of sexual chlena.Krome addition, the allocation of secretion is very important during childbirth.Thanks to him, the vaginal muscles are stretched and the child may be born without damaging the wall of the vagina.If a Bartholin gland does not produce a secret in the right quantity, the vagina becomes suhim- appears discomfort, itching and burning sensation in the perineum and pain during intercourse.Normally this is only possible during menopause due to age-related decline

of female hormones-estrogen.

reasons bartholinitis

Bartholinitis occurs because of infection in the Bartholin gland through a narrow opening ductless on the inner surface of the labia minora.Once deep glands, bacteria actively proliferate.This leads to inflammation and suppuration Bartholin gland.

Not all urogenital infections cause Bartolini.In most cases, Bartholinitis provoke infection, sexually transmitted diseases.Most often, gonorrhea, chlamydia and trichomoniasis rarely.It is extremely rare bartholinitis nonspecific etiology - in this case act as pathogen bacteria - staphylococci, E. coli, Streptococcus, and so on.This is possible when poor personal hygiene.

It should also be borne in mind that even in the presence of genital infections, Bartholinitis develops not all and not always.The important role played by the immune system when it is weakened, the chances of getting bartholinitis rise in the development of the disease.

Symptoms bartholinitis with photos

Depending on the clinical course of the disease, Bartolini can be acute or chronic form.Acute Bartolini is characterized by the formation of a true or false abscess Bartholin's gland (limited focus with pus).

In the formation of a false abscess initially inflamed excretory duct cancer ( "kanalikulit" scientifically).The skin over the center of inflammation reddens and swells.If the pressure on the inflamed area, highlight the pus.Further there is a blockage of ductless glands and pus is not allocated, and accumulates in the Bartholin gland.Because of this iron is strongly stretched and bulges forming in the formation of painful form of "bumps".During the movement, walking, running, pain during sexual akte- worse, appears a burning sensation in the perineum.Sometimes the body temperature rises slightly.If a long time not to go to the gynecologist, the disease becomes chronic.

If true abscess infection penetrates directly into the Bartholin gland and gland parenchyma is melted.In this case the symptoms are more pronounced than in a false abscess.Large and small labia swell strongly.The body temperature rises over 38 degrees, increasing the inguinal lymph nodes, there is a fever, weakness, "pulsing" a sharp pain in the big sex guby.Vozmozhno, spontaneous opening of the abscess with the release of yellow-green pus, which leads to a weakening of disease symptoms.But if left untreated, the inflammation recurs again and gives any complications as well as a false abscess becomes chronic.

bartholinitis In the chronic form of the disease symptoms subside temporarily and re-sharpened.Instead of an abscess formed in the gland cyst (a fluid formation with inflammatory exudate).

When bartholinitis any form in any case do not need to self-medicate, trying to squeeze the abscess or cyst - this can lead to blood poisoning.If you have any of these symptoms should immediately consult a gynecologist.

Kanalikulit (false abscess Bartholin's gland)

When kanalikulitah (false Bartholin gland abscess) general condition of women varies slightly.Around the external opening of ductless marked red spot surrounded by inflammatory roller acting, with pressure on the channel allocated droplet of pus, which is taken for bacteriological examination.

When blockage occurs psevdoabstsess ductless glands.This swelling appear ovoid form between the middle and lower third of the labia majora, redness, swelling of the skin over the mobile.

false abscess prominence to the inner surface of the labia majora and closes the entrance to the vagina.

temperature is usually low-grade (37.2 - 37,5˚S), there was a sharp pain when walking.

true abscess Bartholin gland

penetration of microorganisms into the parenchyma of the prostate and surrounding tissue leads to the emergence of a true abscess Bartholin gland parenchyma it is melted.Swell large and small labia.Increased inguinal lymph nodes.The patient even in bed there was a sharp pain in the external genital lips, unable to walk.febrile body temperature (above 37,5˚S), marked increase in the erythrocyte sedimentation rate, leukocytosis.

of false abscess differs true constant pain, severe swelling of the labia, the immobility of the skin over the abscess, high fever.

Attention!Do not run the disease, as even with spontaneous dissection abscess often completely empty does not happen and you have to perform surgery.

very dangerous attempts to squeeze abscess may occur while getting an infection in the blood and the development of sepsis.Therefore, the earlier you seek help from a specialist, the faster the disease will be cured.

chronic Bartholinitis

Chronic Bartholinitis often recurs (repeated), is characterized by inflammation Just noticeable phenomena, minor pain, more dense structure gland.

With long-term existence of chronic bartholinitis gland accumulates in the cavity the liquid exudate formed a painless swelling - Bartholin gland cyst.

Diagnostics bartholinitis

Diagnostics bartholinitis presents no particular difficulties.The diagnosis of the doctor will be able to put on the first reception at the examination.In the presence of an abscess is determined by swelling and redness of the Bartholin's gland, palpation of education causes a sharp pain.In the chronic form bartholinitis (in the presence of cysts of Bartholin's gland) revealed tumor formation, painless on palpation.

addition to inspection, it is necessary to hand over analyzes:

- usual smear from the vagina;
- PCR diagnosis of major sexually transmitted infections (хламидиоз,гонорея,трихомониаз,микоплазмоз,уреаплазмоз,herpes, human papilloma virus);
- bacteriological seeding of vaginal discharge to determine sensitivity to anitibiotikam;
- bacteriological examination of the breakout of pus abscess or secret can be obtained from ductless glands by gentle pressure.

Treatment bartholinitis

bartholinitis Treatment depends on the stage of the disease.Unfortunately, due to the rapid progression of the disease and late treatment, surgical treatment is used more often than conservative.

Conservative treatment kanalikulita

Conservative treatment is used to treat kanalikulita acute phase of the disease for the rapid elimination of vosspalitelnogo process.

used for this purpose:

- ice pack on the sore area;
- topically applied anti-inflammatory therapy: applied to the inflamed area swabs levomekol, Vishnevsky ointment or ihtiola;use solutions with chlorhexidine, miramistinom etc.
- antibacterial therapy.Depending on the type of agent, preference is given to a particular group preparatov.V most cases, antibiotics are prescribed cephalosporin (ceftriaxone, TSifran), penicillin (Amoxiclav), fluoroquinolones (ofloxacin, ciprofloxacin) and drugs of imidazoles (Trichopolum tinidazole).The course of antibiotic treatment is no more than 7-10 days;
- multivitamins.

Surgery bartholinitis

If there is an abscess or cyst Bartholin's gland is strictly surgical treatment.

Surgical treatment of abscess Bartholin gland

When asbtsessah purulent center opened, its contents removed.The cavity is treated with disinfectant solution (3% hydrogen peroxide).The cavity enter drainage rubber tube to discharge drainage of pus, which is removed 5-6 days after surgery.Along with surgical treatment is prescribed antibiotics, vitamins.Postoperative wound daily washed with hydrogen peroxide, in the abscess cavity injected with gauze levomekol or ointment Vishnevsky.

Surgical treatment of Bartholin's gland cyst

Bartholin's gland cyst Treatment for non-acute inflammatory process.In this case, two options of surgery-marsupializatsiya cysts (creation of an artificial gland duct to drain secretions) or hysterectomy (removal) Bartholin gland.

During the marsupilizatsii doctor reveals cyst capsule linear incision.The edges of the capsule sutures sutured to the skin wound edges to form the external opening.We introduce a drainage tube or catheter to drain the cyst contents.After the operation in the outer opening within two months narrows, there is a formation of a new ductless.

Extirpation gland is carried out in case of relapse bartholinitis.To perform this longitudinal section on the inner side of the small labia.Gland carefully isolated and removed with a scalpel, the wound impose catgut sutures.

In all kinds bartholinitis after surgery and the complete elimination of the inflammatory process in 3-4 days prescribed physiotherapy - magnetic therapy, and ultraviolet irradiation.

All patients are advised to refrain from sexual intercourse until cured, because the probability of infection of the sexual partner.To prevent re-bartholinitis relapse, it is important to remove the cause of the disease is completely cured of concomitant infections (chlamydia, gonorrhea, etc.), otherwise Bartholinitis may occur again.All patients need to observe good personal hygiene: wash twice a day;wear comfortable clothes, preferably made of cotton;during menstruation change pads or tampons every 3-4 hours to avoid getting re-infection.

In the recovery period it is important to use tools that enhance the immune system.These include vitamins, good nutrition, as well as some herbal immunomodulators.

Folk remedies treat bartholinitis

means of traditional medicine can also be used with Bartolini - they have an anti-inflammatory effect and for a time relieve disturbing symptoms.In the chronic form bartholinitis without exacerbation shown sitz baths with infusion of chamomile, calendula, eucalyptus for 15-20 minutes.During exacerbation of symptoms of the disease can be used in combination with the primary treatment (for example, in conjunction with antibiotics) for rapid relief of symptoms.However, it should be remembered that all the folk remedies have only a temporary effect and does not heal Bartolini.

Complications bartholinitis:

- relapse;
- the formation of non-healing fistula (protivoestestestvennogo holes);
- the spread of infection to adjacent organs of the urogenital system (obesity, urethritis);
- sepsis (severe infection) may develop an infection if it enters the bloodstream at a weakened immunity.

Prevention bartholinitis:

- regular visits to the gynecologist;
- protection against sexually transmitted infections -Application of condoms, a monogamous lifestyle;
- prompt treatment of infections;
- strengthening the immune system: nutrition, exercise, avoiding harmful habits.

Konsultatsiyach obstetrician-gynecologist on Bartholinitis:

1. I found a cyst Bartholin's gland during pregnancy.What? Delete now or wait until delivery?
Delete after delivery.

2. I Bartholin gland abscess, he was discovered and all passed.Then a month later reappeared and gynecologist suggested to undergo surgery.It may wait and he will reveal himself again and pass?
In no case do not have to wait.Abscesses without surgery will not work, and will appear again and again.

3. Removing abscess Bartholin's gland is performed under general anesthesia ?
Yes, under general or local, but more often under general.

4. I Bartholin gland cyst.Is it possible to make hair removal of hair on this site?
can only treat the skin before epilation antiseptic chlorhexidine Miramistin or not to provoke inflammation.

5. Can zaberemet after the removal of a Bartholin gland?
can, Bartholin gland removal does not affect the reproductive function.

6. 3 months ago I removed the abscess Bartholin's gland, but still sometimes feel a sharp pain during intercourse.What is it?So it should be?
This is not the norm, consult a gynecologist.Perhaps you have formed a Bartholin gland cyst.

7. Can I take antibiotics on their own when kanalikulite?
No, you can not.Antibiotics can only assign a gynecologist after inspection.

Obstetrician-gynecologist, Ph.D.Christina Frambos