Cervical Disease - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Women's Diseases

emergence and development of pathological conditions of vaginal part of cervix - a complicated and lengthy process, many aspects which have not been studied.The most common cancer process precede pseudo, ectropion, leukoplakia, cervicitis and other cervical lesions.

Despite the fact that cervical cancer is now considered a preventable form of the disease, in the structure of gynecological morbidity it remains in first place, although its share in the total population of women has decreased significantly.At the same time in women under the age of 30 years there has been an increased incidence of cervical cancer.For years it was believed that this age in terms of reproductive health of the most prosperous.However, this is not true, because sometimes environmental factors have an adverse effect on menstrual function and fertility, in addition, the peak of the background of diseases observed in this age.

prevention of cervical cancer is based on the early detection and treatment of backgrou

nd diseases as cancer and precancerous changes occur on the background of the foregoing pathological changes in the cervix.It should also be noted that the use of only conservative or surgical treatment seldom leads to the desired effect, since relapses which account for about 40%.Most frequently relapse observed in patients with viral infection of the genital tract, in particular in papillomovirusnoy infection, which manifests itself in the form of topically warts.Simultaneously with cervical pathology increases incidence of infertility, spontaneous abortion, premature delivery, infection of the fetus, complications during childbirth and the postpartum period.In this context, the problem of the treatment of women with background and precancerous cervical diseases is always up to date.So far, there are no scientifically developed radical treatments.

must be remembered that the basic principle of treatment of cervical lesions, along with the elimination of the pathological process, should be therapy for the changes in the body that caused its appearance and maintain long-term course of the disease.

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