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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Women's Diseases

Menopause - a new stage of life that is possible to live as active and happy as the previous file years.But to menopause does not cause much inconvenience, it is necessary to limit their bad habits - smoking, alcohol consumption, being physically active and eat right.Optimism and attention to itself and the state of their health emotional and physical - the key to preserving the quality of life up to the very elderly.The word "menopause" comes from the Greek word "ladder" and the English "culmination".

There is such a thing as an artificial menopause.This menopause caused by drugs for the treatment of certain diseases.

reasons menopause

In every woman's life there comes a time when the production of female sex hormones in her body begins to rapidly decrease.This occurs because the years of ovarian function (internal sex organs that produce these hormones) fades up to its full termination.It lasts the process can quite a long time - from 8 - 10 years, and this condition is called menopa

use and (Menopause, Perimenopause, postmenopause).

At what age a woman can begin menopause?

Age menopause is most often due to heredity, but also depends on lifestyle related to nutrition and the presence of harmful habits (smoking, drug addiction, alcoholism).Normally it is 45-50 years.There is a misconception that the climax will come, if not sexually active - but it is not.The lack of sex life in women (in contrast to the menopause in women, in whom the frequency of sex significantly influences the sexual function) does not affect the onset of menopause.

Early, early menopause (before 40 years) can cause a lot of stress.Early menopause can also be the result of genetically determined lack of ovarian activity, infectious diseases during puberty, immunologic diseases of the thyroid gland, obstructed labor, sepsis, severe surgical operations, injuries.Early menopause suggests that in women there have been some failures, are pathological processes.

Can I push, delay the menopause?

Postpone menopause is possible if you use hormones.But to use hormonal agents can not all and only after breast examination and pelvic organs.Only after consultation and under the supervision of a physician.But the birth of the late child does not delay the arrival of menopause, although it may soften the symptoms of menopause.

With regard to the prevention of premature menopause, then it would have to start already from the period of childbearing.All stressful external factors should be excluded, lifestyle pregnant should be the most favorable.

We must try to get the number of infectious diseases, which account for a girl for a year of life was minimal.To do this, you need to temper the child to feed him.It is important to observe the mode, time to get up, go to sleep, to eat properly.It is extremely important during puberty.During this period, there is hard work to establish communication between the centers that regulate the function of a woman's ovaries.Therefore, it is necessary to minimize the possibility of stress.Stress - is when a teenager, for example, is in a state of chronic fatigue, psychological stress from excessive loads.

is believed that after the cessation of menstruation to conceive naturally impossible.Can a post-menopausal woman to become pregnant and to give birth?

theory, may, after the hormonal stimulation of the ovaries.Question: Do you want?Pregnancy at this age is associated with the problems arising in other organs and systems.With age, the quality of the material from which to build a new creature originated, is not improving.The middle-aged body may have chromosomal changes, and then the children will be born with a genetically determined disorders, particularly Down syndrome.

ability to conceive after 35 years is twice lower than 25. Nevertheless, the frequency of unplanned pregnancies increases between 40 and 55 years.Doctors attribute this loss of vigilance and confidence that menopause has occurred.The risk of getting pregnant increase is maintained during intermenstrual intervals for at least two years after the last menstrual period.

believed that overweight women seem to tolerate menopause.Is it so?

Theoretically - yes.Because the very fat tissue produces estrogen.Although overweight and predisposes to age-related diseases, but may mitigate menopausal symptoms.

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