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Allergic scrotal swelling - this is a symptom of many allergic diseases, which manifests an increase in the size and redness of the skin of the scrotum.

cause allergic swelling of the scrotum

The immediate cause of the allergic swelling of the scrotum is an allergic reaction, which occurs due to an increased release of serotonin in the blood, histamine and other mediators of allergy.Much more important to allocate the factors that may contribute to this most allergic reactions.

In most cases, allergic swelling of the scrotum occurs by ingestion of human food allergens.Most often it can be citrus fruits, chocolate, coffee, fish, eggs and other food products.In more rare cases, allergic reactions may occur on other types of foods.

Besides food allergens, often causes the development of allergic swelling of the scrotum become household or pollen allergens.

factors that precede the development of allergic swelling of the scrotum may be allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma or urticaria.Thus, scrotal sw

elling does not necessarily have to be developed against these diseases.It suffices that the patient had a history of at least one episode of allergic disease.

Symptoms of allergic swelling of the scrotum

name of the disease is almost completely disclose his symptoms.In a short time after ingestion of an agent of allergic symptoms appear first.The scrotum begins to grow in size, the skin over it is stretched and acquires a red tint.Patients worried about itching of the external genitalia.A distinctive feature of allergic edema from other acute diseases of the scrotum is a bilateral symmetric increase in the body.

Allergic swelling of the scrotum

Just as abruptly as the symptoms appear, they may disappear.Most often this is due to the use of appropriate treatment or removal of the allergen from the body.Often the allergic swelling of the scrotum is an isolated incident in a person's life.In another situation, it may acquire during prolonged recurrent, constantly accompanied by repeated episodes of the disease.

Any case of manifestation of allergic swelling of the scrotum is an absolute indication for treatment of the patient to a urologist for diagnosis and treatment of disease.

diagnosis of allergic swelling of the scrotum

At receipt in urological hospital before the doctor is a very important task - it is necessary to solve, needs the patient to surgical intervention or not.The first analysis is taken on the patient's urine and blood.If it is found a large number of white blood cells with a shift leukocyte formula to the left, it is usually indicative of an acute surgical pathology in the patient's blood.If in the patient's blood can be detected an increased number of eosinophils, the doctor in the first place, it should think about the allergic swelling of the scrotum.

To confirm the diagnosis may use different methods of research, the most common of which is the transillumination.When it is put behind the scrotum light source against which you can see the changes in the testicular parenchyma.As a rule, allergic swelling of the scrotum, this study is completely uninformative, while in acute surgical pathology can see the seal in place gidatidy or twisted spermatic cord.

More detailed information can be found after the patient ultrasound.Although it is not confirmed the diagnosis of allergic scrotal edema, but enables the elimination of other pathologies, including those that require immediate surgical intervention.

The "cold period", when patients have symptoms regress swelling of the scrotum, it is assigned allergy study of an organism.It uses a number of techniques, such as allergic skin tests, which enable us to determine not only the type of allergy in humans, but the substance, which is developing a reaction.Conducting such studies in the acute period is prohibited, as it can exacerbate symptoms and progression of the latter.

Treatment of allergic swelling of the scrotum

The treatment of this disease using conservative methods, which eliminate clinical symptoms and prevent complications.The first step in the treatment of allergic swelling of the scrotum is the intravenous administration of antihistamines.Among the latter can be identified such as the suprastin drugs, diphenhydramine, pipolfen and modern L-CET and tsetrin.They are appointed and released only on doctor's advice.In milder forms of the disease is practiced administering drugs orally in tablet form, with more complex situations - intravenous or intramuscular injection.

If first-line therapy in the form of antihistamines has not given the results, go to the next level - the use of hormonal methods.For the treatment of allergic scrotal edema, often used drugs such as prednisolone, hydrocortisone and dexamethasone.They are administered intravenously, the dosage depending on the age and condition of the patient.

Other drugs can be distinguished painkillers, which are used in the development of severe pain.It justifies the use of non-narcotic analgesics such as dipyrone and ketanova that are very well eliminate the symptoms of the disease.

rehabilitation after illness

After recovery the main task of doctors is to normalize the patient's immune status.For this purpose, patients used a variety of immunomodulators and immunostimulants.In the domestic pharmaceutical market, they are represented by such drugs as the timolin, timogen and others.Their use may cause serious side effects, so they are used only on prescription.

Feeding habits and lifestyle

All patients who have had allergic swelling of the scrotum, to determine the exact causes of the disease must adhere to a strict hypoallergenic diets.They are forbidden to eat citrus fruits, chocolate, cocoa, coffee, milk, eggs, strawberries and other colorful fruits.Only after the entire spectrum of diagnostic tests will be carried out and the patient will exclude food allergy, his diet can be expanded.

If a patient diagnosed with pollen or household allergies, it makes some adjustments to the image of his life.Patients who are allergic to house dust as possible should get rid of all soft objects in the apartment and daily wet cleaning.

patients with pollen allergy to certain plants during flowering is recommended to leave the place of residence or minimize your outdoor walks, carrying them only during cool, wet weather.

Treatment folk remedies

Treatment of folk remedies for allergic swelling of the scrotum is not something that is inefficient, and even dangerous, as the application of various tinctures and poultices can only contribute to the development of allergic process.Of course, there are cases where this kind of treatment has a positive effect, but in this situation it is necessary to remember that the allergy tends to samorazresheniyu without any therapy.

Complications of allergic swelling of the scrotum

All the complications of allergic swelling of the scrotum can be divided into local and general.If linked to the first compression of neural and vascular structures, the latter are extremely allergic genesis.

With extensive swelling of the scrotum can pinch the nerve and vascular structures, which take place in this anatomical area.The result can be the development of stagnation in the venous system of the testicles.Generally, in most cases it ends testicular varicose veins.

most threatening complication of the disease, which develops due to an increase in blood levels of allergic mediators, is urticaria with angioedema.The clinical picture of this complication is characterized by multiple rashes on the body people with swelling of the face and neck.The danger of this complication is that the swollen subcutaneous fat compresses the larynx, so that it may be stenosis.This quickly leads to respiratory failure and death of man.For life-saving in this case it is necessary to renew the airway, which is possible only through tracheal intubation or tracheotomy.

prevention of allergic swelling of the scrotum

Allergic swelling of the scrotum is one of those diseases for which prevention is much more important than the treatment itself.Preventive measures begin with the detection of the allergen to which the patients have a reaction.

prevention in food allergy is probably the simplest of all kinds of allergies.To prevent repeated episodes of the disease should be excluded from the diet of the product, leading to the development of clinical symptoms.As already mentioned, most of such products as are the citrus fruits, chocolate, cocoa and other extractives.

more complex and problematic is the prevention of pollen allergy.Most often, the recommendations for change of domicile or at least a temporary move is difficult to perform, so patients are encouraged to use individual means of prevention.Venture out, if possible, it is recommended only in the evening or during wet weather.When traveling in a car is not allowed to open the windows, it is necessary to use only air-conditioned.

Prevention household allergy is quite simple, since for its realization only need to constantly maintain the apartment is desirable to remove from the premises all the "dust collectors": carpets, stuffed toys, upholstered furniture with fabric covering.The smaller house is of such items, the less you will need to carry out wet cleaning.

Allergic reactions to animal fur profilaktiruet complete elimination of contact with the animal.If the latter is associated with a professional feature or a strong emotional attachment, it is recommended to use special shampoos for pets.

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