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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Man's Health

asthenozoospermia - a pathological condition, which manifests itself decrease the number of active sperm in the ejaculate.According to the regulations of the World Health Organization, normal sperm should have a minimum of 70% of active sperm, while a decrease in this indicator can be interpreted as already asthenozoospermia.According to international statistical indicators, such pathology is the cause of male infertility in almost half of cases.

reasons asthenozoospermia

Definitely call the cause of this pathological condition can not even the most advanced scientists of the world.At the same time, it stands a huge number of factors that contribute to the development of asthenozoospermia.According to their origin, they are divided into external factors and internal environment of the human.

Reasons asthenozoospermia connected from the human body can be attributed long abstinence, bad habits, such as alcohol abuse and smoking, exposure radiation, or electromagnetic waves, factors of high temperature

, affecting the scrotum, poor environmental situation and a general decrease in immunity.

addition, asthenozoospermia quite often develops on the background of infectious diseases that are transmitted sexually.Particular attention should be paid to such pathogens as Chlamydia, Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma.They are parasitic in the testicles, which can cause sperm agglutination, which causes immobility of the latter.

Often sperm lose their physiological properties through the pathology of the prostate gland.In particular, because the latter decrease the secretion.Very often it arises against inflammatory diseases such as prostatitis.During inflammation of the prostate internal environment from acidic to alkaline replaced, which is totally impractical for normal development of sperm.

testicular injury can be one of the reasons asthenozoospermia development.The pathogenesis of this disease is that during testicular trauma collapses barrier that protects the body from the antibodies present in human blood.When the barrier is destroyed, the antibodies fall freely in testicular tissue, which negatively impact not only on the organ parenchyma, but also in spermatozoa that in such a situation can not develop to the desired state.

Another common cause is asthenozoospermia testicular varicose veins, which is called a varicocele.Due to the fact that increased vascular volume egg is broken smermatogeneza process, in other words, the formation of sperm.

probability of fertilization during asthenozoospermia

asthenozoospermia clinical semen analysis is not a sentence, and even more so, it is in any case does not preclude fertilization.Of course, the probability of this fact reduced, but the odds are in any situation.

fertilization probability in this situation is directly proportional to the number of germ cells in normal semen analysis.For example, if the total number of semen showed inactive sperm 70%, this means that the possibility of fertilization is only 30%.Thus, the higher the degree asthenozoospermia, the lower the probability of fertilization.

treatment Management of asthenozoospermia

Despite the large number of common factors that contribute to asthenozoospermia, it almost always is a marker of the serious diseases of the genitourinary system.Thus, Retake analysis is required, only the date of the procedure shall appoint a urologist own.Postpone visit to the doctor with a reliable self-healing is not necessary, as in diseases such as chlamydia or prostatitis, laboratory picture sperm without treatment is getting worse every day.

Treatment asthenozoospermia

easy to guess that asthenozoospermia treatment depends on the specific factors that caused this cause.For example, if the reason was an infectious disease, the primary therapy should be based on the use of antibiotics.In addition, used drugs that improve blood circulation and a variety of vitamin complexes.They have a positive effect, regardless of the cause.

With timely and proper treatment, semen analysis is almost always returns to normal performance.The exceptions are complex injuries or congenital conditions such as cryptorchidism, which do not lend themselves to any kind of treatment.

To correct varicocele recently begun widely used technique of minimally invasive surgery that is accessing the body through a small incision of the blood vessel.

If the results of clinical diagnostics, asthenozoospermia declared incurable, the patient is recommended procedure for in vitro fertilization, which increases the chances of success.

Ed.urologist, sexologist-andrologist Plotnikov AN