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Balanitis - an inflammation of the glans penis, or rather its skin.Independently, this form of the disease is quite rare.It is much more common to see inflammation of the skin of the head of the penis with the foreskin.In this case, the disease is called balanoposthitis and has slightly different symptoms.

Causes of balanitis

Depending on the cause of the disease, balanitis is divided into infectious and non-infectious.As you might guess, the first develops on the background of some of the inflammatory process caused by a specific agent.Most often, it can be candida, gonorrhea, herpes, syphilis, or trichomoniasis.

In turn, non-infectious balanoposthitis developing diabetes mellitus, psoriasis, or other metabolic disorders.

In principle, in itself, the disease can not develop.This requires at least some predisposing factors.More often than others to inflammation of the glans penis causes a violation of personal hygiene genitals.Also balanitis may cause a violation of the general immunological status

of the organism.For example, heavy immudefitsitnye state with the addition of bacterial infections often become a cause of balanitis.

Also do not forget about the possibility of allergic inflammation of the penis head.Most often this occurs because of a topical allergic components.In various lubricants can act wetting role of the latter are used during sexual intercourse.

Symptoms of balanitis balanitis

Symptoms vary depending on the stage of the disease and its causative agent.For example, at the initial stage - the stage of simple or catarrhal balanitis , marked redness, maceration (Moisture) of the skin of the penis and its swelling.If at this stage is not to be taken at least minimum therapeutic measures, the macerated skin head soon covered in small erosions, which will merge with each other.If the process is stopped, the erosions to join secondary bacterial infection that causes already purulent inflammation of the glans penis.As a rule, in addition to visual symptoms at this stage of the patient concerned about minor pain, burning and itching in the affected location.

balanitis next stage, which is called erosive, manifests the formation of deep ulcers filled with fibrin and white located on the background of the inflamed skin.Very often, in this step there is an increase inflammation and regional lymph nodes, which are located at the junction of the groin in the thigh.Increased lymph nodes indicates the beginning of the spread of infection by blood and the lymphatic system of the human body.

If in spite of all the local symptoms of a person neglects to address to the doctor, the balanitis becomes generalized form.Against the backdrop of increased temperature observed malaise and weakness.The fact that at this time takes place in the intimate area, referred to as gangrenous balanitis .The penis is covered with deep necrotic ulcers, which are separated by areas of dead skin of the penis.If at this stage not to start emergency treatment, the amputation of the penis may be the only solution.

It may seem that to consult a doctor with the problem of frivolous foolish.In this respect, doctors are of the opinion that it is better safe than nedobdet.Even if you notice the slightest redness of the glans penis, which can not even be accompanied by unpleasant sensations, immediately run to the urologist.At the time appointed measures can stop the process at the easiest stage.

Diagnostics balanitis

Typically, diagnosis of balanitis is not burdened with a large list of laboratory and instrumental analysis.During the start of treatment in the early stages, you can not have recourse to the definition of the pathogen, as it does not affect the treatment strategy.

much more important to produce seed from the urethra to the syphilis bacteria, since the latter disease is often just such symptoms.Another must, or at least recommended method is confrontation.This term implies a survey of all the patient's sexual partners.

If the patient goes to the hospital in the late stages of the disease, when no antibiotic therapy can not do, then it is necessarily necessary to allocate the causative agent of the disease and implement the definition of sensitivity to antibiotics recently.

Among modern diagnostic methods can be isolated by the polymerase chain reaction, implying the need to identify the most bacteria DNA.Despite the high cost of such a method, it allows to identify the pathogen in 100 percent of cases.

As already mentioned, the cause balanitis can serve as many systemic diseases, which means that the need for diagnostic methods aimed at the primary disease.Most often, this is a complete blood count, urinalysis, blood sugar, and others.

treatment balanitis

treatment of this disease, as well as its diagnosis, is directly dependent on the stage of balanitis.For example, at the initial stage, when there is no more serious clinical symptoms are appointed by warm baths with antiseptic solutions.Because the skin of the penis rather delicate, it is better to use antiseptics on the basis of natural substances.A good representative of this group is a chlorophyllin, which can be purchased over the counter without a prescription.

little harder to treat balanitis, which has already passed in the purulent stage.To do this, the physician should choose the adequate antibiotic therapy.As a general rule, the formulations are determined on the basis of the results of the research laboratory methods, but there are situations where waiting for tests simply do not have time.In such a case, preferred broad-spectrum antibiotics, which include penicillins, cephalosporins, fluoroquinolones, and others.As a rule, these medications can be purchased over the counter without a prescription, but it is better to get acquainted with all the side effects and contraindications.

To the inflammatory process did not extend beyond the boundaries of the head of the penis is often used a special silicone ring that fits over the penis head edge.It not only prevents the spread process on the body of the penis, but also holds the head permanently open, which promotes rapid healing of inflammations.

Silicone ring for the treatment of balanitis

Surgical treatment of balanitis is applied only in advanced stages of purulent process, when fully get rid of the damaged skin can not be conservative.

Feeding habits and lifestyle with balanitis

Just need to say that in the case of balanitis disease your gastrointestinal tract does not suffer as a diet with no need to stick to balanitis.Much more attention should be given to lifestyle changes.If a person is sick balanitis, it is possible that it has insufficient level of hygiene of the external genital organs.By all means it needs to be increased.Typically, this is not necessary to use any special procedures.Average daily shower and a frequent change of underwear is enough.

rehabilitation after illness

speak about any special rehabilitation activities is not necessary.Quite often balanitis allowed yourself, so that the patient does not even notice-borne diseases.Of course, much more complicated things are in those patients who had to undergo an operation, especially the amputation of the penis.Talk about some psychological support here is inappropriate, because there is always need qualified psychological help.Today, such patients still in the hospital appointed by consultation of a specialist.

treatment balanitis folk ways

can not say that at the time of traditional methods of balanitis are bad.On the contrary, most of the lotions used in folk medicine and have antiseptic properties needed just at the beginning of the disease.Only here, if the process is exacerbated and to treat it is already necessary to use antibiotics, the people's money is better to postpone until the next time.In this situation, the use of the latest fully attain to the level of inactivity.

Complications of balanitis

At first glance, is easy and simple disease like balanitis can not simply lead to serious consequences.But in practice, says a completely different picture.In addition to septic complications by balanitis can be a denial of the foreskin, which is called phimosis.For its treatment used operative method in which excised completely all the skin of the foreskin.Of course, this situation is unpleasant enough, but compared to other complications, it is just the beginning.

gangrenous final stage of the disease ends the operation with a completely different volume.It is performed during the complete amputation of the penis tube with breeding for urination.Looking at these potential consequences, balanitis becomes a completely different priority in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the external genitalia in males.

Prevention of balanitis balanitis

Prevention important as nothing else.With the active compliance of all doctors advice you can avoid this unpleasant disease.Of course, the first place is personal hygiene.It is recommended to take a bath or shower at least once every two days, and also frequently change underwear.Even if the most simple measures can never meet with such a disease as a balanitis.

In second place is the treatment of chronic diseases and the readjustment of foci of infection in the body.Of course, the direct link between diabetes and balanitis does not exist, but of such a route of infection also need to worry.Especially because apart from balanitis diabetes can cause more weight and other complications.

And the third step in the prevention of balanitis take emergency measures.They are carried out during the first few hours after the onset of symptoms of balanitis.During this time you must take a bath, brush the skin of the glans penis some cream on the basis of vaseline and change underwear.There is a very strong likelihood that if the implementation of such measures, the process to the next stage will not go.

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