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Peyronie's disease - a curvature of the penis due to the degeneration of his fibroplastic tunica.To date, the pathology is quite rare.In general, men between the ages of thirty to sixty years.The first change of the penis of this type has been described by the French surgeon Francois Peyronie's back in 1743, after whom the pathology was named.

Causes of Peyronie's disease

To date, none of the world's scientists can not give precise causes of Peyronie's disease.However, Microfracture penis is considered a major risk factor in the development of this pathology.It is believed that the constant stimulation of the head and shaft of the penis, inflammation develops last.As a result of this activity is activated fibroblasts and connective tissue degeneration occurs tunica.After that, the skin and tissue of the penis are no longer soft and elastic, but on the contrary, become stiff and immobile.

If the inflammatory process continues on the background of the active formation of connective tissue, the so-call

ed remodeling occurs last.In other words, the connective tissue begins to change its own shape and curvature of the penis occurs.

Anatomy of Peyronie's disease

In addition, the risk of developing Peyronie's disease may increase systemic diseases such as diabetes, erectile dysfunction, hypertension, and lipid metabolism.

Ambiguous is the attitude of scientists to smoking and alcoholism in the development of Peyronie's disease.At a time when some believe that these factors contribute to the disease, while others completely deny such information.

can not exclude the role of hereditary factors in the genesis of Peyronie's disease.At the very least, this shows Dupuytren's contracture, which holds more than half of patients with pathology of Peyronie.

symptoms of Peyronie's disease

clinical picture of the disease depends on the stage.In step inflammation Patients usually report pain in the body of the penis.It may occur at rest and become stronger during erections and intercourse.At this stage also, the formation of "soft" plaque under the skin of the penis.

next stage in the development of Peyronie's disease is a fibrotic.The clinical picture of this phase is characterized by the formation of a dense infiltrate under the skin of the penis, which can even calcined.There is a gradual curvature of the penis.

symptom of Peyronie's disease

After step inflammation disease has three options for development.Very rarely observed spontaneous improvement, while the progression of the disease occurs most often.Also, the process of stabilization can occur quite often, which is also, in principle, does not correspond to recovery.These patients continue to have a plaque under the skin of the penis and experiencing some discomfort.

most significant in the clinical picture of Peyronie's disease is considered to be the occurrence of erectile dysfunction, which has the mechanical causes of the formation of calcifications in the soft tissues of the penis.

Because Peyronie's disease has a very high tendency to progression, self-diagnosis and, especially, self is not allowed.If you have pain in the head and body of the penis, you must immediately consult a urologist.Only at this stage of the consultation of a specialist it is effective and can prevent the disease.

diagnosis of Peyronie's disease

As a rule, the characteristic clinical picture of the disease and the presence of inflammation of the penis in the history leave no questions about the diagnosis.For more precise information about the number, location and structure of plaques resorting to instrumental methods of investigation.Ultrasound and X-ray results can be essential information when choosing the amount and method of operation.

Treatment of Peyronie's disease

Principles of treatment of Peyronie's disease include conservative and operative methods.Orally All patients received vitamin E, colchicine and tamoxifen.Although these drugs can be easily purchased at a pharmacy without a prescription, to do this, you should not, because a large number of drugs have side effects and should only be prescribed by a doctor.

In addition, among the conservative methods of treatment can be administered lidazy administration, interferon and hydrocortisone in the tissue of the penis.Practice shows that local administration of these drugs gives a much better effect than systemic.

among non-drug methods used local negative pressure and electrophoresis, which is combined with the introduction of Lydasum.

Practice shows that conservative management of Peyronie's disease is only allowed on the inflammation stage.When under the skin of the penis are already formed calcified plaque, the only way out of the situation can only be surgery.

When the local process of removal of fibrous plaques applied through a separate incision.In a situation where this is the case with the vast process, resort to the plastic skin of the penis.This may be used a flap of skin taken from another part of the patient's body or porcine graft.

As one of the variants of operations for a total of Peyronie's disease early is often used a two-stage plastic skin of the scrotum.To do this, after complete excision penile skin and subcutaneous calcified plaque at the base and top of the scrotum was performed two cuts.Through their stretched penis and left in this position for about a month.Once the skin of the scrotum firmly take root on the body of the penis, it was carried out the cuts around the edges of the penis.The operation was finished stitching the cut flaps of skin on the underside of the penis, and the elimination of the holes in the scrotum.

This operation had a lot of complications, the most serious of which was erectile dysfunction.Furthermore, hair growth was observed on the skin of the penis, which is strongly interfered with personal hygiene.Today, from this operation is completely abandoned, but that does not help to get rid of its complications.Despite the fact that now replace defective skin from other body sites, or even artificially grown transplants, erectile dysfunction is still quite common.Scientists continue to work actively on this issue.

Feeding habits and lifestyle with Peyronie's disease

Despite the fact that the development of Peyronie's disease is given a change in lipid profile, a special diet for this disease does not exist.As for the way of life, the experts recommend to abstain from masturbation and sex life during treatment, which are traumatic factors and lead to deterioration.

rehabilitation after illness

recovery after Peyronie's disease are subject to only patients with psychological disorders in the background of this and sick after the operation.As for the operated patients, that at some time they need surgical wound dressings and complete physical peace of the penis.The latter is provided by bed rest or the imposition of special tires.

Quite often in patients who have sexual problems against the background of Peyronie's disease, develop psychological disorders.They are dangerous because even after complete recovery of erectile function recovery does not occur.Such patients need psychotherapy sessions, which are held in the office of a therapist or sexologist.

Treatment folk remedies

In Peyronie's disease is better to stick to the traditional methods of treatment, because traditional medicine can not only help the patient, but worsen his condition.As a rule, traditional healers using local compresses and lotions, which only reinforce the processes of inflammation and exudation in the body of the penis.It is accompanied by a progression of Peyronie's disease.Thus, the use of traditional therapies during such illness is unacceptable.

Complications of Peyronie's disease

As mentioned above, the most frequent and serious complication of Peyronie's disease is considered to erectile dysfunction.It occurs in almost all patients in whom there is calcification of subcutaneous plaques.To sort happened, must be timely to seek help from a urologist who can correctly assign the tactics of the disease.

Prevention Peyronie's disease

Because the exact cause of Peyronie's disease is unknown to this day, it is very difficult to develop guidelines for its prevention.However, based on the selected risk factors, profilaktirovat Peyronie's disease have all men between the ages of thirty years who suffer from coronary artery disease, diabetes mellitus, disturbance of blood lipid and erectile dysfunction.

essence of prevention of this disease is to eliminate the main factors that lead to its development, that is, treatment of the underlying disease.To reduce the trauma of the penis is recommended to use comfortable underwear and loose pants.It is also believed that masturbation is one of the main reasons that lead to microtraumas penis.In that situation, when masturbation is necessary for medical reasons, and can not give it up, during this process it is recommended to use a neutral oil or a special intimate lubricant.

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