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vesicles - an inflammation of the seminal vesicles, which are located near the prostate.During normal operation of the genitourinary system, the paired organ functions as a kind of reservoir, which houses the prostate secret, drawn directly in the hardware.The vesicles are connected to semyavynosnym channel through which, in fact, sperm and get into the environment.

vesicles - an inflammation of the seminal vesicles, which are located near the prostate.During normal operation of the genitourinary system, the paired organ functions as a kind of reservoir, which houses the prostate secret, drawn directly in the hardware.The vesicles are connected to semyavynosnym channel through which, in fact, sperm and get into the environment.

Causes inflammation of vesicles

Whatever the saying, and vesicles is a rare disease.The explanation for this may serve as a characteristic arrangement of the body in the back of a small basin, which is quite difficult to get an infectious process or any other pathological age


Thus, cases in which vesicles developed as a primary disease, is considered to be academic, since they are found only in the pages of textbooks.It is much more common to see inflammation of the seminal vesicles that appeared on the background of other inflammatory diseases.More often than not it leads to vesiculitis chronic prostatitis, urethritis or epididymitis (inflammation of the epididymis).Also vesicles may develop on the background of infectious process, did not involved in the urogenital system.This may be a banal flu, sore throat, or osteomyelitis (inflammation of the bone marrow of large tubular bones).

In addition, there are many factors that contribute to vesiculitis.It does not always lead to a sore throat is inflammation of the seminal vesicles.Thus, frequent constipation, sedentary work, prolonged abstinence, still life and depression of the immune system are the moments, against which develops the defeat of the seminal vesicles.

Anatomy vesicles

Symptoms vesiculitis

Inflammation of seminal vesicle often goes unnoticed, making this pathology even more dangerous.The fact is that during chronic prostatitis disease, it is difficult to isolate the symptoms, which indicates no loss of the prostate, seminal vesicles viz.As a rule, during the propagation of inflammation on the vesicle marked increase in body temperature to 39 degrees, sharply intensified pain in the perineum and even more difficult the process of urination.In addition, the sperm may appear drops of blood, and the pain will intensify during defecation and bladder filling.

If such symptoms began to trouble you, or someone close to you, immediately lead him to a urologist.Vesicles - this is a very serious problem that can result in the most unpredictable and the most unexpected consequences.In no case can not neglect these symptoms.Moreover, to explain their exacerbation of chronic prostatitis.Vesicles - a much more serious problem than the inflammation of the prostate gland.

Diagnostics vesiculitis

Definition inflammation of the seminal vesicles simple, but at the same time, a very important task.For him, as a rule, at the initial stage of a rectal examination, in which the pain is determined by the front wall of the ampoule of the rectum.Then this is the case for laboratory parameters, which should confirm or refute the diagnosis.

Complete blood count nothing but signs of a general inflammation of the urologist can give.The same applies to the general analysis of urine.Therefore, to verify the diagnosis assigned seeding the content of the seminal vesicles.This material is taken to a clean tube during prostate massage - manipulation, which the doctor performs.Further secret plated on a nutrient medium, where a few days colonies of microbes grow integers that indicate the presence of bacterial inflammation seminal vesicles.While

made training for all laboratory tests, as a rule, the patient undergoes a pelvic ultrasound.Using a special sensor, which is inserted through the rectum, can quite clearly define the inflammation of the walls of the seminal vesicle.Although this method is considered and indirect, but on the basis thereof frequently diagnosed with acute or chronic vesiculitis.

ultrasound sensor inserted through the rectum

Uzi vesiculitis

Treatment vesiculitis

If pathology identified at an early stage of its development, it is an active antibacterial therapy to treat it.Naturally, it is carried out a broad-spectrum drugs, which include penicillins, macrolides, fluoroquinolones and cephalosporins.Despite the fact that these drugs can be purchased over the counter without any prescription, it should be done only after the official confirmation of the diagnosis.

Antibiotics are medication that affects solely on the causative agent, but did not remove his symptoms.For this purpose, normally used analgesics and antipyretics, which can be taken in the injection, and in a tablet form.

have very justifiable use of laxatives, which significantly reduce pain in the perineum during defecation.The truth is taking them difficult to combine with bed rest, which is given during the acute period of the disease.

The present treatment concerns only acute vesiculitis.During the chronic course of the disease is still used and a number of other medical and surgical procedures.For example, during a purulent inflammation of the vesicles, the only treatment is considered to be surgical drainage of the cavity of the seminal vesicles.A more gentle method is to wash the cavity of the vesicles, which is carried out through the urethra.

Feeding habits and lifestyle with vesiculitis

vesicles - it is a disease that can not be considered completely cured.Sooner or later, we should expect a relapse, so you need to protect your health.It must be remembered that the reason vesiculitis served likely prostatitis, which means that a large force is necessary to throw on the treatment of this pathology.In addition, it is better to avoid those factors that lead to the disease: a sedentary lifestyle and frequent constipation, sexual insecurity.

no less important than the chronic diseases of the genitourinary system, is the general condition of the body.People who recover from once vesiculitis must remember that even the smallest hypothermia can lead to relapse.

rehabilitation after illness

Rehabilitation after vesiculitis - one of the factors that can prevent a recurrence of the disease.Very often, for the prevention of relapse urologists appointed spa treatment with mud baths.Also recommended methods such as physiotherapy.
even recently conducted a study which showed greater efficacy of physiotherapy after recovering from vesiculitis as prevent recurrence of inflammation of the seminal vesicles.According to scientists, physiotherapy treatments reduce the risk of recurrent disease nearly doubled.

Traditional methods of treatment vesiculitis

Surprisingly, the popular treatments vesiculitis been invented.Most likely, the reason for this is the fact that traditional healers could not even guess at the existence of such an interesting and mysterious organ as the seminal vesicles.Of course, a variety of herbal and other natural drugs are available, but they are no different from those that are recommended during treatment of prostatitis.The explanation of this fact is very simple - just traditional healers did not distinguish between two given pathology.
probably talk about the "benefits" of this treatment is not necessary, because even a person without any medical education it becomes clear that to get rid of the bacterial infection process is not real without antibiotics.A long time without the use of drugs only aggravate vesiculitis picture and lead to serious consequences.

Complications vesiculitis

vesiculitis Complications can be very scary.Usually, the cause of development, only one - is the lack of or delay treatment.Purulent inflammation of the vesicles, which requires surgery, which was mentioned above is not the most serious problem that can be expected of the patient with untreated vesiculitis bad.Much can be serious consequences if the infection went down the semyavydelitelnomu channel.In this case, an inflammation of the epididymis is observed with a possible transition directly on the sex glands.

Testicles - a body which has a special barrier that prevents the penetration of the parenchyma of various substances that are found in the blood.These substances include not only pathogens, but also medicines.Thus, if the bacterium is still some detours will make the way in the testicles, then get it out to be very difficult.You could even say, almost impossible.Of course, after some time, the inflammation can stop on their own, only after it will remain the most serious consequences - a complete lack of fertility.

Prevention vesiculitis

profilaktirovat inflammation of the seminal vesicles is rather difficult, as there is the main reason for its occurrence.But even so, two urologists theory developed prevention of acute vesiculitis.

first method of prevention is to eliminate the causes of acute local inflammation.As mentioned above, preceded by the appearance of an acute inflammation of the vesicles can be chronic processes such as prostatitis and urethritis.So, in the first place is worth readjustment of foci of chronic infection.It can be achieved by prophylactic use of antibiotics and local antiseptics purpose.

addition, vesicles may occur due to the infection, which is located far from the seminal vesicles.This means that it is necessary to eliminate not only the local, but also all the other centers of accumulation of purulent infection.Hard to believe, but even carious teeth can cause such diseases as vesicles.

In addition to all this, we must remember that even the complete absence of bacteria in the body can not guarantee the absence of occurrence vesiculitis.For example, the described cases, when, after a significant hypothermia on a background of absolute health in men, symptoms of acute inflammation of the seminal vesicles.

Another essential factor to prevent vesiculitis considered personal hygiene.Regular toilet of external genitals and the frequent change of underwear is an essential element in the prevention of any disease urogenital system in men.

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