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hypertrophy seed mound - a congenital malformation of the genitourinary system, which is marked hyperplasia of all elements of the seed mound.In turn, the seed mound - this anatomical formation, located on the rear part of the urethra, which has views of the tubercle.In fact, this body is a vestige of the uterus in a man, so it is called in the literature male dearest.

hypertrophy seed mound

Causes hypertrophy seed mound

As it became clear even from the title, this is a congenital abnormality, so give exact reasons for its occurrence is not possible.Many scientists believe that the genesis of this anomaly are important, first of all, the impact of exogenous factors on a pregnant woman.More often than not, it is of course the power of women.For this reason, pregnant women are prohibited to consume large amounts of salt, fatty, fried foods, and pepper.

In addition, pregnant women should not succumb to constant stress, as it has been proven that chronic nerve experiences a negative impact not onl

y on the state of women, but also on the future health of the child.

probably talk about the dangers of chemicals, some medications, alcohol and smoking can not speak.It should be noted that most of the hypertrophy of the seed mound was observed in dysfunctional families where pregnant women do not adhere to all of the above warnings.

Symptoms hypertrophy seed mound

Since the seminal hillock located in the urethra, then the hypertrophy observed a typical pattern of obstruction of the urethra.Symptoms can appear at any age, not necessarily immediately after birth.In the initial stages of the patients are concerned only minor discomfort during urination, as well as changes in the nature of the jet.At first, it becomes sluggish, then the urine starts to separate drops, after which the state developed a total obstruction.

patients is rapidly increasing in the lower abdomen of its departments, acquiring peculiar kind of tumor.On palpation, this education is sharply painful.Patients voznikaetsilnoe desire to urinate, but they can not physically do.

next stage of development of the disease is vesicoureteral reflux.Due to the increasing pressure in the bladder and overlapping of physiological fluid outflow path, it begins to climb up the urinary tract, i.e. in the ureters and kidneys hereinafter.Gradually, this leads to disruption of the pair of organ function.Patients, except for the pain in the lumbar region, begins to disturb the general weakness, malaise, fever, and pale skin.

At the same time, due to impaired renal function, a large amount of renin, which increases vascular tone, raising blood pressure.This leads to the development of renal hypertension.If you do not correct the symptoms of the disease, this condition can result in visual impairment, and heart function.

hypertrophy seed hillock tends to a constant and fairly rapid progression.Therefore, all patients who have noted a similar clinical picture, you should immediately seek help from a urologist who can correctly identify the tactics of treatment of diseases that differ depending on the stage.

diagnosis of hypertrophy of seminal hillock

accurate method to verify the diagnosis can only be regarded as cystoscopy, which is conducted by introducing a special optical device into the urethra.In this disease, in the sight glass unit is visualized on the undulating elevation of the bottom wall of the urethra.

Ureteroscopy hypertrophy seed mound

addition, can be used and retrograde urethrography, which consists of introducing into the urethra of the contrast agent and then X-ray examination of the pelvic organs.As a rule, marked hypertrophy seed mound filling defect or rendered complete coverage of the urethra.

for the differential diagnosis of this disease with other pathologies, such as urolithiasis can be used and additional diagnostic methods, e.g., computed tomography or ultrasound.

Treatment of hypertrophy of seminal hillock

pathology Treatment depends on its stage, and it is desirable to carry out immediately after the diagnosis.At the initial stage, when there is a slight increase in the seed mound, endoscopic resection of the site can be used.It is performed using a special apparatus - resectoscope, which is like a cystoscope inserted into the opening of the urethra.Under the control of the hypertrophic removes seed mound.

For more complex situations where the introduction of resectoscope is impossible or, in the absence of the latter, removes hypertrophy seed mound through the perineal access.In this case, the skin incision is performed on the crotch by blunt and sharp allocated urethra into the prostate.After opening of the urethra is the seminal hillock, which is removed with a scalpel.

the presence of vesicoureteral reflux, which is diagnosed by means of voiding cystography, performed percutaneous puncture nephrostomy.After local anesthesia of the skin in the lumbar region, a special needle puncture of the skin puncture is performed, soft tissue and parenchymal kidney, right up to getting the needle in the renal pelvis.Make sure the needle in the right position, you can use reverse aspiration, in which the urine appears in the syringe tube.

After that, through the puncture needle into the lumen of the renal pelvis introduced a special catheter, which serves as a nephrostomy.

This is the first stage of surgery to eliminate hypertrophy seed mound.The second stage - is directly removing exaggerated anatomical education.It is performed only after two or three weeks after setting nephrostomy.During this period, everything is subsiding inflammation in the bladder and kidneys, so there is more chance of a favorable outcome of the operation.

Rehabilitation after

disease Any kind of surgical treatment of hypertrophy of the seminal hillock in the postoperative period is mandatory statement of the urethral catheter.It is necessary to ensure that the damaged wall of the urethra is not soldered to the opposite wall, and did not happen postoperative adhesive obliteration of the urethra.Time carrying urethral catheter is determined individually depending on the type of surgery.

In the remote operating period, for better recovery functions of the genitourinary system, physiotherapy treatments can be used.Today most commonly used magnetic darsonval and since they have no contraindications and may be used even for small children.

Feeding habits and lifestyle

Before and after treatment of hypertrophy of the seminal hillock there is no need to use special dietary intake.As for the way of life, it is not limited to nothing more than, in addition to wear a urethral catheter.Naturally, if such an operation is carried out at a later age, at the time, wearing a urethral catheter patients should limit themselves in sexual relationships.Failure to observe these medical recommendations may end very badly for the patient, since the early activation of the urethra after the operation in terms of sexual relationships threatens the development of erectile dysfunction in the future.

Treatment folk remedies

Treatment of folk remedies is not the method of choice when hypertrophy seed mound, because this pathology can qualitatively be adjusted only by means of surgical intervention.Assigning all sorts of concoctions, ointments, lotions, tinctures does not give any positive effect.Therefore, all patients who have a similar problem or typical for this pathology clinical picture, it is necessary to ask for help than to traditional healers, and in specialized medical institutions.

Complications hypertrophy seed mound

The most dangerous complication of this disease should be considered as acute renal failure, which is a logical development of the disease after vesicoureteral reflux.Urine which collects in the cavity permanently renal pelvis, leads to destruction of nephron ingress and urinary toxins into the bloodstream.If a clinical picture of the patient is not immediately transferred to the intensive care unit and carry out the whole complex of urgent measures, it is likely that the pathology may solve lethal.

necessary to allocate stricture urethra Among long-term complications of the disease.They usually occur when a patient after surgery will not be scheduled time wearing a urethral catheter.Interestingly, the clinical picture is exactly the same strictures as hypertrophy seed mound, so that the wrong treatment can simply convert one form of the disease to another.

Prevention hypertrophy seed mound

warn the disease is necessary before birth.That is to do this should not be the patient himself and his parents.First of all, pregnant women need to get rid of all the external risk factors.The latter include infection, poor nutrition, unfavorable ecological situation, drinking and smoking.As practice shows, those pregnant women who have not submitted the above factors have a much lower risk of having a baby with a congenital anomaly.

At the same time, a woman must be protected not only from outside but also from the internal risk factors.The latter include chronic diseases of internal organs, mental disorders and hormonal disorders.With regard to the latter, they play the most important role in the development of congenital anomalies.As the circulatory system of the fetus and mother are connected, then increase the level of hormones in the mother's blood affects the tab and the development of tissues and organs of the fetus.That is why, when viewed in the antenatal clinic for pregnant women forced to periodically be tested for hormone levels.

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