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caverns - an inflammation of the corpus cavernosum or cavernous bodies of the penis, which in most cases is an acute and complicated for erectile dysfunction.

reasons kavernita

kavernita The immediate cause is the entry in the corpora cavernosa of the penis of an infectious disease agent.Most often as a last favor gonorrhea.The spread of infection in the cavernous body comes from the urethra, where it is usually a parasite.To promote this can Microfracture mucosa, which occurs after strokes taken for bekteriologicheskogo study on discharge urethritis pathogen.

addition, kavernita causes can be acute urethritis other etiology, penile injury with rupture of one of the cavernous bodies, as well as a sore throat or osteomyelitis.Recent kavernita reasons are due to hematogenous dissemination of the pathogen infection.Also, the reason can be kavernita lymphogenous dissemination of the pathogen of the disease.

Symptoms kavernita

most characteristic clinical sign of acute kavernita a sharp pain of the pe

nis, which has a rapidly progressive character.In this case the skin of the penis becomes bright red color, smooth and edematous.Perhaps there is an erection of the penis, which, however, has nothing to do with sexual arousal.While touching the penis pain intensified, and redness at the site of dense painful palpable thickening.

caverns - the appearance of the penis

next stage in the development of kavernita is festering infiltrate.The resulting abscess soon, opened into the lumen of the urethra, which is accompanied by a decrease in pain and improvement in overall condition.At the same time, from the urethra releases massive amounts of muddy stinking pus.

After opening the abscess comes the third stage - hardening.As a result, the former site of an abscess is formed scar tissue, which deforms the penis, which greatly complicates the sexual act, or, in general, makes it impossible.

Chronic kavernita a slow-progressive duration that ends form a seal on the body of the penis, which can have a different length and shape.

Self at the cavern is unacceptable due to the severe consequences of the disease.Therefore, in the presence of a patient one of the above symptoms, you should immediately contact the urologist that he appointed a course of effective treatment.

Diagnostics kavernita

Diagnostics inflammation corpus cavernosum of the penis, usually ends at the stage of clinical examination.Painful penis thickened with erythematous (reddened) skin and erectile dysfunction are unprecedented signs of acute microscopic and bacteriological examination of discharge from the urethra can be used to determine the cause kavernita.This is necessary to clarify the origin of a disease agent, and to determine its sensitivity to antibiotics.Data analysis was performed any clinical laboratory, so kavernita diagnosis is not a difficult issue in medicine.

If there is a suspicion that serangitis arose from the traumatic injury of the urethra wall can be carried out ultrasound of the penis, which helps to identify the course of traumatic mocheispuskatelngo channel into the cavity of the corpus cavernosum.

Treatment kavernita

Treating inflammation of cavernous bodies depends on the stage of the disease.For example, at the initial stage, when only inherent infiltration of the cavernous body, appointed a course of antibiotic therapy.If the causative agent of gonorrhea is kavernita, the drug of choice for its treatment is penicillin.It is administered intravenously or intramuscularly for four to six times a day.In place of this local treatment is used in the form of washes of the lumen of the urethra with an antiseptic solution (dekasan, furatsillin).They can be purchased over the counter without a doctor's prescription.

When inflammation goes infiltration stage in the cavernous body cavity formed an abscess, then used surgery.It lies in the body section of the penis and the drainage of purulent cavities.It is washed with an antiseptic solution.

Operation - opening abscess

If in the process of healing the wounds formed a large keloid scar, which hinders normal sexual life, then need a special plastic surgery for excision of the scar and the implementation of the remaining plastic skin tissues.

Postoperatively, it is essential to perform regular dressings washing surgical wound.This is done in order not to join a secondary infection, which can cause recurrent disease.

kavernita Treatment folk remedies

Men's Health - this is probably the most popular branch of medicine that is affected by the traditional healers.The fact is that because of the fear and shame of doctors, similar problems people turn to healers to this day.Naturally, this leads to an enormous amount of unnecessary and harmful manipulation.

Usually, all that can offer the popular "doctor" in inflammatory diseases, it compresses and lotions.When caverns such treatment only has a negative effect, due to the fact that promotes early disease progression.Under moist compresses formed a warm environment, which is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

Often, patients who were treated in hospital after a normal treatment of folk remedies are more advanced forms kavernita than those who are just sitting at home and doing nothing.

Feeding habits and lifestyle

In principle, it is not necessary to stick with the disease kavernitom no special diet.Is that the appointment of a temporary course of antibiotic therapy should refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages, as they are very bad combined with antibiotics and can cause a lot of side effects.

With regard to lifestyle after treatment kavernita to temporarily abstain from sexual relations.The fact that in the postoperative period the person becomes very susceptible to infectious diseases, and even conditionally pathogenic microflora can cause secondary infections in the corpus cavernosum.

rehabilitation after illness

First of all, rehabilitation after illness should be aimed at the return of man to his male power.To do this, after the completion of a course of antibiotic therapy, take a few courses of physical therapy.This type of rehabilitation is the impact on the area of ​​sexual special radiation member that has a positive effect on the healing process.

In order to prevent penile curvature, patients after surgery can be assigned to the wearing of a special tire that maintains the shape of the penis and helps to restore normal erectile function.

Since treatment kavernita used antibiotics, and not the weakest, after treatment is necessary to restore normal intestinal microflora.As you know, this is done through the use of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli in tablet or capsule forms.As practice shows, the capsule probiotics have a more pronounced effect on the restoration of normal intestinal microflora.

Complications kavernita

One of the most dangerous and frequent complications of this disease is erectile dysfunction, which is caused by sclerosis and penile curvature.

With weakened immunity in patients may occur local spread of the infection, which usually ends with gangrene of the penis.If after such complications the patient is still alive, it is because of surgery to amputate the penis.

is possible spread of the disease up the urinary system, which usually ends with cystitis.

Prevention kavernita

Since causal kavernita in most cases is an infection that preventive measures, first and foremost, should be aimed at its prevention.This can be achieved by eliminating casual sexual contacts and personal hygiene.

must be remembered that, for example, gonorrhea - it is a sexually transmitted disease that women can not clinically manifested.This means that if a spouse gonorrheal urethritis, it is quite possible he could catch and by his wife, who is not even aware of their infection, which could be "podtseplen" even in a public pool.To such a situation did not happen, you must undergo periodic inspections at venereologist, even if you live in a happy marriage, and do not have a sexual relationship on the side.

In case of urethritis should immediately undergo treatment to prevent its spread, not only in the cavernous body, but also in other departments of the urogenital tract.

also one of the areas in the prevention kavernita a thorough urological treatment and sterilization of instruments, which can be a source of infection of a variety of bacterial strains.It must be carried out in the central sterilization, which are available at any city or district hospital.

forecast at Cavern

prognosis for life is generally favorable, except in those rare cases when for some reason, can develop gangrene of the penis.The prognosis for recovery - relatively favorable, in view of the fact that many patients develop scarring of the penis, which ends with erectile dysfunction.Forecast for efficiency, uniquely favorable, because even the worst outcome of treatment in the form of amputation of the penis, does not affect human health.Is that, psychologically.

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