Cysts of the epididymis ( epidimotsele ) - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Man's Health

Epididimotsele or epididymis cyst - a benign cavernous tumor, which occurs from tissue of the epididymis.The disease occurs at any age, but most of it affects men older than 25 who are sexually active.Due to the paucity of clinical symptoms, cyst of the epididymis is often random or sectional diagnostic finding.

cyst epididymis

reasons cyst epididymal cysts

Among etiological factors epididymis should be allocated congenital and acquired.The birth refers retention, which means breaking in organogenesis, due to which the appendage is formed between the tissue cavity which is then filled with a transparent transudate.

Unlike congenital retention, which is quite rare, more common causes of cysts of the epididymis should be considered as an injury of the scrotum or transferred inflammatory diseases of the urinary organs in men.The highest value for the development of epididimotsele is inflammation of the epididymis, the result of which is a violation of this body of morphological structure, which c

an cause the development of cysts.Therefore, if the patient has a history of inflammatory diseases of the scrotum, it must undergo periodic checkups at the urologist.

Symptoms cyst epididymis

Usually epididimotsele has no clinical symptoms.In most cases it is diagnosed by pure chance while bathing or medical examination.It appears the disease in the form of small rounded soft education at the upper pole of the testis, painless on palpation.

Brighter clinical picture observed in the rupture or torsion of the cyst of the epididymis.Then the patient severe pain concerned in one of the halves of the scrotum, which is palpated dense painful formation over which usually visualized giperemirovanaya skin.Over time, clinical symptoms increase, and palpated education is not possible due to severe swelling of the scrotum.

To avoid this situation, the presence of similar education should immediately seek the help of a urologist, who will be able to make the correct diagnosis and choose the tactics of treatment.

cyst diagnosis epididymis

Typically, the clinical picture is enough to accurately diagnose epididimotsele.Only to determine the treatment strategy is necessary to make a further study, namely, ultrasound of the scrotum.The aim of this method is to find out the exact position of the cyst of the epididymis, as well as determining the final size.

In some cases, the differential diagnosis of cysts of the epididymis with the malignancy carried a puncture.Under the control of ultrasound performed puncture the cyst and fluid is taken for analysis or soft tissue.As a result of histological examination of puncture specimens and manage an accurate diagnosis.

cyst Treatment epididymis

principal and, in principle, only a single surgery can be considered an effective treatment of cysts of the epididymis.Typically, it is performed under local anesthesia, as the volume of such transactions is minimal.After processing the surgical field with iodine and alcohol is carried out under aseptic conditions the skin incision on the pathological new formation.The audit scrotal cavity is a cyst of the epididymis and soft grip is clamped at the base.Next cut off with a scalpel, this pathological tumor and sent for histological examination.By remaining clip and extends the thread are tied vessels that are supplying the cyst.The cavity of the scrotum is dried with sterile wipes and sutured in layers.When a cyst ruptures can be installed drainage pipe to evacuate the contents of the pathological scrotum.


Postoperatively appointed broad-spectrum antibiotics, such as ceftriaxone or ampicillin.

Feeding habits and lifestyle

After surgery patients is approximately two months are advised to refrain from strenuous exercise and wearing elastic melt.The first recommendation is to prevent surgical wound differences, and the second - to reduce the swelling of the scrotum and normal joint healing.

rehabilitation after illness

addition to the aforementioned elastic heats for normal wound healing in the first two weeks after the operation must be carried out daily bandaging with some antiseptic solution such as Betadine.This item requires special attention due to the fact that such operations are considered by some surgeons and ambulatory patients on the same day go home.they ignore the recommendations of the doctor often, which is why then have serious consequences.So, patients undergoing surgery for epididimotsele for at least the first three days you need to keep it in the hospital.

If postoperative wound compromised initially, for example, the cysts rupture or purulent inflammation of her, physiotherapy treatments recommended in the postoperative period, such as UHF.However, to get involved in the latter it is not necessary, since they increase the temperature in the scrotum, which has a negative effect on spermatogenesis.

Treatment folk remedies

Not long ago, traditional healers believed that these diseases can be treated physically, using a variety of massage techniques.After several such procedures are over gaps cysts of the epididymis, the massage in this disease declined.Now for the treatment of epididimotsele healers offer various compresses and lotions, which, however, contribute to the resorption of tumors.The question of their effectiveness is disputed, but the question about the dangers of their non-negotiable.Compress on any given region, even the most innocuous in terms of its composition, the temperature increase of the scrotum, which leads to disruption of spermatogenesis process and consequently leads to male sterility.

Thus, the presence of such tumors in the scrotum is better to seek help from a qualified professional, and not to transfer to another one pathology from traditional healers.

Complications cyst epididymis

As already mentioned, the main complications is epididimotsele razryz and torsion cysts.Both the first and the second lead to inflammation in the oral scrotum.At untimely treatment it can threaten the development of purulent process, rzultatom kotorog ozhet become not only infertility but also the fusion of egg, the treatment of which is only in the removal of the organ.


This pathology is bad so that from it there is no specific prevention.Mention may be made only restorative procedures that enhance the level of immunity and prevent inflammatory diseases.Also, those patients who have epididimotsele, but who refuses surgical treatment, you must refrain from active sports in order not to damage the cyst.

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