Cyst of the spermatic cord ( funikulotsele ) - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Man's Health

cyst of the spermatic cord or funikulotsele - a fairly common disease urogenital system in men, which occurs at almost any age.Because of their poor clinical symptoms of the cyst of the spermatic cord, most often, it is a random finding during the ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity.

scheme funikulotsele

reasons spermatic cord cyst

As a rule, in its origin funikoletsele divided into congenital and acquired.Congenital cyst of the spermatic cord is the cause of violations of the embryonic development of the fetus and may be associated with a variety of urogenital malformations, and other systems.

reason for acquired cysts often are inflammatory diseases that lead to the formation of a cavity between the shells of the spermatic cord or venous stasis in the body.

symptoms of the spermatic cord cyst

Most often funikulotsele is asymptomatic.Education appears as a random finding when bathing the child, during routine inspection by a specialist or for additional methods of research of

diseases of the abdomen and urinary organs.

Less cyst of the spermatic cord may manifest in the form of a constant aching pain in the groin area on one side.This typically occurs for very large sizes neoplasm, where it exerts a mechanical effect on the vascular and nervous structures of the anatomical portion.

Palpation not detect round tumor formation, usually myagkoelasticheskoy consistency, with a smooth surface, which is not soldered to surrounding tissues.

Thus, if you have found a tumor lump in the groin area, require immediate counseling urologist to determine further treatment strategy.

cysts Diagnostics spermatic cord

Typically, clinical examination leaves a lot of questions as to the origin of education.Therefore, it is necessary to differentiate with lipoma, spermatogenic granuloma, tumor of the spermatic cord and inguinal hernia.The latter condition is especially important because it occurs much more frequently than others.Reliable clinical sign of an inguinal hernia can be regarded as a symptom of "cough shock".When the doctor presses a finger on a tumor, the patient is asked to cough.If during the last procedure jerky marked protrusion of the tumor, we can say that we are dealing with a hernia.If the "tumor" does not respond to this symptom, you need to continue to pursue a diagnostic search.

Among other research methods most often applied ultrasound.Although it is not giving accurate information about the nature of the tumors, but allow at least roughly to judge the origin of the latter.On ultrasound spermatic cord cyst looks like a rounded education, filled with the substance for echogenicity similar to liquid.

reliable clinical research method can be considered only a biopsy tumors, but it is rarely used.The reason for such tactics is that all tumors of this area are in need of surgical treatment, regardless of their nature.

Treatment of cyst of the spermatic cord

The only effective treatment for spermatic cord cysts is surgery.It is the complete removal of tumors and the suturing of postoperative wound.The operation is usually performed under local anesthesia.After injecting the surgical field lidocaine, performed a longitudinal section of the scrotum.In the deep tissues, guided by ultrasound examination, sought neoplasm.Last clamped at the base and ligated with silk thread, then cut off with a scalpel.Operating material, in the form of a cyst wall is taken for mandatory histological examination.The aim of the latter is to eliminate the malignant growth.

operation to remove a cyst of the spermatic cord

Traditional methods of treatment

As practice shows, folk cures cyst of the spermatic cord do not bring much result.Healers recommend that you use a variety of ointments and compresses to resorption of education, which are always ineffective.In some cases, when used too active physical activities such as massage, cysts can rupture, which has a very poor prognosis, as it promotes the development of aseptic inflammation in the inguinal canal.Therefore, if the patient symptoms funikulotsele need to seek help only to a specialist.

Feeding habits and lifestyle

Usually funikulotsele does not need some special food.As for the way of life, then for two months after surgery, patients are recommended to limit physical exertion.Especially when it comes to lifting weights, since they have increased intra-abdominal pressure, which may contribute to the formation of the early post-operative hernias.

Rehabilitation after

disease within the first two hours after surgery, patients are encouraged to cold and the load on the wound that profilaktiruet occurrence of bruising and swelling.In addition, cold useful in terms of spermatogenesis, since it is known that there must be a few degrees below the temperature for normal sperm production than in the body.In the late period of the disease patients are advised to wear elastic trunks that support the testicles in normal position and do not give the seams disperse.

Complications cyst of the spermatic cord

As already mentioned, one of the complications can be funikulotsele cyst rupture.This usually happens when a mild stroke in the groin, or massage the site.cyst rupture leads to the formation of aseptic inflammation that is manifested pain and possibly fever.Therefore, if the diagnosis of a cyst of the spermatic cord is verified, you must be extremely careful not to damage the tumor.

Prevention spermatic cord cyst

Since funikulotsele forecast is favorable in all cases, prevention of this disease is given minimal attention.To prevent complications, the cyst is recommended to operate as soon as possible after detection.

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