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frenulum of the penis - this is skin fold, which goes to the head of the penis on his foreskin.By shortening the cord of the skin marked lack of straightening the penis during erection.It interferes with normal sexual intercourse.

Causes short frenulum

short frenulum of the penis is considered strictly congenital defect, which is available from the child's birth, and occurs only during his puberty.The fact is that until adolescence, when boys do not have an erection, and he does not live a sexual life, short frenulum does not affect his health.But during intercourse, this prevents the formation of anatomical penis fully straighten that causes discomfort or pain during sexual intercourse.

short frenulum Symptoms Symptoms

short frenulum of the penis depends on the degree of shortening of the skin of the strand.If the frenulum is too short, the first symptoms may occur already during the erection, when the head of the penis can not be fully straightened and through bridle tension pain.A more moderate

shortening, pain during erection itself can also not occur, but it is very well evident during intercourse.The man is very hard to choose the right position, during which he will not feel pain during sex.

Anatomy short frenulum

The bridle penile artery passes decent enough diameter, so during sex, when, due to sharp movements, there is a tear or rupture of the frenulum of the penis may occur quite severe bleeding.This situation is a mandatory indication for hospitalization in a surgical hospital and operations.

As for uncomplicated cases, then an appeal to the urologist - an initiative extremely patient.If during sexual intercourse, even with the tongue-tied man is not experiencing severe pain, then he will, he can not ask for help from a urologist.

Diagnostics short frenulum

Diagnostics short frenulum is not for special medical problems.Diagnosis exhibited clinically, based on the complaints of the patient data and examination of the external genitalia.Quite often there is a situation, when the symptoms occur only a short frenulum in erection, so the urologist may need to see the penis is in this state.

Treatment short frenulum of the penis Treatment

this pathology - the lot of surgeons urologists.The most reliable and common method of treatment is frenuloplastika .This surgery, which is performed under local anesthesia, involves cutting the frenulum of the penis with ligation of bleeding vessels.

This operation is performed in the majority of cases, though, there are times when the volume of surgical intervention is necessary to slightly increase.For example, if such a complicated pathology increased sensitivity of the penis head, that dreams of premature ejaculation, it is necessary to perform the Z-shaped frenuloplastiku.During this operation, the bridle is dissected into two triangles, which are then in turn crosslinked.The scar that forms after such an operation, not pulls postoperative wound.

Another surgery that is performed with a short frenulum of the penis, is circumcision.It is performed in the case where the bridle malformation complemented by an anomaly of the foreskin.For example, if the short frenulum is combined with a narrowed foreskin, in this situation it is advisable to perform the circumcision of the latter.

scheme of operations of the circumcision

Rehabilitation after surgery

Patients with a short bridle is no need to stick to any diet, even in the case of operations, since the latter is carried out under local anesthesia.As for the way of life, then to the complete healing of surgical wounds the man you need to abstain from sexual intercourse, as it may lead to a divergence of seams and operating in such a situation, a second operation is simply inevitable.

Also very important is the external genitalia hygiene during the postoperative period.It should be carried out after every visit to the toilet.Postoperative wound is treated not only water, but also non-concentrated solution of antiseptic followed nalkladyvaniem aseptic bandage.

main goal of rehabilitation in the postoperative period - is to prevent the development of purulent infection, and to provide as quickly as possible healing of the wound with the formation of the smallest scar.With regard to prevention of purulent infections that are assigned for this purpose modern antibacterials.As in most of his cases, surgery is performed in adolescence, the patient is contraindicated the use of fluoroquinolone drugs.In this case, the best fit means from the macrolides, which include clarithromycin and azithromycin.

for quick healing of the wound and a small scar on a daily basis is recommended to process the operational places with alcohol or iodine mandatory imposition of aseptic dressings.If the wound is clean, then in any case, you can not use any ointments or oil-based, as they are designed for the treatment of festering wounds, and in respect of the net can only prolong the healing process.

Treatment folk remedies

With regard to national treatment with all sorts of different ointments and poultices can only say that they are totally in vain.Buying and using herbs are not cheap, you can only lose your time and money, as expected of any effect of this treatment is absolutely senseless.

Some traditional healers have gone up a science and offer to carry out the operation quickly and painlessly.Many men and boys, shy of the problem, go for help is not a qualified technician, namely to such "doctors".The consequences of such a surgery that is performed in the best case, the usual razor dipped in alcohol, very different.And festering with the inevitable re-operation - that's not the worst outcome of such treatment.Sometimes, when frenotomy damaged nerve that supplies the head of the penis, which leads to a lack of sensitivity on the glans penis, followed by impotence and infertility.

Complications short frenulum

All the complications that arise in the short frenulum of the penis, can be divided into those arising directly from the disease and those that occur after the operation fails.

During intercourse with a short bridle has a very big risk last break.By itself, the gap can not be considered a bridle threatening complication, but it must be remembered that it is thicker nerve passes, responsible for the sensitivity of the head and the artery that supplies the given anatomical site.In case of damage to the first impotence may develop, and the second - a pretty decent bleeding.It is dangerous not only by the amount of blood lost, but also the fact that at this point to stop the bleeding rather difficult, as there is no solid anatomical structures, which could squeeze the damaged artery.

addition, pain occurring during sexual intercourse, give rise to in the human subconscious, especially a teenager, a sufficiently powerful psychological block, which does not allow then to engage in sexual acts followed.In psychology, this state is referred to only as "sexual neurosis."This situation is very dangerous because it can lead to early impotence.It must be adjusted at the beginning of development, which is only by a professional sex therapist or psychologist who deals with problems of sexual dysfunction.

only and dramatically by eliminating the short frenulum is surgery, but often she gets close enough to cause serious complications.Furthermore, during operation, as well as at break, may become damaged artery or nerve cicatrix may form in the postoperative period, which will not only interfere with normal sexual intercourse, but may deform the glans penis that only corrected complex plasticoperation.To sort happened in the postoperative period is necessary to adhere to all medical advice and does not violate the terms for the onset of sexual activity after surgery.

If postoperative physician is not an adequate antibacterial therapy is appointed, it can develop one of purulent processes on the penis.In addition to the lack of antibiotic therapy, the development of purulent inflammation can cause poor hygiene and even the external genitalia after surgery.Such complications are unpleasant fact that the patient is in need of reoperation, the scope of which can not always be determined before the operation.The most common and severe cases have to resort to amputation of the penis that makes a man a disabled person for a lifetime.Fortunately, the percentage of such complications measured in hundredths of particles, but increases sharply in the operations of traditional healers in antiseptic conditions.

Prevention short frenulum

Since short frenulum is especially congenital defect, then it must be profilaktirovat before birth.Mothers need to remember that to the appearance of congenital malformations lead not only to bad habits, but also a strong physical labor during pregnancy, as well as the effects of various chemicals.

If pathology is still not avoided, then it is best to treat in early childhood, so that the child does not remain painful memories associated with his sexual organ.Moreover, the amount of surgery differ dramatically depending on the age at which it is produced.It is much better and safer to operate on the child as a child.

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