Kriptozoospermiya - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Man's Health

Kriptozoospermiya - is a form of violation of normal sperm status.Laboratory, this situation is described as reducing the number of sperm per unit volume of semen.That is, during kriptozoospermii in the field of view of the microscope is found very little sperm.Naturally, in such a situation, the probability of becoming pregnant is significantly reduced.

normal concentration of sperm in the ejaculate was not less than 20 million cells per milliliter.If this figure is fewer, then we can safely diagnose kritpozoospermii.

reasons kriptozoospermii

Since this form of male infertility is one of the most common, and the reasons for its development can be set.In the first step should be to identify the most frequent.Among these are a variety of genetic disorders , which may lead to a change in the qualitative and quantitative composition of semen.These diseases are incurable and are not amenable to medical correction.

For the same reasons a group of incurable kriptozoospermii should include congenital mal

formations of the urogenital tract in boys.This may be the absence of vas deferens, the absence of a testicle or cryptorchidism, when the egg is located outside the scrotum.

Less serious are infections that are transmitted through the urogenital .For sexually transmitted diseases that can cause kriptozoospermiyu include gonorrhea, chlamydia and others.

huge number kripozoospermy occurs because of a malfunction of the testicles.The reasons for this failure can be acute and chronic inflammation of the testicle , a violation of its blood supply as varicose veins or banal body injury.By the way, belongs to the latter group and radiation injury, which is caused by exposure to ionizing radiation eggs.

nonspecific reasons kriptozoospermii include a detrimental effect on the process of spermatogenesis alcohol and tobacco smoke .In addition, quite often such pathology has psychological reasons , as occurs due to prolonged stress or nervous overstrain.

probability of fertilization during kriptozoospermii

possibility of fertilization at kriptozoospermii poor.Theoretically, to get pregnant with sperm analysis is possible because in the ejaculate there is still a certain number of cells.But in practice, this happens pretty often.The fact that the penetration of sperm from the acidic environment of the vagina to the uterus was carried out by the death of more data cells.And if they are so few, the chance of fertilization, and all becomes minimal.In addition to dissolving the egg shell also needs a certain amount of sperm, and one does not, as some patients.Scientists do not name an exact figure as a percentage, but at the same time give no more than 3% of that at fertilization kriptozoospermii goes well.


tactics should depend on the specific situation.For example, if you are confident that you have no inflammation or infection of urogenital organs, it is best to seek medical attention after the recurrence of clinical sperm analysis.But if you have at least some doubts on the subject of contracting genital flora, it is better to consult a urologist immediately after receiving the results of analyzes on the hands.

Treatment kriptozoospermii

Treatment kriptozoospermii divided into psychological, medical and surgical.The first is used for psychogenic causes of the disorder, the second - during the inflammatory and infectious diseases, and the third - in congenital anomalies of genital organs, such as cryptorchidism or imperforate vas deferens.

Practice shows that in most cases when semen kriptozoospermii normalized after the first course of medical treatment.There are situations, for example, chronic inflammation of the testicles and their appendages, when the healing process lasts for more than a year.But even in such situations, there remains hope for a positive resolution of the issue.In a completely hopeless situations, patients are encouraged to artificial insemination.

Ed.urologist, sexologist-andrologist Plotnikov AN