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Cryptorchidism - a congenital abnormality of the genitourinary system man, manifested undescended testicle into the scrotum.There are false and the true cryptorchidism.The first egg manually can still move in the scrotum, whereas in the second it is firmly fixed by thigh skin or in the peritoneal cavity.


Causes The most common cause of cryptorchidism is congenital chromosomal abnormality.It can develop on the background of infections suffered by women during pregnancy.The group of diseases that can lead to congenital cryptorchidism include infectious diseases such as influenza, rubella or toxoplasmosis.In addition, cryptorchidism can occur from exposure to various chemicals on the fetus during pregnancy.The latter can act as chemical dyes, detergents, oil refining products, or certain types of medications.With regard to the latter, in respect of cryptorchidism are considered the most dangerous non-narcotic analgesics: acetaminophen, aspirin, ibuprofen and similar drugs.

Symptoms of cryptorchidism

Typically, signs of cryptorchidism not leave too many questions in the diagnosis.Symptoms appear complete absence of a testicle in the scrotum at the birth of a boy.Quite often in the hospital scrotum baby left unattended, and such children are sent home safely.Later you may cause serious problems, so you should periodically inspect their child's scrotum to promptly suspected pathology.

In many cases, even the timely treatment to the urologist will not help save the testicle.But this does not mean that such a situation can not be ignored.The fact is that if undescended testicle is abdominal baby, it can activate the immune processes that adversely affect other gonad.To avoid this, you need timely consultation urologist, who will be able to choose the right tactics and treatment of the child.

cryptorchidism Diagnostics

Laboratory indicators suffer little during cryptorchidism.Is that at that stage, when developing an autoimmune reaction in the patient's blood can be observed a sharp increase in the number of C-reactive protein and other inflammatory agents.

Much more often during cryptorchidism made US .Its task is to find where it is undescended testicle.Of course, if the body is located under the skin of the pubic area or thighs, you need to conduct ultrasound examination there.But if it is placed in the abdomen, the ultrasound is necessary.The main purpose of this study is to exclude a pathology called testicular agenesis.This problem is inherent in the absence of one of the testicles.In such a case, operative intervention to nothing, while when it is simply necessary to cryptorchidism.

Another special method of research is angiography , which is X-ray contrasted vessels of the testicle.With this method it is possible to find out not only the position of the body, but also the degree of its anatomical and functional maturity that also need to select the further tactics of the patient.

Treatment of cryptorchidism treatment cryptorchidism

divided into surgical and conservative.Operational pathology correction is applied in the case of the first two years of the life of the egg alone is not descended into the scrotum.At the same tactics of surgical intervention is decided in the course of the process.If the body is not changed, but simply is not in place, then perform orchiopexy operation when the testicle through the scrotum is fixed to the skin of the thigh.If during surgery severe morphological changes are detected, then resort to removal of the testicle.

Operation orchidopexy

As practice shows, the best treatment results were observed in the case when orchidopexy performed at an early age.In this situation, in almost all cases, preventing infertility, adjusted oblique inguinal hernia, testicular torsion is prevented, and the baby gets less psychological trauma that particularly pronounced if such an operation is performed in adolescence.

in infancy by a correction of cryptorchidism hormonal therapy.Introduction of human chorionic gonadotropin starts at 6 months, when still possible to achieve arbitrary lowering testicle into the scrotum.The last two-year period is considered to be the age when he finally has to decide the need for surgical intervention.

Feeding habits and lifestyle with cryptorchidism

Cryptorchidism is one of those pathologies that do not require a specific diet.As for the way of life, the children who have a similar problem, the best safeguard against undue trauma that particularly dangerous if the undescended testis is located under the skin of the thigh or abdomen.

The same applies to the period after the operation, during which the child should be restricted from being too mobile games.Otherwise, there may come a discrepancy surgical wound or gap fixed to the thigh eggs.

rehabilitation after illness

the first place is still worth a psychological rehabilitation after undergoing surgery.Particularly relevant this is when the surgery is performed at an older age.Such children are often closed in themselves, feeling inferior to their peers.This results in a large number of systems, including with regard to sexuality.That's why urologists strongly recommended to conduct such surgeries before the conscious life of the child, that is in early childhood.

If for any reason to make correction in its infancy and has not turned out to be a teenager like surgery, it is advisable to start psychological rehabilitation before the surgery.This will help the youth realize their problem properly and tune in to the upcoming test.

As a rule, these children are engaged in child psychologists and therapists.Suffice it to only a few of such therapy sessions to different child looked at this problem.Also for school companies would do well to think of another official version, since the reaction of students to such an operation may not be entirely adequate.In general, the problem is of psychological control in this case is sufficiently serious, but with the right approach can be minimized.

Treatment of cryptorchidism folk remedies

In the arsenal of traditional healers will be means absolutely for all occasions.In respect of cryptorchidism they offer different lotions and compresses, which not only can not help the sick body, but also easy enough to able to harm healthy testicle.Whatever it was, even if you are not committed to traditional medicine to treat cryptorchidism folk remedies it is strictly forbidden.In such a situation it is better not to do anything than to use the tools of traditional healers in vain.

Complications cryptorchidism

For normal sperm development process requires a temperature of 2 degrees lower than in the human body.Such environment is created in the scrotum men that phylogenetically placed outside the body.If the testicle is located in the abdomen, then it can not normally pass spermatogenesis process that threatens man infertility.

In addition, they are suffering the reproductive function, and hormone is gradually broken.Insufficient amounts of androgens, which are not capable of developing in the egg, which is located in the abdominal cavity leads to insufficient development of secondary sex characteristics.Such boys are no mustache and beard, their body resembles the female constitution, and with age, and does, develop impotence.

In addition, during the partial omission of eggs is not completely closed inguinal gate that leads to the appearance of an inguinal hernia.Over time, it may infringe upon, so that will need urgent surgery, in which can be performed not only gryzheplastika, and amputation of the testicles.

Years of research have shown that egg, which is outside the scrotum, has a very high risk of malignancy.Malignant neoplasms of the body in the case of cryptorchidism occur 35 times more frequently than in the normal location of the testicle.A tumor that develops in this case, is the name of seminoma and acquires a very aggressive course.

Also in the wrong position can quite often be injury of an organ or its inversion.And the first and the second may have the most dire consequences, which could result in amputation surgery for testicular.

As already mentioned, during abdominal testis location may be disturbed blood-testis barrier, with a huge number of antibodies produced in the blood, which are aggressive in relation as to the sick and the healthy testicle.As a result, it can happen both organ rejection.

Prevention cryptorchidism

If treatment of cryptorchidism is best done to newborn children, the issue of prevention should touch even their mothers, because the disease is purely innate and independent of the impact of negative factors on the body of a pregnant woman.

need to be particularly careful during the first months of pregnancy, because in this period there is a bookmark all the organs of the child.A variety of pathological agents, effects on pregnancy in this period, can cause cryptorchidism in children.

To this did not happen you need to carefully plan the pregnancy and future generations.Experts recommend before conception to treat all chronic infection in the body and get rid of possible viral diseases.Also, modern medical equipment allows to carry out medical and genetic counseling, as a result of which it is possible to know the probability of the child whether other genetic defect.

In addition, during pregnancy should avoid contact with any possible chemical agents.This is especially true during repairs or work in hazardous enterprises.

also need to carefully apply to receive medication during pregnancy.Among the total number of teratogenic drugs focuses on a group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.Clinical studies have been able to identify a direct relationship between the intake of paracetamol and the occurrence of cryptorchidism in the newborn.That is why during pregnancy NSAIDs try to substitute any other painkillers.

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