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Oleogranulema penis - are pathological changes in the skin and fascia of the penis, which develop as a result of the introduction into the tissues of the body of oily substances.

reasons oleogranulemy sexual

member oleogranulemy immediate cause of the penis is an injection under the skin of the penis of various substances having the ability to harden.Typically, this is done in order to create a solid education to prolong sexual intercourse, or even of the latter is the state of erection.Most often, such materials as petrolatum used, boric petrolatum ointment or tetracycline sterile normal paraffin.Soon after injection under the skin at this place is starting to develop a productive inflammation, which results in a dense connective tissue formation.Eventually granuloma grows and penetrates deep into the body of the penis balls, which leads to occurrence of erectile dysfunction.

most common such diseases registered in the closed-sex groups, such as military offices or places of detention.The reason fo

r the wide spread of the disease is the ease of performing the manipulation by subcutaneous introduction of oily substances.

Symptoms oleogranulemy penis

In the initial stages of the disease granuloma has the form of a small dense formation on the body of the penis, which causes no pain.Over time, this education begins to grow in size, which is accompanied, above all, a violation of the sexual life of men.On the site of education develops violation hemo- lymph and that becomes the cause of necrotic changes in the skin of the penis.


In that situation, when oleogranulemy penis extends to the skin pubis, scrotum or perineum, the disease is called oleogranulemoy external genitalia.

Therefore, if an unsuccessful attempt to carry out his own plastic surgery has already been made, you should immediately seek help from a urologist.

Diagnostics oleogranulemy penis

The main difficulty in the diagnosis oleogranulemy penis is the differential diagnosis of this disease with a chancre, which develops in syphilis.The simplest method is to consider syphilis elimination Wasserman, for which you need a small amount of venous blood.

After eliminating syphilis main task remains the confirmation of the diagnosis olegranelemy.To do this, you must be sure to find out all the details of history that is not always possible, since patients often carefully conceal the act of introduction of Vaseline under the skin of the penis.Can help in the diagnosis information about the service in the army yl stay in prison.

If even after asking medical history questions remain as to the origin of education, it can be a biopsy tumors.With the help of a fine needle made the fence a small area of ​​tissue with subsequent histological examination.Histology results indicate the presence of abnormal protein hyaline and a large number of proliferative tissue.For a more accurate diagnosis is necessary to take a biopsy from several areas as a single fabric fence can not give accurate results.

If the biopsy makes it possible to confirm the diagnosis oleogranulemy, the ultrasound is necessary to clarify the boundaries of education, which is important in the surgical treatment of the disease.

Treatment oleogranulemy penis

In Urology found only one radical treatment oleogranulemy - a surgical intervention.In this case, the operation is performed Sapozhkova-Reich.It is held in two stages.The first stage is carried out resection of all changes and granulomatous tissue of the penis.Very often, patients arrive at the hospital after the formation of necrotic complications of the skin of the penis.Therefore, it is important to perform a complete resection of all affected tissues in order to avoid relapse.

Once the penis is actually "bare", performed his dive under the skin of the scrotum or pubic area.To this end, the course is done in the subcutaneous tissue, which pushes the penis, and its head is discharged through a small incision.In this first phase of the operation is completed.

view after skin plasty

The next time a patient enters the hospital already after postoperative wound is completely healed.The second operational phase of treatment is carved into the penis with skin flaps, which then wrap the penis and stitch.Thus, in fact on the penis is formed new skin.The final stage of the operation is to eliminate the skin defect on the scrotum or pubic hair.

Postoperatively, patients received antibiotic tablets for the prevention of infection of the wound surface.You can use ceftriaxone or ampicillin, which are sold in the pharmacy even without prescription.

Treatment folk remedies

No matter how funny it looked, but olegoranulema, which, strictly speaking, is a consequence of the popular methods of improvement of the human body, is not the same name such as folk treatments.All of the various ointments and creams that are designed to be formed resorption granulomas are not only ineffective, but sometimes even lead to the formation of erosions and ulcerations on the trunk of the penis.Therefore, one obvious stupidity that led to the formation of oleogranulemy, it is important not to be mistaken for the second time and the time to seek help from a specialist.

Feeding habits and lifestyle

patients must adhere to a special regime after the first stage of surgery, to the second stage of the treatment approach to optimal condition.To do this, carry out toilet of external genitals after each urination, as well as regularly changing the dressing.If in the beginning of postoperative wound festering processes, for their permission to be applied levomekolevuyu ointment that promotes discharge of pus and the early formation of granulation.

In cases where the penis is performed under the plastic skin pubis, urinate becomes extremely uncomfortable, because the urine stream is directed upwards.In such situations, the patients in the postoperative period is recommended setting a urethral catheter until the second phase of surgery.

rehabilitation after illness

As a rule, all patients who had undergone two stages of complex operations are suffering from erectile dysfunction.Therefore, it is recommended psychotherapy courses for professional psychologists before the second stage.As practice shows, the carrying out of such rehabilitation is not always effective, because patients with oleogranulemoy in most cases antisocial or immoral citizens.

second direction in the rehabilitation of patients with olngranulemoy hair removal is skin of the penis.Since the plastic skin of the penis is done scrotum or pubic area, where there is an active hair growth, after the second phase of the operation Sapozhkova hair growth has been going on the trunk of the penis.This brings great aesthetic and hygienic inconvenience.After the usual shaving hair growth is activated even more, so patients are recommended laser hair removal, after which there is formed bristles.

Complications oleogranulemy sexual

member olegoranulemy most common complication of the penis are ulcerated skin defects with suppuration.They are formed as a result of inadequate blood supply to the given anatomical area.Due to poor lymphatic drainage from the penis body, ulcers are very sluggish tendency to healing.If even against oleogranulemy and there is a process of scarring, the scars are irregular in shape and deformed penis.

addition, bending of the penis and can occur due to active growth of granulation tissue.In such a situation it is very important time to see a urologist, as may atrophy cavernous body of the penis that will not allow the latter to align even after surgery.

consequence have surgery to remove a granulomatous tissue and plastic penis is erectile dysfunction, which develops due to the violation of the innervation of the organ.As practice shows, the units patients after such surgery, the ability to retain sexual activity.Quite often in the background of erectile dysfunction, psychological distress and complexes developed in humans.Described in the literature are even cases when erectile dysfunction and deformity of the penis become a cause of suicide.

Prevention oleogranulemy penis

The disease is entirely preventable, simply injected under the skin of the penis no matter.It is natural that people with a normal upbringing and education even thoughts will not have to carry out such procedures.To exclude such a disease in uneducated citizens is very important sanitary and educational work to be carried out, especially in children's homes, places of detention and military offices.It is also very important to the corresponding classes in ordinary schools, since adolescence is very vulnerable to such passions.

Prediction treatment oleogranulemy penis

Forecast for life - favorable.To date, unknown no direct complications of the disease, which would have been fatal.

forecast for performance - favorable.No degree of disease can not be considered the reason for the transfer of a person to a pension for disability.

prognosis for recovery - relatively favorable.Despite the fact that to get rid of the causes of the disease and its consequences in most cases it is possible, one can not guarantee restoration of reproductive function following treatment.Even if patients and may be possible to perform sexual acts, they bring huge inconvenience to the patient due to the growth of hair directly on the body of the penis.

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