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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Man's Health

oligospermia - a term that refers to a decrease in the total number of sperm released during ejaculation.The concentration of sperm per milliliter of the liquid may remain in the normal range.According to the international criteria of semen, considered normal analysis, where the number of sperm is from 2 to 5 ml.If the volume of semen per ejaculation is less than two milliliters, then it is advisable to talk about oligospermia.

reasons oligospermia

Among the causes of this disease is to allocate the factors that are good and difficult to treat.The first group typically includes labile reason that even fairly easily removed without the use of drugs.For example, there is a small amount of protein, which is why the testicles is formed an insufficient number of sperm in hypovitaminosis and poor nutrition in the human body.Therefore the normal process of spermatogenesis is not only important to eat regularly and properly, but also to use the entire spectrum needed for the body of vitamins and minerals, wh

ich play a very important role in the formation of sperm.

bad influence on the process of spermatogenesis and have bad habits, such as alcohol abuse and smoking.Also, this physiological process in the human body can be broken and as a result of poor sleep, frequent stress and excessive fatigue.

must be remembered that the semen can be informative only if the semen collected after 4 days of abstinence.If delivery of the analysis was preceded by frequent sexual intercourse or masturbation, you may experience a so-called functional oligospermia.In this analysis, in any case can not be taken into account, and you must be sure to convert them.

Similarly as hyperactivity, abstinence can lead to oligospermia, which incidentally, is also functional.As a result of this analysis, on the background of vozniknuvshey colds, it can be double-digit.On the one hand, it can also be a temporary phenomenon, and on the other - must be wary of the complications that may hide behind the usual, at first glance, a viral infection.

addition to medicine described cases where oligospermia developed as a result of work in harmful conditions, or against the background of overweight.So, these factors also can not be excluded from the list of possible causes of low sperm count.

addition to the risk factors that can cause oligospermia, there are diseases that lead to the development of the latter in most cases.For such problems include inflammation of the testicles, epididymis inflammation, infections of the genitourinary system, sexual apparatus injuries, acute and chronic prostatitis.

possibility of fertilization with oligospermia

According to official data of the World Health Organization, the normal fertilization of a woman's vagina during sexual intercourse should get at least half of male seminal fluid, and its amount must be greater than 1.5 ml.Otherwise fertilization impossible.By simple mathematical calculations we can determine that fertilization with oligospermia is casuistry.Nevertheless, the world practice there are not isolated cases of this phenomenon.That is why the statistics give about 5% to the possibility of fertilization during oligospermia.

Management of oligospermia

Of course, in most cases, oligospermia in the analysis has a functional nature, and goes after a few days.But at the same time, expectant management is contraindicated, since the cause of oligospermia may be an infectious disease, and then every second counts.Therefore, the first step should be a campaign for a consultation with a urologist, who should determine further tactics.

Treatment of oligospermia oligospermia

Treatment depends on the cause.During the infection process appointed antimicrobials, when hormone deficiency - hormone replacement therapy, and with stress or other psychological factors - psychotherapy.In addition, the general procedures are assigned to improve the quality of life.Patients should give up bad habits, start to eat properly and to stabilize their psychological background.There are also specific supplements aimed precisely at eliminating this disease, drugs such as Viardot, Tribestan, Verona can be purchased at any pharmacy.

In most cases, their oligospermia is completely reversible.Exceptions are cases of chronic diseases of the genitourinary system, such as prostatitis or orchitis.In such situations, against the backdrop of maintenance therapy with vitamins, made attempts to become pregnant, or used in vitro fertilization technique.

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