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Orchitis - an inflammation of testicle tissue in humans.By their flow, it can be both acute and chronic.The first takes place over 2-4 weeks, and the second can last more than a month.


orchitis Orchitis usually develops in the background of other infections that are caused by viruses and bacteria.The most frequent causes of testicular tissue inflammation is considered to be mumps (inflammation of the parotid gland), influenza, gonorrhea and typhoid.The mechanism of this disease is not easy.As a result of primary infection in human blood produced specific antibodies, which are then perceived as foreign testicular tissue.As a result, there is an inflammation of the parenchyma and the latter.

In addition, there are other immediate factors that can lead to orchitis.testicular injury can be distinguished among them, which resulted in the infection of the external environment penetrates into the tissue of the human body.Also, serious allergic inflammation can lead to tissue damage eggs.It is impor

tant to distinguish between these types of orchitis, since, depending on the reasons for changing the tactics of treatment.

Symptoms of orchitis

whole clinical picture of testicular inflammation is divided into local and general symptoms.With regard to the former, they include sharp pain in the scrotum, which is accompanied by its swelling and redness.The increase in symptoms of orchitis is very fast and within a few hours from the onset of the disease may be a bluish color of the scrotum and acute arching pain.

If at this stage of the disease are not qualified medical assistance will be provided, the situation may turn into an abscess testis, which is characterized by the formation of a purulent focus in its parenchyma.

addition, during orchitis observed serious enough common symptoms that occur weakness, fatigue, increase in body temperature to a sufficiently serious numbers, poor appetite and weight loss.

orchitis - a disease that is not well treatable, so it is necessary to consult a doctor as soon as possible for its favorable outcome.If there is a local minimum of symptoms should immediately consult a urologist, who can assess the situation and assign the correct treatment.

Diagnostics orchitis

huge problem in the diagnosis of orchitis falls on laboratory research methods.When inflammation of the testicles is recommended that a complete blood count and urinalysis.These indicators can be detected data indicating the presence of a common inflammatory disease in the body.In addition, it is advisable to carry out bakposev urine and ejaculate on nutrient media.Then there is a good chance to identify the causative agent.If the bacterium is isolated from the body, it is sure to sow the latest on sensitivity to antibiotics.Thus it is possible to determine what the best medication to treat a specific disease.

With regard to instrumental methods, then to confirm the diagnosis of orchitis often used ultrasound of the scrotum.It can quite clearly show not only the pathological process in the testis, but also to determine its phase.

Uzi scrotum.It showed a festering lesion in the left testicle.

Among other diagnostics used while orchitis, highlight methods aimed at identifying the root causes of disease.Treatment


Since the main cause of orchitis is usually a bacterial infection, the treatment of testicular inflammation, primarily to be directed precisely to this factor.With regard to antibacterial drugs, which are used during orchitis, it is necessary to select a group of cephalosporin antibiotics and fluoroquinolone.The first concerns the drug cefotaxime and second - Ciprofloxacin is a broad spectrum antibiotic.Before taking antibiotics is necessary to ensure the reliability of the diagnosis!

As for the symptomatic treatment of orchitis, it is assigned to the lowering of body temperature, the elimination of pain and to improve the outflow of semen.To remove the elevated temperature used NSAIDs, which include paracetamol.It is the drug of choice in the treatment of orchitis, accompanied by fever.As for pain and improve the outflow of semen, in this case it is necessary to use antispasmodic mixtures which include spazmalgon, Baralginum and other preparations.All these drugs can be purchased over the counter without a prescription, however, it is necessary to consult a doctor beforehand.

If orchitis long time is not treated, the inflammation in the testicular parenchyma can find a purulent character.In such a situation it is very important to take urgent surgical measures to ensure that the process was unable to spread into the bloodstream.Typically, at this stage applies cut egg shells and evacuation of pus.In that situation, when struck by a large part of the parenchymal organ, used receiving his removal, which is a very poor outcome for the patient.

testicular prosthesis

Feeding habits and lifestyle with orchitis

Long after orchitis patients need special care in order to avoid a relapse occurred.With regard to diet, then there is no need to comply with some strict framework.Maybe we should give up just from eating too much spicy food, which have a negative impact on the resolution of the inflammatory process.

As for the other events, there should be noted a decrease in the load on the body during the period of his recovery.In addition, it will shorten the time of illness several times, if not physically load the body, it is less likely to fall ill a second time orchitis.

rehabilitation after illness

If we talk about rehabilitation as such, then it need only patients who had undergone surgery on the scrotum.As a rule, this area of ​​the body is carried out two types of operations.This evacuation of a purulent focus of inflammation and removal of the testicle.As to the second point, then such patients, especially if they are people of young age, need serious enough psychological support, which can fully exert only a qualified psychologist.

In addition, the absence of a testicle in itself is a negative emotional factor, so today is very often used silicone prostheses of the body.They come in different sizes, and if a man suffers amputation in childhood, the dentures require regular replacement.It should be remembered that such artificial body is only an aesthetic function, while the reproductive can be saved at the expense of the second egg.

orchitis Treatment folk remedies

During inflammation of the testicle, traditional medicine recommends the use of dry heat, which in a medical hospital is strictly contraindicated.Applying heat locally, and so the inflamed area of ​​the body, generally results in faster formation of purulent inflammatory focus, which treatment often ends operation.In such circumstances, it is not necessary to speak about the benefits of this treatment.As for the use of local medicinal ointments, that they do not exacerbate the disease, but do not have any useful effect.

Possible complications orchitis

As already mentioned, if orchitis is not treated, then a festering hotbed in place eggs.This is the first complication of inflammation of the testicle, which is called abscess .

Despite serious pathological processes that occur at this time in the human body, testicular abscess may respond to treatment with preservation of sexual function, which is not of such a complication of orchitis atrophy .During atrophy testicular parenchyma of the body is exhausted and no longer produce the right amount of both sex hormones and sperm.In addition, reproductive dysfunction that occurs in this situation, lowering the level of sex hormones in the blood has a negative impact on the cardiovascular system.

Another severe complication is the development of orchitis secretory form of infertility.During inflammation testicular levels of male sex hormones remained in the normal range, but completely stops producing sperm.Despite the presence of ejaculation, semen men is inactive and it is unable to impregnate a woman.At the same time the scrotum gives the impression it is a healthy body.

When inflammation of the testis pathological process can be extended to its appendages.This disease, which is called epididymitis, has its own characteristics and requires a slightly different treatment.Therefore it is extremely important during orchitis define that fine line when it goes into epididymitis.

testicular inflammation Prevention

Prevention of orchitis, in the first place is to prevent mumps since the disease is an inflammation of the testicle occurs if not almost half of the patients.To this end, specifically a vaccine has been developed, which is administered to children under the age of one and six years.If for some reason, this vaccine has not been made, it is necessary to carefully monitor the contacts of infected people who can transmit mumps.

In addition, quite often the disease orchitis does not depend on mumps, and develops against the background of another infection.For instance, scarlet fever, pneumonia or tonsillitis can also be the precipitating factors that lead to the development of orchitis.To sort happened during any infectious inflammation is necessary to observe strict bed rest, which can keep the body's defenses and prevent the spread of infection, including testicles.

Also of considerable importance in the development of orchitis are local factors.Those people who used to have problems with the genitourinary system, suffer from orchitis is much more common than others.Another factor predisposing to testicular inflammation, poor hygiene is the external genitalia.Therefore, even before the onset of the disease, and when it is necessary to observe strict hygiene regime for underwear and bed linen, which should be changed at least once a day.

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