Orchitis , epididymitis and orchiepididymitis - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Man's Health

Before we tell you about such pathologies as the orchitis and orchiepididymitis (inflammation of the testis and epididymis), I would like to write a little about the functions they perform.Under certain conditions, these bodies tend to become inflamed.

Testicles - paired glands that produce sperm and the hormone testosterone, which regulates their maturation, their inflammation is called "orchitis".The epididymis or epididymis sperm maturation takes place and participation in the fertilization of the egg, inflammation of the epididymis is called "Epidimit".

reasons orchitis and orhoepidimita

Causes inflammation testis and epididymis is trauma, infectious diseases such as mumps, but these reasons, I hope you gentlemen tell urologists or infectious disease.And we talk about the most common, such as diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.This pathology is their complication.

Many authors call cause chlamydia, mycoplasma, ureaplasma in the form of mono or staphylococci and streptococci.But my observat

ion is engaged in this pathology, it is not confirmed.In the case of orchitis or orhoepidimita main causative agents are gonococcal or trichomonas, or a combination thereof, that is orchiepididymitis usually a consequence of complications of gonorrhea or trichomoniasis.

abovementioned microbes can be secondary in this process.And the reason you need to find necessary.Incorrect diagnosis - and, as a consequence, retsedivy and complications.

Symptoms of orchitis and orhoepidimita

Orchitis and epididymitis often occur together, a process called orhoepidimit.Symptoms orhoepidimita be sharp pain in the testicles, worse when walking, radiating to the lower back, abdomen, eggs uvelechenie almost 2-3 times, its hyperemia (redness), low-grade fever (above 38 ° C), cramps during urination, discharge from the urethra.

garazdo worse if the inflammatory process is bilateral. above symptoms are cause for an emergency! treatment to the doctor, it is better that it was a dermatologist, who will send to the urologist if necessary.Extra - which means that no matter what time of day and where it would not have happened!

Diagnostics orhoepidimita

When first call should pass a smear from a urethra on cito (urgent) on urinary infection.

It is also necessary to do ultrasound of the testicles, prostate, to determine the extent and topics defeat and elimination of testicular cancer.

To diagnose the severity of the process is taken complete blood count and urinalysis.

urine culture on the flora with definition of sensitivity to antibiotics, I believe, will not give us reliable results as a microbe in the body and outside it - are two different things, and in any case appointed broad-spectrum antibiotics.But examine the urine microscopic method for the detection of Trichomonas and make them crop, as for GC, on culture media where they will grow, even if the minimum number - is another matter.

Your sexual partner must necessarily also be examined at the dermatologist or gynecologist, as this situation is a marker of diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.

Good and donate blood for HIV, hepatitis B and C and syphilis.

Treatment orhoepidimita

treat this pathology better in hospital.

The sooner treatment is started, the better.The main thing to avoid testicular sclerosis - the replacement of normal tissue to scar and the transition to the second side.

Treatment involves three tasks: the removal of inflammation, resorption of the hearth, the restoration of body functions and elimination of the pathogen from the body.To do this immediately to the region egg superimposed supportive bandage with ointment Vishnevsky.After clarification of the reasons appointed broad-spectrum antibiotics (Summamed, JUnidoks), antimicrobials (Trichopolum), non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (diclofenac sodium injection), Immunopreparat (gonovaktsina, pirogenal), absorbable products (lidasa, aloe), physiotherapy (UHF, ultrasound).If there was gangrenizatsiya eggs, alas .... its removal.

mode during the acute period should be polupostelny.Strictly excluded drinking, sex, physical activity, as sharp, smoked products.

After successful treatment of orchitis or orchiepididymitis even in normal state of health is to control the disease, sexually transmitted diseases, according to "full program" (with provocation, crops).Only after that all restrictions are removed.

Folk remedies, I will not be original here, as in other articles, can be administered in conjunction with the main treatment and only your doctor.Otherwise, wait for complications or relapse.For example propolis, having antiseptic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties as a suppository into the rectum and topically as an ointment.As used extracts of hops flowers, birch leaves.

Complications of orchitis and orhoepidimita

All complications orchiepididymitis orchitis, or can be divided into early or later.The early complications include abscess, gangrene of the testicle.For within infertility, atrophy.That is why it is important to get tested and treated.

Prevention of orchitis and orhoepidimita

prevention is annual screening for infections, sexually transmitted infections and after casual sex, and of their very immediate prevention.

Medical consultation

Question: If one testicle removed as a result of orchitis, does that mean that a person will become impotent or infertile?
Answer: Not a fact.As a rule, the second egg takes over all functions.

Question: inflammation of the testicle in consequence of hypothermia Could this happen?
Answer: Hypothermia - provoking factor, necessarily requires the presence of a microbe.

Question: If orchitis is treated on an outpatient basis, whether a medical certificate is given?
Answer: Yes, definitely.

dermatologist A. Mansurov