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testicular torsion gidatidy - a pathological condition characterized by torsion of the epididymis around its legs.The epididymis, in turn, is a rudimentary education, located in the upper pole of the testis.Original name of this body - an appendix, but not to be confused with cecal appendix, located in the abdomen, it was decided to call a rudiment gidatidoy.

Types gidatid

Causes of testicular torsion gidatidy

mere existence gidatidy testicle does not cause any discomfort to the patient.Most men live with this vestige, not even imagining the existence of the latter.But, in some situations, such as trauma of the scrotum, torsion can happen gidatidy around its legs.Then comes the death of the latter, it appears bright clinical symptoms.

Besides traumatic injury of the scrotum, torsion reasons there may be other factors.The strong contraction of the muscle that raises the egg, what happens when colds, emotional excitement or minor injury, can also contribute to a torsion of the appendix testis.

considerable role in the development of testicular maturity plays a connective tissue organs of the scrotum.It is therefore more common disease in children when muscle nervous control is not perfect, and connective tissue has a greater percentage of fluid as compared with adults.

Symptoms of testicular torsion gidatidy

Symptoms of testicular torsion gidatidy, to some extent, dependent on the stage of the disease.Initially, patients concerned about severe pain in one of the halves of the scrotum.However, it is noted swelling of the area of ​​the body and flushing (redness), increasingly concentrated at the upper pole of the scrotum.

In the second step swelling of the scrotum disease begins to subside, but instead at the upper pole of one of the testes appears scarlet oblong formation, the size of a bean.That it is gidatida.The skin over the appendix strongly hyperemic and sharply painful.The slightest touch to it is delivered to the patient severe pain.

Typically, during these two stages of the disease is diagnosed and patients are subject to surgery.In rare cases, where there is underdiagnosed or patients simply do not seek medical help, they develop gidatidy necrosis, which leads to purulent fusion entire scrotum.Although such cases to date are extremely rare in the literature, patients who have testicular torsion gidatidy caused the amputation of the scrotum.

Diagnosing Testicular torsion gidatidy

Torsion gidatidy eggs, along with other surgical pathologies of the body, embedded in the acute scrotum syndrome.All these diseases are subject to surgical treatment, so urologists often go for an operation without knowing a definite diagnosis.After opening the cavity of the scrotum they see a direct cause of disease and eliminate it.This is called intraoperative diagnosis.

applied and preoperative diagnostic methods.The rarity of use due to the fact that a complete examination of the patient before surgery wasting time, which contributes to the progression and spread of inflammation.

most common and simple method of diagnosis is gidatidy transillumination.It implies translucence of the scrotum with a conventional flashlight.When gidatide against the light in the upper pole of the scrotum rendered purplish-brown shade, which is the pathological changes of the epididymis.

addition, quite often use ultrasound, which makes it possible to better define the position and size of education.Ultrasound is necessary not only for the diagnosis of the disease, but also to determine the cut point at a future operation.

Treatment of testicular torsion gidatidy

only justifiable treatment testicular torsion gidatidy is surgery.Older children and adults, it is performed under local anesthesia, the younger - under general anesthesia.

During surgery the skin incision is performed at the upper pole of the testis modified.The audit of the cavity of the scrotum, which is usually detected bean seal crimson or black.After gidatida clamped at the base, it is cut with a scalpel and always sent for histological examination.Further, under the thread clamp is held, which is tied.This is done with the purpose of prevention of intraoperative bleeding.

Once injected into the cavity of the scrotal drainage tube or band, the operating wound is sutured in layers.

Surgery to remove gidatidy

Postoperatively, all patients received broad-spectrum antibiotics for the prevention of secondary wound infection.For this purpose, it can be used drugs such as ceftriaxone and ampicillin.

rehabilitation after illness

Besides regular use of antibiotics in the prevention of secondary infection plays an important role and a local antiseptic surgical wounds.For this purpose, typically applied daily aseptic dressings using an alcoholic or aqueous iodine solution.Sutures are removed approximately on the seventh-eighth day after the operation.Since the removal of

gidatidy egg is not very traumatic operation, after its implementation there is no need to use elastic melt for fixing the scrotum.However, older children, the presence of serous or purulent exudate in the cavity of the scrotum, is still recommended to use this type of bandages.

addition, some urological hospitals practice the use of postoperative physical therapy in the form of magnetic therapy, galvanizing and UHF.Sensors are located on both vehicles sides of the scrotum and the treatment time is less than 20 minutes as the temperature increases testicular bad effect on spermatogenesis.

Feeding habits and lifestyle

some time after the surgery patients should be very cautious in terms of colds as even minor viral infection can badly affect the further rehabilitation.The fact that the blood-testis barrier may partially collapse during operation, which in normal testicular tissue protects against various pathological agents.And while the barrier is restored, patients should avoid prolonged exposure to cold, bathing in cool water and drinking beverages of low temperature.

Treatment folk remedies

This therapy is completely contraindicated in gidatidy torsion of the testicle.The fact that all of compresses and lotions, which are recommended by traditional healers only aggravate the inflammation and contribute to the spread of infection to active, not only in the scrotum, but also throughout the body.There are cases where the result of the national treatment of testicular torsion gidatidy was the occurrence of sepsis or blood poisoning, which ultimately led to the fatal outcome.

Complications Testicular torsion gidatidy

As a rule, in this disease complications can occur only when the patient is a long time without treatment or recently carried out properly.The primary complication can be considered purulent fusion gidatidy, the result of which is the formation of purulent exudate in the cavity of the scrotum.Against this background, usually develops secondary orchitis and epididymitis.If data have inflammation catarrhal nature, they have a very good chance of approval.But when developing purulent inflammation of the testicles with appendages, there is a high probability that may have to carry out the operation to remove the bodies of data.

If even against the background of the secondary purulent orchitis is not adequately treated with debridement source of infection, the next stage in the development of the disease is blood poisoning, or sepsis.In patients with increased body temperature, there are heavy sweats, worried feeling of constant fatigue.Patients are inhibited, drowsy.The end point of the development of sepsis is considered toxic coma.As practice shows, patients rarely come out of this state.In most cases it ends with the death of the patient.

It is worth noting that to date, the picture described is rare.More often you can meet local complications, which are the result of the operation fails.If during surgery vas deferens is accidentally tied, then the patient is threatened with violation of spermatogenesis and the subsequent development of infertility.If the damage is one of the branches of the femoral nerve sexual-may develop erectile dysfunction.As a rule, it is a temporary or transient, but in the absence of adequate treatment turns into a permanent or organic form.

Preventing Testicular torsion gidatidy

profilaktirovat the disease is very difficult because in most cases, patients do not even guess about the existence they have some of the appendix testis.Determine the presence at such education can only be planned inspection at the urologist.And it is not always, as in most cases gidatida looks like a small pendant, which is very easy to confuse with the epididymis.

shows, the real prevention of the disease begins after the appearance of his first symptoms.In such a situation it is very important time to ask for help, because it is early treatment is the key to its successful completion.

the purpose of secondary prevention of additional bacterial flora used broad-spectrum antibiotics, such as ceftriaxone and ampicillin.

forecast testicular torsion gidatidy

prognosis for recovery are generally favorable, except in those rare cases when generalizing and inflammation occurs in the form of sepsis.

Weather favorable for life in almost all cases.Rare death in testicular torsion gidatidy happen only in the absence of timely treatment.

forecast for performance - favorable.Even complex situation, ending with the removal of eggs, almost no effect on the patient's performance.

Ed.urologist, sexologist-andrologist Plotnikov AN