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hard to believe, but there are men who do not try to regain his potency, but on the contrary, want to get rid of it.The problem with these people is called priapism and is nothing more than a constant painful erection of the penis.In this case, it can vary the color of the penis due to the prolonged stagnation of blood in the cavernous bodies it.

disease name comes from the name of the Roman god of fertility Priapus, a member of which was kept in readiness.But unlike a real clinical picture of the patient, the mythical hero does not feel any pain.

Causes priapism

disease occurs due to impaired blood flow to the penis.This can manifest itself as a violation of the inflow of arterial blood, and violation of the venous outflow.In the first case, the problem will be the name of ischemic priapism, while the second - non-ischemic.It is important to distinguish between these two root causes of permanent erection, because they determine the direct tactics of treatment of the disease.

Naturally own blood ci

rculation in the penis can not.To do this, the body has to be subjected to at least some factors.Most often, the role of these agents are the neurological brain and spinal cord diseases (multiple sclerosis, tumors, all sorts of traumatic brain injury).

Another group of causes that lead to the development of priapism, is considered to be diseases of the blood.This happens most often during leukemia, although the described cases of constant painful erection against the backdrop of sickle-cell anemia.

Diseases of male genital organs, like nothing else, a very strong influence on the state of potency.Inflammation or swelling of the penis often lead to priapism, so you need to very seriously pathology data.

Much attention is paid to the history of the patient's priapism presence trauma pelvic or perineal.For priapism typical so called rider injury mechanism which is blunt impact to the crotch area, which leads to jamming genitofemoral nerve and the appearance of painful erection.

Besides all this, there are a number of medicines, the use of which can lead to a similar state.These drugs are for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, antidepressants, psychotropic drugs, anti-anxiety and indirect anticoagulants such as warfarin or heparin.The use of drugs of these groups one hundred percent does not cause priapism, but it significantly increases the risk.This does not mean that you can not take them, just need to carefully read the insert and not to exceed the dose of the latter.


priapism Priapism does not apply to those diseases that can "boast" abundance of clinical symptoms.Rather, quite the contrary, as a symptom of priapism is only one, but it is wide.

It is essential to fix the time of erection.Because it is already after 8 hours of continuous sexual arousal begin to develop irreversible processes in the cavernous bodies of the penis.8 hours - it's sort of a safe period during which it is necessary to seek medical help.

very bad, but really the time for medical calls is less than half of all patients.The reasons for this are many.The first of them - this is what people elementary ashamed of such a delicate issue.Plus, most patients are simply unaware that priapism engaged urologist .

also very important to differentiate between the normal action of Viagra on the occurrence of priapism.It should be noted that the normal effect of this drug is stopped after a maximum of three hours after the onset of clinical effect.It must be remembered, in time to see a specialist and to prevent a very serious problem that can occur with prolonged erections.

blood supply of the penis

Diagnostics priapism

Clinical verification of the diagnosis usually does not cause too much difficulty.Suffice it to see just a uniformly solid penis and find out what it is in this state for several hours, as the diagnosis of priapism become clear.

But to make sure the final conclusion, doctors have resorted to some lab tests.For example, using a thin needle contrast agent is injected into the cavity of the corpus cavernosum penis and the patient is sent to the x-ray study.

During the same piercing needle puncture of the penis not only introduced the contrast, but also taken blood samples from the corpus cavernosum.Her subsequent analysis to determine the concentration of oxygen and figure out what the deficit experienced sexual organ tissues.

In addition, other diseases are diagnosed, which could theoretically lead to the development of such clinical symptoms.Even the slightest injury to the pelvic, be sure to conduct a full x-ray of his bone and muscular system.Be sure to check reflexes sensitive skin thighs and genitals, which may decline to talk about the disorder of the nervous apparatus, responsible for the sexual organs.

Treatment of priapism

The main focus in the treatment of priapism is its urgency.The earlier initiated actions to address the erection, the more effective they will be and the better it will "feel" themselves sexual organ after treatment.When you receive emergency care is provided in hospital.It is puncture of the corpora cavernosa of the penis under local anesthesia, followed by aspiration of excess blood.

parallel prescribers to lower blood pressure.However, they are contraindicated in persons suffering from hypotension, which should be considered in order to then do not save the patient from collapse (sharp fall in blood pressure).

If these measures do not lead to normalization of the human condition, then resort to radical methods of treatment - surgery.The volume of surgery is to create an anastomosis between the penile venous system and other veins, for example, the thigh.In this case, we can expect the emergence of temporary impotence, which normalizes about two or three months.

Among all treatment algorithm should once again highlight the urgency because the slow treatment in hospital will inevitably lead to the emergence of the most serious consequences.

Operation with priapism

Feeding habits and lifestyle with priapism

special diet that would have meant during the excitation of the penis, is not invented.But as a general way of life, there are some features.For example, if a patient knows exactly the cause of the priapism, it is necessary to try to prevent its occurrence in the future.Also, if on the eve of the attack erection patient taking any medications, to follow their methods should be taken with a double caution.In any case, you must keep your private parts from damage, in particular riding.

rehabilitation after illness

Very often people, especially teenagers, suffered an attack of priapism develops mental syndrome that is manifested by fear of the next sexual intercourse.Such patients need to be sufficiently serious psychological rehabilitation, and the sooner it is started, the faster will be able to get rid of all the consequences of an unpleasant situation.As a rule, this procedure involved psychologists, although in the most severe cases, it may be necessary konsulttatsii psychiatrist.

Traditional methods of treatment of priapism

It is difficult to imagine how a variety of herbal teas can help in a situation where even surgery is not always effective.But, nonetheless, they exist for a competent person must be a guide to avoid.We can not say that folk remedies will bring harm to the patient, but at the same time, there is no evidence to suggest that they will be useful.And even the slightest confusion, as we know, leads to momentary deterioration of the situation and the emergence of irreversible processes.So if you ever come across a similar problem, remember that only the timely circulation of qualified medical care can solve it.

Complications priapism

main complication - sexual dysfunction .Perhaps erectile dysfunction additional explanations are not needed, because the name already gives detailed information about the nature of the disease.

last and most formidable complication of priapism is gangrene of penis .This term refers to the immobilization of penile areas rejection of damaged particles.As a rule, such a complication finishes complete amputation of the body.In more severe cases, when there is a blood infection, even amputation is unable to correct the situation.This usually fatal.

Prevention priapism priapism

profilaktirovat difficult.Not least because it is often not there are no preconditions for its emergence.Most patients say that they attack occurs against a background of complete well-being.The only advice given by urologists, consist in avoiding injury sexual area and timely treatment of inflammatory diseases and tumors of the penis.If all the above conditions can only reduce the risk of priapism, but it can not be fully alert, because there are plenty of other reasons for its development.

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