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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Man's Health

spermatogonia granuloma - a pathological formation of granulomatous tissue in the parenchyma of the testicle, which develops as a result of the penetration of sperm.

reasons spermatogenic granuloma

On the etiology of the disease is becoming clear even to its name.The immediate cause of the disease is getting sperm from the vas deferens into the stroma of testis.This can occur in traumatic injury or scrotum after surgery on the testicle.

In such a situation develops aseptic chronic inflammation, since the sperm is foreign agent for testicular parenchyma.After calming down of inflammation at the site of penetration of the sperm begins to form connective tissue, which is expanding, compresses the vas deferens.This leads to stagnation of sperm in a place of their education.

Symptoms spermatogenic granuloma

In patients with early stages of the disease begin to disturb dull, aching pain in one of the halves of the scrotum.They are enhanced by pressing on the anatomical site, and also during ejaculation

.Over time, the egg begins to grow in size.At this stage it is already possible to palpate elastic or rock formation, which is located in one of the halves of the scrotum.If in the early stages of education palpation still gives the patient some discomfort, then eventually granuloma, as well as an egg, are painless.

With pain in patients begin to appear and the symptoms progress ejaculation disorders.If in the initial stages of the disease when ejaculation is noted only slight pain, over time patients begin to complain about the difficulty in completing sexual intercourse and a small amount of sperm.If the pathological process is bilateral, that these symptoms develop in a few times faster than the localization of spermatogenic granulomas with only one hand.

With significant pathological tumor size may have a mechanical effect on the urethra, resulting in impaired urination.Such symptoms can mimic clinical BPH, which sometimes becomes a result of improper treatment.

If there is a patient of such clinical symptoms, he should immediately seek help from a urologist to avoid the serious consequences of the disease.

Diagnostics spermatogenic granuloma

For statement spermatogenic granuloma diagnosis sometimes lacks only the patient history and clinical examination.However, there are controversial cases where granuloma should be differentiated from tuberculous, syphilitic processes or cancer pathology.In this situation, performed a biopsy of the formation with a fence a small area of ​​the diseased tissue.Microscopic examination of biopsy can not determine a large amount of granulation tissue without bacteria syphilis or tuberculosis.It is this picture and indicates the spermatogonia granuloma.

spermatogonia granuloma under a microscope

With scrotal ultrasound can be used to identify the boundaries of education.It must be carried out in the case where the patient is being prepared for surgery.

Treatment spermatogenic granuloma

only reasonable method of treatment of this disease is surgery.The volume of transaction is the dissection of the skin of the scrotum, the implementation of access to the diseased tissue, and excision of the latter.At the same time, it is necessary to be extremely careful, because the fabric is impregnated with a huge amount of testicular blood vessels and nerves.At first dissection may be a serious bleeding, and if damaged the second - a violation of the innervation of the scrotum and penis.

Surgery to remove spermatogenic granuloma

Treatment folk remedies

In no case can not use the traditional methods of treatment for spermatogenic granuloma.As a rule, healers recommend the use of compresses for sucking education.It must be remembered that compresses on the area of ​​the body may be at risk of sterilizing the male, because the sperm must be in a cool environment.And because they increase the temperature deactivated, resulting in temporary or even permanent infertility.

Feeding habits and lifestyle

After surgery the patient does not need any particular diet and mode.Only in the first few days, the patient wearing heats recommend that reduce swelling of the scrotum, which usually develops in the postoperative period.

Rehabilitation after

disease In order for a speedy recovery and adequate wound healing in place of the last patient is recommended physiotherapy.To date, the impact of using UHF and darsonvalization.Some urologists are opposed to such treatment, citing the fact that the eggs should be in an environment with low temperature.Therefore, physical therapy procedures are used only for healing problem wounds.

Complications spermatogenic granuloma

The most dangerous complication of this disease is infertility.It usually develops in the bilateral process.Due to the block the vas deferens sperm congestion occurs in the testis.Over time, due to the large amounts, they simply stop being produced that causes atrophy of seminiferous epithelium.And even after the successful surgical intervention conducted testicles have not returned to its function to the development of sperm.

Prevention spermatogenic granuloma

First of all, you need to beware of the factors that may contribute to the development of this disease.Most often, it is traumatic injury of the scrotum.Therefore, athletes who are engaged in traumatic sports, such as hockey players are required to wear personal protective equipment.If the injury nevertheless occurs, to prevent the disease should undergo periodic inspections at the urologist for the timely detection of the disease.

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