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Spermatocele or seminal cyst - a neoplasm of testis tissue, limited fibrous shell, and inside contains sperm and seminal fluid spermatocytes.


In its origin, spermatoceles divided into congenital and acquired.As for the congenital variant, it is due to the violation of embryogenesis, when the processus vaginalis of the peritoneum is not completely overgrown.As a rule, the inherent spermatoceles is a cyst, measuring up to 2.5 cm in diameter, which contains a clear liquid, without impurities and spermatocytes sperm.In addition, the inherent spermatoceles overlaps course vas deferens, which means that no complicated infertility.

much more common acquired spermatoceles.The disease is a consequence of trauma or acute inflammation in the testicle.Most often it develops in the background vesiculitis, epididymitis and orchitis.The pathogenesis of acquired spermatoceles is that the injury or myocardial inflammation violate cross-vas deferens, which hampers sperm outflow from a testicle.Therefore, the e

jaculate is collected in some parts of the vas deferens to form a cyst, which is constantly increasing.This cyst may be a multi-chamber, and its contents have a cloudy texture with a lot of sperm cells and spermatocytes.


Symptoms In most cases, your cyst occurs completely asymptomatic.Men notice it only when the top of the scrotum starts small painless palpable seal in the form of a ball.Reproductive and sexual function and thus can remain normal.

By increasing the cyst to a particularly large size, it begins to put pressure on the surrounding anatomical structures, thus begin to develop specific symptoms.These patients complain of an increase in the size of the scrotum, discomfort and pain during exercise, sexual intercourse, and even walk.In the case of joining the redness and swelling of the scrotum to cyst can be observed inflammation.At the same time education ceases to be very sensitive and painful.And the pain gets worse when touched.Among the common symptoms may experience weakness, malaise, and a slight increase in body temperature.

Appearance spermatoceles

is characteristic clinical picture and cysts rupture.When its contents poured into cellular spaces of the scrotum, this leads to inflammation of their spilled.When the process involves the testicle with the appendage, the patients complain of arching pain in the scrotum, swelling and fever.Quite often, due to the violation of blood-testis barrier, in the blood produced by a large number of antibodies that contribute to the spread of inflammation to another egg.This condition is dangerous because in bilateral orchitis often develops male infertility.

disease diagnosis

Among all diagnostic procedures are performed at spermatoceles, you must highlight the US and transillumination.As regards the latter, it has become widely popular due to its high efficiency and low cost.diaphanoscope method lies in the fact that the pathological tumor detected by candling scrotum special device.At the same time it revealed the so-called shadow in spermatoceles, which makes it possible to suspect the presence of abnormal growths.

diaphanoscope Despite the popularity, it does not give a clear answer to that, what exactly is the formation of the scrotum.More detailed information can be obtained by evaluating the results of the ultrasound examination.On US spermatoceles it looks like a homogeneous tumor, density is identical with the liquid.Also with the help of ultrasound can determine the exact location of the cyst, it is necessary to select the access points at operative intervention.

scheme spermatoceles

Treatment spermatoceles

mainstay of treatment for this disease is surgery , which can be performed under local or general anesthesia.However, in recent years the local surgery in this disease is very rare.The method of choice is the general anesthesia, which gives fewer local complications, and not so much injure the human psyche.And given the fact that most of these transactions are made in childhood, it becomes especially important.

operative technique is radical removal of the cyst.In congenital pathology in this surgery and ends.If

treat spermatoceles purchased, it must be remembered that it is in place vas deferens.This means that at the end of the operation the permeability of the anatomical duct must be restored.Modern surgical techniques are used for different types of prostheses and grafts.

If the patient refuses the surgery or the last there are any contraindications, it is possible to perform puncture cysts.It is a thin puncture needle cyst cavity, followed by pumping the contents.Usually, after such manipulations relapse of the disease, so recently from her refuse.In addition, the puncture may be one of the reasons complications spermatoceles.

With small brush size, usually used expectant management, which is an observation of the formation dynamics of growth within a few months.When spermatoceles dimensional stability and the absence of any clinical symptoms, surgery may be waived.

Feeding habits and lifestyle spermatoceles

Availability spermatoceles threatens patient complications, therefore, in case of failure of the surgical intervention is necessary to maintain a gentle way of life in relation to the scrotum.Hypothermia groin can lead to inflammation or suppuration spermatoceles, so you need to avoid wet weather and wear comfortable warm clothes.

Even minor trauma under spermatoceles scrotum can cause cysts rupture.Thus, it is necessary to minimize its luminosity possibility.First of all, it concerns the representatives of contact sports such as football, basketball, hockey.

rehabilitation after illness

Patients who underwent surgery on the scrotum, it is recommended in the first days after the operation to apply to the wound ice.The fact that very pronounced in the scrotum subcutaneous tissue and skin sufficiently extensible, and this may lead to easy occurrence of edema and hematomas in the art.Also, be sure to use a special elastic underwear, which will support the scrotum in a more physiological position and promote proper wound healing.

spermatoceles Treatment folk remedies

Traditional methods of treatment can be not only ineffective but even dangerous.The fact that some traditional healers are trying to eliminate a cyst, stretching her.As is known, this may lead to rupture of the latter and generalized inflammation scrotum.

remaining traditional methods in the form of lotions and ointments, in principle, do not harm the brush, but do not bring any positive effect.Thus, their use only spend your money and time for which a cyst, of course, increase in volume.

Complications cyst of the spermatic cord

spermatoceles The most common complication is inflammation of the cyst with its festering .This may be due to hypothermia or penetration into the scrotum of any pathological bacterial or viral agent.Inflamed cysts seen a sharp increase in one of the halves of the scrotum, reddening of the skin over it and no less sharp soreness.

second frequency and the risk of complication is rupture spermatic cord cyst .This usually happens due to mechanical injury cysts.If a break occurs in aseptic conditions, and poured a small amount of content, it may completely disappear.This is the most favorable outcome.And if a lot of content or cysts it is composed of a large number of sperm cells, then this background develops a diffuse inflammation of the scrotum, which primarily applies to the testis and epididymis.

Another complication that occurs most often in the form of purchased spermatoceles is male form infertility.As the cyst grows on the path of the vas deferens, this hinders the normal outflow of semen.And often ejaculate one testicle is not enough to fertilize an egg normally.

large spermatoceles also can compress the nerves or vessels that take place in this area.In the first case, it will be shown a sharp pain and sensory disturbances, and in the second swelling of the scrotum, pubic area and the front of the thigh.

Prevention spermatoceles

Prevention of congenital spermatoceles is to eliminate the negative effects on the fetus during pregnancy.This can be done except for the use of alcohol, smoking and malnutrition.In addition, the cause of congenital fetal spermatoceles can be trauma or stressful situations are frequent in pregnant women.

Since the cause of acquired spermatoceles can often serve as a mechanical trauma or inflammation, they first of all and you need to watch out for.With regard to the injury of the scrotum, it is most important for athletes who engage in contact sports.These situations need to wear special protective bandages.

As for the inflammatory process, it usually occurs on a background of a bacterial infection or hypothermia, both locally and overall.If orchitis or epididymitis is not avoided, after the transfer of the disease must be periodically examined by a urologist, who will be able to identify spermatoceles at an early stage, when it is much easier to surgery.

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